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Tips about prematch preparation in ML (Part 2) (12/07/2006 19:01)
This blog entry was written 12 July 2006. There have been a lot of twakes and updates to the game since then, so some of the info you read here might be a bit old and out of date. - Gizmo

Last week, in part 1, I made a blog about reading and understanding a match report for your own advantage. I also showed one of my most used events that you can't see in the match report. So when ever you read a match report you need to have an open mind and not just throw out that margin win is a fluke. Try to find a "hidden" event that might have changed the picture of the match.
Remember, "hidden" events contain changes on shooting, tackling and/or playstyle.

In this part i'm gonna write about the formations, tactics and picking your lineup. Much of this info will be basics for many managers, but when managers come to me and ask for an opinion many questions seem to go around from manager to manager. "How do you know what position your player gets on the field?" seem to be one of the most common questions. Thsi and maybe many more basic questions you might have can be answeared in this blog. If there's still something you wonder about don't be afraid to ask, either as a comment to the blog or you can send me a message on either the portal or ingame.

Formations and their structure:

I've made some pictures of all the formations so you can see how they look like and where your players gonna end up on the pitch. When you know the structure of the formations you might manage to make your lineup more powerful even though you're using the exact same players, but I'll get back to that later on. First i'm just putting out some small thoughts and info about the 11 formations availeble at the moment.

 (click to enlarge)
5-4-1: This is a very defencive formation, but can also be very effective. The formation needs a good attacker up front to score the goals for you. Your defence don't need to be the best since you have 5 defenders in the back line.
Playstyle: Continental should be the best one. Mixed can work, but not recommended. Longball is just plain stupidity.

Recommended use: Against teams with better average quality, where a draw would almost be the same as a victory for your team. Specially strong against formations with low amount of midfielders.

 (click to enlarge)
5-3-2: Concentrates a bit more on scoring goals, but is still a defensive formation. Watch out for teams with good midfield. You might lose because you aint getting your midfielders into the game.
Playstyle: Mixed should work best for this formation, continental comes in second and longball works a bit better in this formation then in the 5-4-1 since you got 2 attackers to aim the ball for insted of one.

Recommended use:
Away matches where your opponent is about the same average Quality as you or at home against better teams then you.

 (click to enlarge)
4-5-1: Again a defensive formation. Compared to the 5-4-1 formation this is more voulnerable to opponents playing longball or mixed cause they play over your midfield so you will lose lots of defensive power. You defence need to be stronger and your attacker still needs to be good.
Playstyle: Continental should by far the best option. Mixed aint recommended as you there is to many midfielders to not use them. Longball is out of the option.

Recommended use:
Against other manager playing continental with low a low amount of midfielders. Make also sure that their attackers aint too good.

(click to enlarge)
4-4-2: Most common formation used in the real life worl today. It have both good amounts of defenders, midfielders and attackers. When it comes to this game you wont see many managers in div 1 or 2 use this formation. Mostly because they find other formations to be better.
Playstyle: All three playstyles work, but i would recommend mixed or continental a bit more then longball.

Recommended use: When you aint finding any other formations that works well this is the one to use in most if the times. More rcommended against defensive formations (above formations) then attacking formations.

 (click to enlarge)
4-3-3: An attacking formation that concentrates your play in front of the opponents goal to win the match. Voulnerable against teams with many midfielders.
Playstyle: Mixed and longball should be about the same. Continental is not recommended.

Recommended use: Can be used against any formation, but your decision of playstyle can be the reason why you either win or lose. If you have low amount of good mifielders and many good attackers this could be the formation for you.

 (click to enlarge)
4-2-4: An all out attack formation that only hopes it get more goals then the opponent. Very voulnerable to teams playing mixed or continental.
Playstyle: Longball is almost the only formation to recommend as the formation only contain 2 midfielders. Mixed could maybe work but not recommended while continental is the same as digging yourself 7 feet under.

