ManagerLeague  fantasy football game 


Football is a sport that has a huge following all over the world. Most European countries avidly follow their teams and the World Cup is a huge occasion watched by millions globally when it comes around. Many countries have football seasons but generally you can follow soccer throughout the year because a game will be on somewhere at any given time. ManagerLeague offers soccer lovers a fantasy football game where you have the advantage of interacting online with other players all over the world. We have built up a membership of football fans that have built up teams that you can match your skills against for maximum enjoyment.


There are many fantasy football game choices for computers and other consoles where you can play against the computer but nothing beats the human touch that you can enjoy playing against real other members like you can when you become a member at ManagerLeague. Our fantasy football game allows building up a professional team from scratch, trade players with other teams, buying and selling assets, and playing everything from friendly practice games to league soccer matches. You can enjoy playing a fantasy football game using your skills against other teams all over the world at any given time when you feel like it.


ManagerLeague has already built up a huge membership of teams making it possible to challenge anyone you wish from any country in the world. It is easy to start and you can build up credits that allow you to trade with other members for key players so that you can build up your own professional football team. You can send challenges to other players that match your team’s prowess as you progress up the ranks and become more and more skilled in your fantasy football game.

Read the simple straightforward rules and regulations that we have at ManagerLeague and join this sensational way to pursue the sport you love.


Playing interactive football on your computer is becoming very popular. There are many free online fantasy football game types but they do not satisfy the competitiveness of actually playing against a real time opponent that you can enjoy when you are a member with us. As your skill increases and your team becomes more and more professional you will receive challenges from top teams from other members that you can match your wits against.


You can try out our online fantasy football game at no cost to you and if you enjoy what you see then you can become a full time member with us.  Attend training sessions and full blown league matches with us in an action packed match that will get your adrenaline flowing while you control your team to the best of your ability.

Setting up your fantasy football game takes only a few minutes and you can play a friendly match against someone to see how it works. If you are ready to take interactive soccer to the next level we know you will really love ManagerLeague.