ManagerLeague fifa world cup


The Fifa World Cup or Soccer World Cup is an event that is followed by millions all over the world. Those that cannot attend a live game will follow the entire proceedings on television and radio. The Fifa World Cup consists of different phases played over a period of time with the first phase of games being the qualifiers. Qualifiers are played over a number of teams which allow the judges to class teams according to their level of experience. The Fifa World Cup Finals end up with 32 teams that pit their skills against each other for the coveted World Cup trophy. Soccer fans from all over the world in every country watch the games with a staggering 700 million plus spectators.


ManagerLeague invites you as a soccer fan to participate in your own Fifa World Cup all in the comfort of your own home. You can become a football manager of your own team and progress as you learn the skills, coach your team, and buy and sell players until you have a team to be reckoned with. You can enjoy an interactive fantasy soccer game with our own games and leagues that are as exciting as the real deal.  You become a vital part of your own soccer team and need to attend practices, friendly matches and league matches if you are going to become an experienced soccer team of note.


Soccer is an age old game that has been played for centuries in countries across the world. Although soccer was originally considered to be a man’s game, there are now also women’s teams up to world class level as well. ManagerLeague offers you the chance to play the game you love whenever you feel like it up to Fifa World Cup level. Our league games are exciting to participate in and you will feel an adrenaline rush of managing your team players all the way up the ranks till professional levels.


There is a huge difference between being a spectator and being part of the game. Playing interactive football against a computer is great but nothing matches playing against real interactive teams that are managed by real people from all over the world. You have the option of buying and selling players just like real life where offers are made of millions of dollars for world class players. You build your own credits up allowing you to make offers for top class players until your team is a professional class group.


Register free today and see all the features that you have at your disposal to build up a powerful fifa cup class soccer team of your own. We know you will like what you see and becoming a full time member with ManagerLeague will allow you to enjoy soccer to the fullest when you feel like it.