Recommended use: A large amount of good attackers is important for this formation. Also your defence and goalie needs to be excellent to win you matches. There aint many teams in divison 1 that could pull this one off. Don't use it just to try it.

(click to enlarge)
3-6-1: This a kinda odd formation in my head when thinking about real life. How would it actually be to play in a midfield as crowded as this one? Luckily this aint real life (remember that Woijteker). Normally i would say a formation with only 3 defenders is an attacking formation, but this only contain 1 attacker so it can't be that attacking.
Playstyle: I can't see any other then continental work in this one. Maybe mixed can work a little bit, but what is a lonely striker gonna do with a longball?

Recommended use: Well, although not all formations with only 3 defenders are attacking i would still recommend training up the offside-trap before using the formation. Never the less, it can still be used against teams playing mixed with a low rate of midifelders.

 (click to enlarge)
3-5-2: Yet again an attacking formation that needs excellent defenders to not let in to many goals. Voulnerable against teams playing longball with many attackers. For instance 4-3-3.
I would prefer mixed in this formation. Continental is of course good as well because the amount of midfielders, but since there's only 3 defenders they might get pushed by the attackers a bit much if playing continental so a couple of longballs every now and then won't hurt.

Recommended use: It's time to train your offside stat in the team training section cause playing the offside trap can help you a great deal with this formation. Also recommended against teams playing either mixed or continental with low amount of midfielders.

 (click to enlarge)
3-4-3: This is a deadly attacking formation, when it works that is. The bad part is that your opponent can easily find ways to beat it. Speaking from my own experiences, I have yet to produce a win with this formation. On the other hand i produce a smile every time i see that my opponent either change to this formation with an event or use it from start.
Playstyle: As i have no good experiences of own use with this formation i'm not to sure about the playstyle. But from my knowledge about formations and tactics i would say that any playstyle can work in this formation. Continental probably the worst choice.

Recommended use: Choose another formation is my recommendation, but of course if it works good for you, why not keep at it. Your defence need to be in very good shape compared to your opponent attackers. Also you goalie will probably get a lot to do. Again, good offside stat in team training is your friend.

 (click to enlarge)
3-3-4: The last formation is again an all out attack formation, just like the 4-2-4 formation. Remember that all these formation very voulnerable in defence so pick them with coution, not just pick to try. There are smarter offensive formations to choose.
Longball is the best playstyle again, while mixed should work a bit better with this formation. Continental is again to dig yourself 7 feet under with this formation.

Recommended use: Against other all out attack formation and you got the best average quality this could be a choice. In other situations than that i wouldn't recommend to use such a formation.

Picking your formation:

Everyone got their own way to pick their formation for a match. I'm gonna tell you the way i feel is best and also mention a mathematic way to decide which formation should be best. Of course mathematics might help you more in a computer game like this then it would in real life.

When i pick formation i always check what playstyle my oppoent use first. This is because playstyle can turn a match completely and you from my own experience the different playstyle options seem to work in a triangle.
Mixed seem to beat longball, longball seems to beat continental and continental seems to beat mixed.

1) So when i pick my formation i try to find out what playstyle my opponent gonna use by reading their match reports. From what they're gonna play i choose what playstyle i'm gonna use (see the triangle i mentioned above).

2) When i've decided my playstyle find the formations best suitable for that playstyle.

3) When i have a couple of formations suitable for my picked playstyle I check which formations are most suitable for my players.

My last point before choosing my formation contains some mathematics. Most times you would end up with the same choice you feel are best. At least I do. so to try explaining my mathematics in choosing formation i'll give an example.

Lets say your opponent use a regular 4-4-2 formation and you wanna find out which formation of 4-3-3 or 5-3-2 is the best suitable.
The way to do this is to divide defenders against attacker, middies against middies and attacker against defenders. After that you add all of them together so the formation getting the highest score is the best suitable. So lets check it out.

