We are now going from one season to the next! ...- Spinner As usual, the game is unavailable while we go from one season to another.
Updates and improvements Summary A number of changes and improvements have been made ready for next season. Some new transfer-regulations are in place, some new stadium-upgrades are available and the mobile interface has been given a face-lift, to mention some of the improvements. The list 1: Redesigned front-page with media-selectors to auto-adjust to window width to comply with Googles new specs.
2: Auto-accept can be a max of Minimum-bid + 100.000.000.
3: Adjust minimum transfer time from 6 to 8 hours
4: Adjust CL and SU slots (based on Div 1 Q, minimum 1 slot though)
- Malaysia, Turkey, Germany all lose 1 CL-slot
- Argentina, Denmark, Arab League all gain one CL-slot
-- Decisions based mostly on Div 1 AVG Q with a small modifier for the number of the teams in the league.
5: New Stadium Upgrades
- Elite Youth Academy (another +1 to min-Q of youth)
- Elite Medical Facility (9 times per season, greater chance of success, can heal more fitness)
- Elite Sport Law Agency (6 times per season, greater chance of success)
6: Credit-donations increased to 300 per season
7: Credit-conversions increased to 300 per season
8: Swedish bank-payments can unfortunately no longer be supported
9: The mobile interface got quite the visual face-lift and scales better with mobile devices
10: A little news-ticker has been added to the top of the General-page. We will probably enhance this and add more content to it as we go. I expect the design to be improved shortly as well, but I liked it and left it there, unpolished as it may be!
Currently, the ticker will show
- New Big Transfers (valued above 99.999.999)
- New Big Bids (valued above 99.999.999)
- The most goal-rich results in your LEAGUE (won't work until after Round 1)
- The newest 10 managers to join the game
It looks kind of cool, gives a handy overview, and has clickable links to teams and players where applicable.
Winners Season X
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