ManagerLeague fantasy football


For football lovers that cannot get enough of their favorite game then fantasy football from ManagerLeague is most certainly the closest second. With stunning new technology in graphics and sound you can enjoy pitting your football skills against other football lovers all over the world in a fantasy football game that will keep you occupied for hours on end. Browse our website and read the rules and try our fantasy football out for free. If you enjoy what you see it is easy to become another team player with us.


No doubt when you are watching soccer matches you have seen the frustration of the losing coach and the satisfaction of the winning coach and football manager of the team. With ManagerLeague you now own your own football team that you can train and practice with so that they can achieve the level of skills to take on teams that are at the top of the league rankings. When you play fantasy football you can buy and sell players and earn more skill points until your team becomes a force to be reckoned with. When you play fantasy football it is easy to become addicted and you will make many friends all over the world that you can enjoy discussing football related matters with.


There are many different PC sports games available on the market and even more so for the game of football. Although it is great fun playing them and matching your skill against a computer it is hardly really satisfying. ManagerLeague fantasy football allows you to play your team against real players all over the world. With thousands of teams already registered with us there will always be a game on no matter what time zone you live in. To protect the integrity of players certain rules and regulations are in place and you are always within a secure area when you are playing your fantasy football games.


As it is with any other sport it is necessary to build up the skills of the team and to do so practice games are vital to hone player skills. When you join us you will slowly advance up the ranks as your team grows in skills and this is exciting in itself. As the team manager/owner you will feel the same sense of achievement in fantasy soccer because this is as real as it gets. If you are a soccer fan that loves soccer then you are simply going to love our fantasy soccer game that is detailed and enjoyable.  You will certainly never be bored again because once you are a fully fledged member you can login and play your beloved game at your convenience no matter where you are.


ManagerLeague offers you the option of trying out fantasy football at no cost to see the features available. All you need do is to register your free account and if you like what you see then subscribe to become a fully fledged member.