4-3-3 against 4-4-2:
Dividing your defenders against opponent attackers: 4/2 -> 8/4
Dividing your midfielders against opponent midfielders: 3/4
Dividing your attackers against opponent defenders: 3/4
Adding them together: 8/4 + 3/4 + 3/4 = 14/4

5-3-2 against 4-4-2:
Dividing your defenders against opponent attackers: 5/2 -> 10/4
Dividing your midfielders against opponent midfielders: 3/4
Dividing your attackers against opponent defenders: 2/4
Adding them together: 10/4 + 3/4 + 2/4 = 15/4

As you can see the result is marginal, but it reveals 5-3-2 as the best formation of the two to use in this situation. If you didn't understand what to do there is nothing to worry about. Youd should do finw with just the 3 first steps alone if you choose to try my way.


This is just gonna be basics for how to pick which player to what jersey number. Yet again lets use 4-4-2 as an example.
If you click the link you see the structure of the formation.

#1 is the goalie -- Your best goalie should play here, DuH!
#2 is the left back  -- One of your two best passing defenders should play here. Also speed is important in this position
#3 is the left central defender -- One of your 2 best defenders beside #2 and #5 should play here. If #2 have worse speed then #5, then #3 should have better speed then #4
#4 is the right central defender -- The other of your 2 best defenders beside #2 and #5 should play here. If #5 have worse speed then #2, then #4 should have better speed then #3
#5 is the right back -- The other of your two best passing defenders should play here. Also speed is important in this position
#6 is the left winger -- One of your two best passing midfielders should play here. If #2 have better passing then #5, then also #6 should have better passing then #9
#7 is the left central midfielder -- One of your 2 best midfielders beside #6 and #9 should play here. If #6 have worse speed then #9, then #7 should have better speed then #8
#8 is the right central midfielder -- The other of your 2 best midfielders beside #6 and #9 should play here. If #9 have worse speed then #6, then #8 should have better speed then #7
#9 is the right winger -- The other of your two best passing midfielders should play here. If #5 have better passing then #2, then also #9 should have better passing then #6
#10 is the left attacker -- One of your two best attackers should play here. If #6 have better passing then #9, then #10 should have better shooting then #11
#11 is the right attacker -- The other of your two best attackers should play here. If #9 have better passing then #6, then #11 should have better shooting then #10

This lineup structure puts your best passers in every section on the sides because it's easier for your backs to pass to your wingers then it's for your central defenders to pass to your central midfielders. also your wingers produce more assists then your central midfielders. So the better passing they have the more goals you'll score, hopefully!

Do you have 3 middies with the same passing skill? then put the one with best shooting or best tackling into the center. The central midfielders are more likely to score goals then the wingers.


This should be quite simple and i guess most of you already know what to do on most of the tactics options, but I'll take my time and explain them anyway.

Captain: The best captains are usually 27 years or older and they should have good perception. Your captain also gives a little boost to the section he's playing in. So if you for some reason feel either you defence or midfield aint good enough for your upcoming match you should pick your captin to play in this section. So if your captain plays in defence your defence will get a minor boos and play better then they would have done.

Freekick, own half: This is mor simple, just put your best passing defender to take these freekicks.

Freekick, opponent half: For these freekicks you should pick a midfielder with both good passing and shooting. If the same player also got good perception it's a postive thing as he would know better when to shoot and when to pass/cross.

Corner: Your midfielder with the best passing should be taking these.

Penlty kick: Your best shooting attacker should be taking these. Also perception is good for penalties.

Playstyle: You have 3 playstyles to choose from, continental, mixed and longball. Continental passing keeps the ball mostly to the ground and play through the midfield. Works best if you have many midfielders. Longball speaks for it self. the passes is in the air and with a distance. Best with many attackers and less midfielders. Mixed also speaks for itself. Your team try to play both continental and longball at the same time so your opponent won read you all to easy.

