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Bongo's Competition #2 (11/07/2008 20:12)

Well i haven't created a new blog in a while, and also have a few spare credits. So thought i'd do a competition. And since it's the start of the new season, i thoguh i'd make it quite easy. So here is what you have to do:

Think of a number. A low number. A number that nobody else would think of. Send this number to me in an ingame message. But there is a catch. If someone else sends me the same number that you have sent me, then you are both out. Nobody knows what anyone else is sending so that makes it a bit of a challenge. The competition is called "so low and solo" :( The winner is the person to send in the lowest number, as long as this number has not been sent in by somebody else.

The winner gets 20 credits so come on in.

(0 does not count as a number) Each person can only submit one number

The competition ends on 1st August

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ManagerLeague review (28/05/2008 09:32)
With over 38,000 players, ManagerLeague is one of the fastest growing sports games on the internet.

Setup in May 2005, ManagerLeague has continued expanding from then on until now, and it will continue on into the future. Many managers have been playing for well over 30 seasons (a season on ManagerLeague lasts a month) and there is a reason for this.

If you are new to the game, there are many helpful blogs, guides and manuals for you to read, as well as the never ending help from the forums or from the IRC chat room. This is one of the reasons why many of the new players decide to continue playing, as well as many others.

Another reason why it is so popular is that the game creator, Christian ‘Spinner’ Lassem, as well as being a nice person, continues to improve the game with every season. New additions to the game include a ManagerLeague Champions League, extra sponsors and league and league cup winners receiving a special certificate to commend their achievements. The Champions League winner also receives a huge, real trophy to show their achievements. Not one person gets left out in the improvements that Spinner makes as he tries to include improvements that will enhance the way everyone plays the game.

However, being a ManagerLeague manager is not all song and dance. While a season lasts a month, this is very fast and if you are on holiday, you may miss most of your team’s season. Another weakness of the game is that you may have built up a winning team over the season, and during the season change, most of your team may have lost some of their ‘Quality’. While this encourages players to continue to expand the next season, other players may get annoyed at this and decide to quit.


ManagerLeague scores:


Appearance (0-3) – 1 – While some areas of the game have an excellent appearance, some users may not be able to see some of the colours in the background, as they have different types of computers.


Introduction/Learning Curve (0-3) – 3 – Starting the game is very easy to do, as there are many ways of being helped. As you play the game more, you learn much more about it and you are soon an expert.


Game Play (0-3) – 3 – As a manager of your own team, there are countless things that you can do (e.g. improve your stadium, play friendlies, buy and sell players, write in the forums and many more).


Fun (0-3) – 2 – Starting and improving your team on ManagerLeague can be hours of fun, yet some people that are a little more sceptical may disagree with this

Approval Stamp (0-1) – 1 – I can officially give ManagerLeague my stamp of approval


Total Score (0-13) – 10 – 10 out of 13 is a highly respectable score, as this game will keep any internet user satisfied for hours, even if they don’t like football.

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ManagerLeague Quiz (03/03/2008 18:50)

How much do you know about ManagerLeague? Find out here... (Answers are now shown)

A. Who was the highest ever quality player on ML? William Moller
B. What was the highest quality that he reached? 98
C. What position did he play in? GoalKeeper
D. Which team did he play for when he reached his highest quality? Blackpool

2. Name the club that matches the logo.

A The Spinners


B OmenMordaciousKickers

C Reservoir Dogs


3. Link the admin with their job.

Stronghold - Moderator
MrBlack - Senior Admin
MissSpoons - Junior Admin
Spinner - Administrator

4. Name the season change in which the following changes took place.

a. National League S24-S25
b. Club Logos S2-S3
c. Pre-season training camp S25-S26
d. Wallie Card sponsor added S31-S32


Send your answers to me in an ML-Mail. The winner gets 10 credits and one lucky random entrant will win 10 credits as well. If more than one team wins, a draw is made and only one will win the credits. The same team cannot win both prizes. Winners will be announced on the 31st March.Thanks to an unnamed donater for donating 20 credits, and now each prize has risen to 10 credits

Edit: For number 4, name the season change in which it happened not the order in which it happen

