Fifth Season As is the registered owner and the provider of the content and service entitled Major League. This online game is for relaxation and entertainment and at the same time gives players a conception of what it would be like to own, manage and train a first class team to play world cup soccer. Soccer is the fastest growing sport in the United States. It is a comparatively safe game with fewer injuries than most sports. The online game of ManagerLeague will appeal to all those who have an avid interest in soccer and in particular the world cup soccer competetition, and they will find the game very easy to follow and master.


People seem to have been chasing, kicking and throwing a small round object for centuries and there are definite records of the ancient Romans, Greeks, Chinese and Egyptians doing so. In 1863 the first set of rules for the game were published by the London Football Association. The word “soccer” originated from the abridgement of “association.” ManagerLeague is a multiplayer football manager game for many thousands of players across the entire world endeavoring to develop their teams to world cup soccer standards.


Once registered and having accepted Fifth Season As’ rules the player will become the manager of his own team. The ultimate goal is to own a team that will be able to play at the high standards of world cup soccer players. ManagerLeague will allow the player to buy and sell or transfer team players. The manager is responsible for the training of his team and he will be required to diagnose and pinpoint those areas of the game that need improvement. To achieve the continuous and desired betterment of this team sport, the manager has the capability to send his players away to training camps emulating the regimen of real world cup soccer players. Players of ManagerLeague can then apply their minds to other pressing matters.


The player as a manager of his own team must also focus his attention on the possible upgrading and remodelling of his home stadium for the improvement of team and spectator facilities. Programs and fixture schedules must be carefully considered. ManagerLeague is the major energetic and action-crammed football manager game available. Two league matches must be played every weekday as well as daily training sessions for all team players. This ensures that a full season’s itinerary is played in a month and that no stone is left unturned in the effort to produce world cup soccer standards of practice and match play are adhered to.


Playing friendly games is an essential part of being the manager of your own team in the online ManagerLeague game. This enables your team to gain experience and expertise and the manager can throw out a challenge to any team at any time allowing him to assess the strengths and weaknesses of other teams and management level skills. As the manager of the ManagerLeague game it will be fulfilling to achieve a football team that has risen to world cup soccer standards.