Tackling: Your 3 options is Soft, Normal and Hard. With soft you'll lose more important tackles, but you'll keep the fouls low and suspension is rare. With normal you'll win a bit more important tackles but both injuries and suspensions more likely to happen. With Hard it again increase the chance of injuries and suspensions.

Shooting: Again there is 3 options to choose from. Shoot at will, near goal and only when safe. Shoot at will gives you more shots, but they're more likely to not hit the goal as your players will shoot from where ever they want. Near goal makes it more likely to actually score on your shots, but both shots on target and shots total might decrease. the last option, only when safe, again decrease your chances as you won't fire a shot before you feel absolutly sure you're hitting the goal. The good part is that usually about 90% of these shots ends up as a goal.

Pressure: All three options speaks for itself. Attacking should be played mostly at home and against teams with lower or same average quakity as your lineup. Normal means that you play neither defending or attacking. Can be played in any match, although usually attacking or defending is more suitable. Can be first when you play away against teams with same or lower average quality then your lineup. Defending should not be played at home, at least that is my opinion. I'll explain why afterwards. Defending shold only be used away and against teams with the same or higher average quality then your own lineup.

Offside: You can either chose to play the offside trap or not to play the offside trap. If you play a formation with 3 defenders they're more likely to have a good offside trap then a formation with 5 defenders. The less defenders, the easier to communicate. Before you play the offside trap you should also train your offside skill in the team training section.

Home matches against away matches:

Home: You should play either attacking or normal pressure because when you play at home you're getting a little boost just for playing at home. If you have bought your under soil heating in the stadium section this will also give you a small boost since you have perfect pitch all season. Both these 2 advantages should be enough to play attacking at home and put the pressure on your opponent even though your opponent might have a better average quality in his team.

Away: Away you should be more careful about playing attacking because of the same reasons mentioned above. Only play attacking if you're average quality is much better then your opponent and you feel certain to win. Else you shold choose between either Normal or Defending.

Part 1: Reading and understanding the match report.
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Spinner wrote:
00:17 13/07 2006
pictureAgain, I'm truly impressed.
I hope not too many people read this, it would make the game even harder if everyone understood these things :)
MrStian wrote:
00:23 13/07 2006
pictureVery nice blog ;)
Gizmo wrote:
01:01 13/07 2006
picturehehe spinner  .. sorry bout that.

i'll un-recommend the blog for you to as i get as little audience as possible :p

although my purpose ofcourse is to help others to make the game harder and challenging.
that's kinda what makes a game fun, aint it?

at least that's my opinion i guess you were ironic Spinner :)
Zz00017911 wrote:
09:57 13/07 2006

I got alot of things here...

Thx :D

Zz00014152 wrote:
10:09 13/07 2006
pictureMore, More :D :D :D
Man, that's really true, usefull stuff, explained and shown in the best way
Thank You
Zz00020882 wrote:
10:20 13/07 2006
picturenice read, keep up the good work.
Zz00021396 wrote:
11:38 13/07 2006

Very very good! I liked it! I'm going to make a reference of it in the ML-FIFA site.

The stuff here is very good, I've learned a couple of tricks! I wish we could make our formations like you have in those pictures, like moving the players to different positions. It would be more competitive (and a great challenge for spinner, who has to take care of the leetcode :P).

Once again, nice job. I hope nobody in my department reads this! lol

Gizmo wrote:
11:49 13/07 2006
pictureI'm glad to see my overloaded brain thoughts are helping others as well :)

My job here is done :)
Zz00003074 wrote:
11:53 13/07 2006
pictureGreat entry! I may finally get out of div 4 now! lol
Zz00021396 wrote:
11:56 13/07 2006
pictureNo, your job is not done. Tell us more, oh wise master! lol
Gizmo wrote:
15:49 16/07 2006
pictureWell rAzores .. i would need a new subject to write about and at the moment I aint got any.