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Bongo's Cup Of Good (16/02/2008 15:52)
Round Home Team Div/Dep Away Team Div/Dep Result
1 CzarneKoszule 1 / 1 Brescia FC 2 / 1 5 - 0
1 HFK Junior 1 / 1 Straw Hat Pirate 1 / 1 2 - 0
1 Davion United 1 / 1 MFA FC 1 / 1 5 - 1
1 Bharat Army FC 3 / 6 Heracles Almelo 2 / 4 0 - 4
1 west sam united fc 1 / 1 DutchWingers 1 / 1 5 - 3
1 LFC UME 1 / 1 Korona Kielce 2 / 2 1 - 2
1 Galacticos 1 / 1 Massive Club 2 / 2 4 - 2
1 InCell Cam 2 / 3 Woking FC 4 / 48 4 - 5
1 Vincent Team 2 / 4 The Steelmen 3 / 1 5 - 0
1 The Jars 3 / 13 KL FA 4 / 26 7 - 0
1 The Dirty Dagz 4 / 38 Argentinean KneeBreaKers 2 / 1 2 - 1
1 Pomfrets 1 / 1 Black Shirts 1911 1 / 1 0 - 1
1 Reggie Rovers 1 / 1 Bjørnene IF 3 / 4 0 - 3
1 Colemere11 3 / 3 The Lemons 1 / 1 0 - 5
1 CS Cizme Rupte 1 / 1 The Spinners 3 / 13 1 - 0
1 OmenMordaciousKickers 1 / 1 parma 2 / 1 1 - 4

2 CS Cizme Rupte 1 / 1 CzarneKoszule 1 / 1 1 - 5
2 Vincent Team 2 / 4 The Dirty Dagz 4 / 38 2 - 3
2 Black Shirts 1911 1 / 1 Woking FC 4 / 48 5 - 0
2 parma 2 / 1 The Lemons 1 / 1 3 - 6
2 Bjørnene IF 3 / 4 The Jars 3 / 13 0 - 4
2 Korona Kielce 2 / 2 west sam united fc 1 / 1 0 - 6
2 Galacticos 1 / 1 Heracles Almelo 2 / 4 2 - 1
2 HFK Junior 1 / 1 Davion United 1 / 1 0 - 1

3 The Jars 3 / 13 Davion United 1 / 1 1 - 2
3 CzarneKoszule 1 / 1 The Dirty Dagz 4 / 38 3 - 2
3 The Lemons 1 / 1 Black Shirts 1911 1 / 1 4 - 1
3 west sam united fc 1 / 1 Galacticos 1 / 1 2 - 1

4 CzarneKoszule 1 / 1 The Lemons 1 / 1 2 - 3
4 Davion United 1 / 1 west sam united fc 1 / 1 4 - 3

5 The Lemons 1 / 1 Davion United 1 / 1 3 - 0
Bongo's Cup Of Good was full to the brim. The winner, of course, was Bongo.

The pick of the first round matches was when OmenMordaciousKickers played Parma. The ageing kickers were no match for Parma, where Marvin Penninks grabbed 2 goals to help Parma to a 4-1 win. No one was shocked at the result, as the kickers suck.

2nd Round now, and the match of the round once again featured Parma, who was drawn against The Lemons. Bongo's men took an early 3-0 lead with Rikardsen (1) and Da (2) slotting home. However, in the end, these early goals proved crucial and the score finshed 6-3 to The Lemons, with Rikardsen and Da both bagging hattricks.

CzarneKoszule was drawn against The Dirty Dagz in the third round. No goals in the first half or second half, or extra time for that matter, saw the match go to penalites. Both  teams missed their first penalties, but ultimately, Koszule  wrapped it up by slotting home 3.

Next round saw Davion United play west sam united fc.  After 23 minutes the score was already 3-1, but a goal just before half time from Alvaro Cipriano gave Davion a 3-2 lead. Cirpriano scored again yet TheChicken clawed back (no pun intended). However, his effort wasn't enough and Davion United went to the final.

The stage was set, Cup Stadium was full to see the final, Davion United vs The Lemons. Neither team had full fitness, yet played full strength teams. 3 minutes in and Jorgen Rikardsen headed home a James Worth freekick (1-0). On the 30 minute mark, an excellent throw by Stein Horten put Hong Da through on goal and he slotted home (2-0). At 44 minutes, James Worth won another freekick and crossed it to Rikardsen to make it 3-0. (3-0). A boring second half saw no goals so The Lemons were the winners.

