While fantasy sports have been around for decades, the internet has brought new life to the hobby, allowing people to connect and compete across the world.  Originally, participating in fantasy sports meant compiling stats by hand and meticulously tracking the performance and status of each individual player over the course of a season.  Understandably, this made it hard to fit this sort of managergame into a busy schedule.  The advent of the internet changed this, however, by automating much of the tedious statistics management, allowing players to focus more on building strong teams.


Now, fantasy sports allow anyone to participate in the thrill and challenge of managing a professional sports team.  If you’ve ever wondered why a particular player’s talents were being wasted, or felt that two players would work perfectly together, fantasy football is the perfect way to put your ideas into action.  You’ll be competing against other players, so building a team of strong, effective players is the key to success.


One thing that is often overlooked in managergames such as fantasy football is the realm of factors beyond statistics that can affect a player’s performance.  While statistics are obviously an important factor to consider, they don’t make up the entire picture of how well a person performs on the field.  Because managergames are affected by how well a player actually does, rather than how well he theoretically would do, it’s important to take these factors into consideration.  Anything from his mood on game day to his physical condition can impact a player’s showing on the field.  Of course, choosing players that have a strong statistical record of delivering excellent performances also makes sense; striking a balance between statistics and variable factors is one approach that seems to work for many.


At ManagerLeague, you can put your theories and ideas into action.  You can build your own dream team of players to pit against other teams.  You’ll have a budget to work within, which you can use to buy players for your team.  It’s up to you to decide how you want to allocate your budget; you can spend a large percentage of it on one or two big name stars, or you can use it to build a team full of strong players with slightly less expensive price tags.  With a ManagerLeague managergame, the choice is yours.  Points are awarded to each of your players for a variety of things, such as appearing in a game, scoring and assisting, etc.  Of course, they can lose points as well, for feats such as receiving a yellow or red card, scoring an own goal, and so on. 


Playing a fantasy football managergame can be fun, rewarding, challenging, and occasionally frustrating.  The ability to play with other fantasy managers across the world adds to the excitement and allows you to get a true feel for managing an international team.  If you want to play fantasy football online, visit to find out how you can start running your own team.