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Useful tips and hints (31/01/2008 22:30)
Here are some useful tips and hints to help you through your ML life

1) If you are selling a player and wondering how much you can get for them, check on active transfers for someone of the same quality and age and see what the bid is (N.B. check more than one player of the same Q and age)

2) Continental beats mixed, Mixed beats longball, longball beats continental

3) Continental is good for tactics with lots of midfielders, Longball is good for tactics with lots of attackers

4) Quality does not affect the match reports, it is the stats that make the differences

5) If you are having a bidding war with someone, check their wealth status and pending bids, and see how far they will go

6) Friendlies are the best way of gaining attributes

7) Quality gaining generally only happens at training but sometimes after friendlies

8) A +2 gaining from each friendly is considered good gaining

9) If you have any questions regarding ManagerLeague, ask in the forums or on ML Chat. If you have any  questions regarding personal or technical questions regarding ManagerLeague, ask on support

10) ML Chat is the place to go if your stuck, have questions, want some friendlies or just want to have fun

11) In friendly terms, a 'set' is 2 friendlies, one played each way, where each team challenges the other team once. A freebie is where one team challenges another for free.

12) Always book a training camp, set no-one to rest and put all of the accomodation, location and intensity and full.

13) For training, set the training on the lowest attribute of your main four. (N.B. unless your players main attribute is just 1-5 more than the lowest attribute. (N.B. always keep your players main attribute at the highest))

14) On ML-Chat, use ( /nick newnick ) to change your nick to 'newnick'. Use ( !player <player details> ) to show a player. Use ( !team teamname) to show up your team

More to come....
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Blogger has no team.
Sir_Henry wrote:
19:19 01/02 2008
picture2) Continental beats mixed, Mixed beats longball, longball beats continental

Technically spoken, continental should beat longball, as it also beats mixed (which itself beats longball), right? ;) :P
Eliot wrote:
19:21 01/02 2008

Good blog :)


I would have been helped with this if i were new :)

Bryan Kelly wrote:
14:33 19/11 2010

 og;u cáva cáva bian

Pandau wrote:
17:40 06/10 2011

in real this is not that simple :) as this simulator

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