Top Scorers

Player Name Team Name Goals Scored
TheChicken west sam united fc 11
Alvaro Cipriano Davion United 8
Hong Da The Lemons 7
Jorgen Rikardsen The Lemons 7
Bobby Hill The Jars 6
Krzysztof Wisneiwski
CzarneKoszule 5
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Useful tips and hints (31/01/2008 22:30)
Here are some useful tips and hints to help you through your ML life

1) If you are selling a player and wondering how much you can get for them, check on active transfers for someone of the same quality and age and see what the bid is (N.B. check more than one player of the same Q and age)

2) Continental beats mixed, Mixed beats longball, longball beats continental

3) Continental is good for tactics with lots of midfielders, Longball is good for tactics with lots of attackers

4) Quality does not affect the match reports, it is the stats that make the differences

5) If you are having a bidding war with someone, check their wealth status and pending bids, and see how far they will go

6) Friendlies are the best way of gaining attributes

7) Quality gaining generally only happens at training but sometimes after friendlies

8) A +2 gaining from each friendly is considered good gaining

9) If you have any questions regarding ManagerLeague, ask in the forums or on ML Chat. If you have any  questions regarding personal or technical questions regarding ManagerLeague, ask on support

10) ML Chat is the place to go if your stuck, have questions, want some friendlies or just want to have fun

11) In friendly terms, a 'set' is 2 friendlies, one played each way, where each team challenges the other team once. A freebie is where one team challenges another for free.

12) Always book a training camp, set no-one to rest and put all of the accomodation, location and intensity and full.

13) For training, set the training on the lowest attribute of your main four. (N.B. unless your players main attribute is just 1-5 more than the lowest attribute. (N.B. always keep your players main attribute at the highest))

14) On ML-Chat, use ( /nick newnick ) to change your nick to 'newnick'. Use ( !player <player details> ) to show a player. Use ( !team teamname) to show up your team

More to come....
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What to write about?... (02/12/2007 21:21)

At the eve of the start of the new season, I though I'd write a new blog.

I thought  'That shouldn't be too hard.' Or so I thought...

You don't appreciate the effort that us bloggers put into our blogs. We spend hours and hours (minutes in Wojtekers case) thinking of what to write about, what to put in it and how much to write?

I am actually writing this from the perspective of an expert blogger; the ones who can write loads and loads without having to think about anything. We get a topic, a few pictures and maybe the odd table. No problem. Here is where i can give a few tips on blogging:

  • Make it worth reading - no-one likes to be bored
  • Have Fun - this is the golden rule, no literature should be concieved out of boredom
  • Write about what you know - e.g. football, managerleague
  • Read other peoples blogs - alot of interesting techniques are used (N.B. Marvin is not a technique)

But unfortunately, i am quite a noob when it comes to blogging. I can't think of a topic, get stumped when i comes to pictures and don't even get me started on hyperlinks.

However, today is a new dawn for he blogging world. Watch out world. Here comes Bongo.

This is a flash animation of what seems like a potato and Darth Vader having a fight with two different coloured cucumbers :. What it is in actual fact is a noobs version of simplified jedis reinacting star wars with mini-lightsabers.

That is my two cents for today.

P.S. As you can tell, i am awfully (bored) happy.

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A Mere Language - Part 1 (02/11/2007 23:37)

(Fake names are used to protect identities)

He sat in his chair, twiddling his thumbs.

“Why, why?” he moaned. Ever since his old business collapsed, he had nothing to do all day. After selling at a bargain price, he spent his days sitting in his office at home, thinking of new ideas.

“Hey Chairdude, come over here and help me think of something new.”

Chairdude walked over and stared at his computer screen.

“What the heck is this rubbish, Spanner? Pyrimidical league table? Credits? How is this going to help with anything?” Chairdude remarked.

Spanner sighed.

“It’s just some notes I’ve written down. I’m going to make a football game where players can manage their own team. After Planetarion was sold, I’ve had nothing to do. I thought I’d make a new game. To fill up my time, you know?” Chairdude rolled his eyes. Spanner was taken aback and looked at him sternly.

“Sounds a bit loony to me, to be honest. Count me out.”

“Well I don’t need you. I’ve got other people”

“Yeah, well. Who?”

“Urm…You know. Moantas” Chairdude looked surprised.

