There are many different sports that are played throughout the world by many different people. Some sports like tennis are played in certain countries by well-known athletes and the same applies to a game like golf. Sports like rugby and cricket have a definite following in certain parts of the world just like football and baseball are well-known sports in the United States. But perhaps one of the most well-known and globally played sports in the world is the sport of soccer or football. Game designers, merchandise sellers, and many other people all over the globe make a killing from this popular sport.


The football game, or soccer as it more commonly known as in America, is played all over the world in some form or another. It is a huge sport in Africa and South America with barely any other sports being played at all. In Europe it is played by more countries than those that play rugby or cricket. In Australasia is also a famous sport that is played by many countries who have no other national sport at all. It seems that no matter where you go there are people who know the game of soccer – or football – and who play the game. Maybe that is why its governing body is one of the biggest governing bodies in the world when it comes to sports.


FIFA is the international governing body of the football game. While it is the main governing body, it is like the head of a large integrated network. Each district in the world has its own governing body for the game of soccer that take it upon themselves to govern the game in their part of the world. The other bodies include the AFC in Australasia, the CAF in Africa, the CONCACAF in Central America and the Caribbean, CONMEBOL in South America, the OFC in Oceania, and, possibly the largest of them all, UEFA in Europe. These bodies, in association with FIFA govern the football game throughout the world in various aspects.


While their individual goals may differ as far the football game goes, the general movement is towards an increased attention to the game of soccer in all the parts of the world. FIFA is also responsible for the hosting of the largest soccer tournaments in the world like the FIFA World Cup that takes place every four years. The smaller bodies govern the local tournaments like the UEFA Cup and others. All these bodies working together seek to promote the game of soccer, or football, to all the nations of the world.


The football game is known in many parts of the world and are played by a whole host of different people. Large governing bodies like FIFA and its partners help make it possible for all countries to take part internationally. While the world is a large and varied place, perhaps soccer is the one thing that can truly bring all the people of the world together. It seems like almost everyone on the planet knows about it – even if they do not play it.