Have your friends ever mentioned to you that they play fantasy soccer and you have always wanted to find out more about it? Manager League is an online club that anyone can join to get into this poplar recreational activity.

To play fantasy soccer you will need to assemble a team of players of your choice. You will notice that they are real players who have a career in soccer already. You will be scoring points according to how your players perform in actual matches on television and what they do on the field. A specific division and country are usually selected when choosing players but this always varies from place to place. Fantasy soccer started quite a few years ago and it was intended to be used purely for recreational purposes but today because of all the exposure on the internet it has been turned into a business that makes profits but this is only in some cases. Manager League is home to many avid soccer fans and the numbers keep growing every month. Points are awarded and deducted for certain things. Points will be deducted if receiving a red or yellow card or for missing a penalty kick. Points will be awarded if a player is the man of the match, receives a high rating in a newspaper, scores a goal or simply just plays in a match. To play fantasy soccer means you not only have a team of your own but you are also part of a world wide team of soccer lovers.

Manager League allows you to play fantasy soccer with a team of your very own. Their website requires you to sign up before you can start playing or see any further details. Having your own team means you can buy or sell players if you want a bit more variety. The training that you give your players will ensure that any weak areas are improved on. If you would like some time to add on or improve your stadium then you have the option of sending the team off to a training camp. Another way for your players to gain the necessary experience is to play a few friendly matches with other teams. What is most appealing about Manager League is that they will not charge you anything to start playing this popular sport with them. A manual can be obtained online which will explain the rules and regulations of the game and exactly how to play fantasy soccer but as before you will have to join up and log in first. If you do enjoy playing soccer but have always rather wanted to manage your own team then this is the perfect opportunity to do so! is the website to visit to play fantasy soccer with the pros at your finger tips. Play against friends and family whenever you feel the need to as well as with other people all over the world.