“Not that guy.” Chairdude remarked. “He’d scare everyone off. Anyway two people isn’t enough”

“I’ve also got Phill. And MrSlack. And urm; well that’s it.” Spanner looked pleased with himself. As he saved his files, he exited his files and left the room. Chairdude followed him, but went a different way.


“Yeah. Uh huh. Ok. Cool. Ok. Excellent. Okay. Tomorrow. 4.00. The hotel. Okay, see you there. Bye.” Spanner dropped the phone and smiled. He shouted for Chairdde but no return was heard.


Tomorrow, Spanner found himself in a room with three other men. This was normally a scene in which he was familiar, but today was different. He was having a meeting; with his only three friends at the time.

A board was held up at the front reading ‘Ideas’.

Spanner walked up next to it and, after looking for a place to sit, but being unlucky, stood still.

“So guys, I’ve got this idea. It’s a football game, where players can sign up and manage a team. There will be one huge league, with a Pyrimidical divisional system.” After pausing to breathe, he walked around a bit, then continued. “Well, they’re will be in-game money, and these things called credits. They are bought by players and that’s how we can get money. Also we get some from advertising. And sponsors. Well … what do you guys think?”

MrSlack spoke. “Sounds good. Got a name yet?”

“Yeah” Spanner replied. “It’s called…"

(Not based on real ML)

Stay Tuned for Part 2 ... and maybe more.

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World Cup - Slime Style (19/10/2007 19:47)

Poland entered their first world cup in the hope of a victory. Did they get it...

Qualifying – vs Australia – 30 seconds

A tense battle. The winner of this match would go in to the world cup proper.


19secs left – Bad mistake by Poland defence leads to own goal (0-1)

11 secs left – Poland equalize – an aerial battle sees Poland triumph with a headed goal (1-1)

1 sec left – Australia header to Poland and runs out. Poland head back lobbing the slime.(2-1)

 Poland are in to the quarter finals already and looked a bit leaky against Australia. They will Have to up their game to win.

Quarter Final vs Mexico – 2 minutes


1.10 left – After almost a minute of aerial ping pong a Mexico shot bounces off the wall to Poland who lobs the Mexico keeper. (1-0)

45 secs left – Mexico take the ball close and hit the crossbar. Poland then lob the ball into the opponents net. (2-0)

32 secs left – Mexico shoot from long range and run in  for rebound but are lobbed by Poland . (3-0)

A more convincing win from Poland sends them through to the semis. This kind of football could see them go all the way.


Semi Final vs Senegal – 2 minutes

1.12 left – Poland take it past Senegal keeper only to hit the crossbar. They then run back to goal to start defending.

48 secs left – Senegal fail attempt to lob Poland keeper only to be lobbed themselves. (1-0)

27 secs left – Senegal have an open goal but miss with a  header. Poland takes it and runs it into their goal (2-0)

12 secs left – Senegal simple shot at goal but Poland keeper misses it and it goes in (2-1)

A close shave for Poland sees them in to the World Cup Final


Final vs turkey – 5 minutes

4.30 left -  Turkey shot is way over the bar. "Poland Robinson's" failed attempt to catch the ball lands straight in front of Turkey who slot home. (1-0)

3.25 left – Turkey head in to the area and attempt to run in but Poland head into opposing net. (1-1)

3.01 left  - Poland gather control of the ball, fail a skill and end up hitting own crossbar

2.25 left – Poland jump at the wrong time to give turkey the lead (1-2)

1.36 left – After having several shots cleared off the line , Poland control, lure turkey in, only to lob it over their head and equalize (2-2)

1.19 left – Lovely skill from Poland. Headering it three times before lobbing the Turkish keeper to take the lead. (3-2)

46 secs left – Poland and turkey go in for a aerial battle but Poland come out successful. (4-2)

After a shocking qualifying display, the luck of the draw sees Poland come out champions of the world.

Check out to start your own world cup adventure. ML FTW!!!

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Drums (29/09/2007 16:10)
This is a blog entry about my instrument - The Drum Kit. You will learn lots.

This is a standard (labelled) drum kit:

The main parts in a general drum beat are bass drum, snare drum and hi-hat.
Hi-hat to keep beat. Snare and bass to do the rhythym.

  Drum Kit  
Drum Kit part Information Why it is used
Hi-hat The hi-hat consists of 2 cymbals. The top cymbal moves up and down and the push of the pedal while the bottom one stays still. The drumstick normally hits the top while the 2 cymbals are both stationary. To keep the beat of the track
Snare Drum The snare drum is a metal tubular drum, with skins stretched over the top and bottom. There are a set of snares along the bottom which gives it a unique sound. To keep a general beat while occasionally providing a rhythm
Bass Drum The bass drum is played by hitting your foot on the pedal. It produces a low sound. To keep beat while occasionally playing different rhythms.
Crash Cymbal The crash cymbal produces a loud, sharp crash sound when hit. It is played at to signal the end of a beat or the start of a new bar. To know when a new bar starts or ends.
High and Medium Toms A tom (tom-tom) is a cylindrical drum with no snare. They are used mainly in fills. To make fills sound good
Low/Floor Tom A floor tom is a double-headed tom-tom drum which usually stands on the floor on three legs. To produce a low sound in a fill or rhythm.

Some good drummers:

John Bonham - Led Zeppelin

Phil Collins - Genesis
Roger Taylor - Queen
Keith Moon - The Who
Lars Ulrich - Metallica

Stay tuned for more by Bongo...
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My School Day (06/09/2007 18:25)

Here is my fortnightly timetable for year 10

      Timetable   Week 1
Period Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 R.E. Science P.E. English English
2 German German Science R.E. Maths (Statistics)
  B R E A K
3 Maths Business Science Maths (Statistics) I.C.T
  L U N C H
4 Music Science Maths German Business
5 Music I.C.T English Science Business

      Timetable   Week 2
Period Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 P.E. I.C.T Science Science Music
2 German Science P.E. Citizenship English
  B R E A K
3 English Science I.C.T I.C.T German
  L U N C H
4 Music English English Maths Business
5 Music P.E. Maths Science Business
Hehe -

Green means that i enjoy that subject
Orange means that i find that subject OK
Red means i hate that subject

* Please note that red Science is with Mrs Hibbert (The strictest teacher in the school :s)

I hope you enjoy learning about my timetable and keep tuned for more to come :)

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Badge Making (24/08/2007 15:24)
Hey I can make you a team logo if you want for 5 credits only

Here are some i have made so far

Just write down at the bottom what you would liek and i will get on with it

Badges made for teams already:

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Lemonia Youth Cup (05/08/2007 14:15)
Sunday 5th August was the day of Lemonia Youth Cup.

Round Home Team Div/Dep Away Team Div/Dep Result
1 Euxton Villa 4 / 28 Poker Alho 3 / 2 0 - 3
1 Os Gringos FC 3 / 16 Island in the sun 3 / 15 0 - 3
1 The Lemons 3 / 14 konsen team 3 / 10 2 - 1
1 Srennug Lanesra 5 / 140 gunners fc pak 6 / 628 4 - 0

2 Poker Alho 3 / 2 The Lemons 3 / 14 3 - 1
2 Island in the sun 3 / 15 Srennug Lanesra 5 / 140 1 - 3

3 Poker Alho 3 / 2 Srennug Lanesra 5 / 140 0 - 2

The pick of the First round matches came when Australian newbie Srennug Lanesra was drawn against gunners fc pak. The match ended in a resounding 4-0 for Srennug Lanesra with Colin Cheddar (2), Kim Devisser and Bradraksh Sobha netting fine goals.

In the second round, The Lemons were drawn against Poker Alho in the battle of Division 3. Poker Alho took an early lead with Theo Walcott grabbing a goal. After 25 minutes it was 2-0 with Sergio Aguero scoring with a nice shot. At half-time Bongo gave his Lemons a stern talking to and it showed. 20 Minutes into the 2nd half Ame Jonsson netted for The Lemons to put pressure on Poker Alho. However, Sergio Aguerpo got a late goal to seal the victory and a 3-1 for Poker Alho.

Then came the final, which pitted Srennug Lanesra and Poker Alho together. Nabih al-Hamduni netted the only goal of the first half with a perfect shot in to Rui Patricio's goal. The second half kicked off with no changes having been made. A nicely placed corner on to the head of Ben Sloman gave Srennug Lanesra a 2-0 lead and the thought of a cup win. Poker Alho had a free kick moments later which was expertly saved by Olier Cook. The full time whistle blew and Srenniug Lanesra had won the Lemonia Youth Cup.

Bozo, the manager of Srennug Lanesra said "I am delighted with this cup win, and i hope for more in the future."

Here are the Top Scorers:

Name Team Goals Scored
Sergio Aguero Poker Alho 4
Colin Cheddar Srennug Lanesra 4
Nigel Morris Island in the sun 3
Theo Walcott Poker Alho 2
Ben Sloman Srennug Lanesra 2
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The End Of School - The Start Of The Holidays (27/07/2007 00:46)
School ended last Friday, and the summer holidays are finally here. Will I miss school? Doubt it!

The last week of school was pretty good; an activities week. On Monday, I went to a Jaguar Factory.

It started at 7.15 am meaning me getting up at 6.30 am . I was a bit tired  that afternoon. Well on the way there i just played fifa on my PSP as there was nothing else to do. The fun started when we saw the green wheely bin with the jaguar badge on it.
When we arrived we were shown in to a room and told about the history and modernisation of Jaguar. Then it all kicked off. We put on white jackets and headphones and had a tour of the factory and saw the different parts of the Jaguar being construsted into one. We weren't allowed to take our phones in so i couldn't take any pictures. After that tour we went back in to the main room and were split in to two groups. My group were split in to two teams and we took on a challenge. We were told to make trolleys perfectly with the tubes and components. Numbers flashed on the screen and we made the corresponding trolleys. We devised a plan to make a certain number and when it flashed up we had it ready already. We only had one minute to make each trolley so it was a good plan. Our team won and got nothing (except pride ). Then we took on another challenge to control mini robots to pick up boxes with a remote control. Then we used a computer to do it and it was much quicker. And that was the end of that day.

On Tuesday, I went to the BBC TV Centre. The ride there was much more enjoyably as 8 of us had nintendo ds' with us and had a huge game of mario kart (i won of course ). 10-7-3-3-0-0-0-0. First to 10. When we arrived we were given name tags and were shown inside and stood next to a fake tardis. We were split into 3 groups and my group were given the tour first. We were shown round a couple of studios and saw the filming of 'After you've gone'. Then we went to a 'games' room and took part in a fake weakest link. I was one of the contestants and i took an early lead (I lost in the end but noone cares about that). Then we went to a shop to buy things. Unfortunately the thing i wanted wasn't there so we left then. The way back was alright but my ds had low battery so i couldnt play for long.

Wednesday was the day of my visit to the London Science Museum. The coach ride was good as we played Mario Kart again (and i won again). When we arrived, we set off in a small group and got exploring. After about 5 minutes, we found a flight simulator so we went on that. We set off exploring again and found a plastic room. That was fun. We saw a spy test thing that looked exciting so we went to register again and we went back there.
That was a huge disappointment. We thought it would be crawling through lasers and figuring out codes. Well it wasn't. We went through a quick training routine and went to a fake HQ. It was ruined by a bunch of female chavs coming on to me and me scaring them off by lying of my age. We got away from that quick and bought some food. I bought a jelly and hot chocolate (the perfect mix). We spent the rest of the day losing the rest of our groups. We met up at the end and went home.

And on the final day, we went to.....
Thorpe Park. It started with a kid telling us what to do, us refusing and him storming off.
Well here is a list of the rides I went on, how long I queued for and how long I waited per second.

Name Of Ride Queue Time Waited per second
Water Slide 40 Minutes 8 Minutes
Flying Fish 30 Minutes 1 Minute
Tidal Wave x2 5 Minutes (Fast-pass) 30 Seconds
Vortex 1 hour 1Minute 20 seconds

So as you might have realised the length of queues was a bit dissapointing but overall it was fun. As we met in the Dome to go to the coach, two girls decided to go on another ride so i drank a drink for 50p (made of coke, tango, water, powerade and coffee). We got on the coach and waited more and finally, we set off home.

On Friday, I was back at school for a half day. We met for registration with 11 people out of 30 there. We went of to maths and saw simpsons for a whole hour. Second was German where we sat around, talked and played hangman. Finally, i had technology where i won a challenge. Then we went back to register. After that i was free to go.
There is no more school for 6 weeks !!!

Well with my holiday about a month away and im going to Portugal which will be fun.

Be tuned for more from me...
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