I'll check around a bit ingame to see what i can have missed for anything about prematch preparation.
Maybe i could take some about events, but that should kinda glow through all that i've written so far.
Events is also more up to each manager to decide if they want to use.
Zz00003327 wrote:
05:17 17/07 2006

gah, much reading.. my brain hurts:S you dont have an oral version do you?

heh, anyway,, good work once again

kraMMer wrote:
15:01 17/07 2006
picturevery nice, thx Gizmo :D
Stambros wrote:
19:23 17/07 2006

[Quote=Gizmo] "i would need a new subject to write about and at the moment I aint got any"

Well i got a nice subject, how about financial records, how to improve the income of your stadium, ticket  prices and upgrades? :D

Zz00025781 wrote:
19:46 17/07 2006

i would like to know if this blog page can be translated to spanish. cause it would be easier for me and other spanish speakers to understand the game.

Please work this out for me

thank you. Very good blog. very useful

Gizmo wrote:
20:42 17/07 2006
pictureStambros, that's not enough info for a blog entry.

Only thing important is to upgrade your capacity/restaurant/shop to make the income as good as possible

manager of fk krakra have already made a blog a litlle bit about this. you can find that one here.
Gizmo wrote:
20:46 17/07 2006

sorry, that's nothing that i can do for you, but i totally understand what you mean.

I don't know spanish, but there might be someone else out there that know both spanish and english so well that they want to translate this entry. This of course goes for any other languages that want it translated.

So i gotta say sorry again, i'm just a little stupid norwegian guy :)
Spinner could maybe talk to who ever translated the game for him to translate the blog entry as well, but i can't answear on that though.
Zz00000157 wrote:
21:29 17/07 2006
pictureSome very nice points.

I think the best way to find your best lineup is through trial and error but if your short on time follow Gizmos advice :D
Qiel wrote:
23:14 17/07 2006
pictureOkay, I learned quite a few things, and I was already doing well. Hope this gets me into Div 3 next season.

For new topics, I would suggest how to avoid that early season pitfall. I tend to lose many of my games in the first 6 games. If I lose 7 games ina season, It seems that I lose 3-4 of them in the first 6 games. Until my morale gets up high, the game seems highly erratic.

Another good topic is how to find good players at low costs.
Alderspræsidenten wrote:
00:04 18/07 2006

Excelent work body. Mr. spinner should open his pocket and give this boy some exstra credits for his work. If he don't get nobody should.

Mr. Dan Mark

Alderspræsidenten wrote:
00:05 18/07 2006

Any who has the adress to the "Nobel commity"?

Zz00012416 wrote:
01:07 18/07 2006

Great! This article really surprised me... I think I've learned allot . I'm starting to use those wise words... lets see if I can make it work...

(btw, do you really change your formation every game?)
Subject for next article? some suggestions:
training (team and individual/camps)
transfers (how the hell can I sell /buy a player)
staff (is that scout really useful?)

Gizmo wrote:
04:58 18/07 2006

yeah, i more or less change formation every match. If not the formation then something else about my tactics.
I delete every single event between the matches as well and set up new once for the next match.

Ofc this is only done when i have internet availeble.
Zz00025781 wrote:
09:09 18/07 2006

i would translate this information you give here my self. I think i could do that, on the fact that spinner or some good man can pay me for doing that. Maybe some (10) credits or a couple of 80's or higher quality players. Some cash would be helpful too (15000000). Ja

Or 50-100 euros would be just fine.

ja. no kiddin shit. ja

Latinoamérica UNIDA.

Zz00001879 wrote:
19:23 18/07 2006
pictureNice Gizmo, but u people should be careful taking advise from someone with only 16 titles in his trophyroom :D
Gizmo wrote:
23:15 18/07 2006
picturethnx SirLance

and lol, at least i haven't bought my way to get those trophies ;)
I'll have problem winning the league for a long time too because the big difference Q wise up to you, benkern, mrblack and fjt. But nothing is impossible. I have won the league cup you know, don't forget it :p *sSs*
Aragorn II wrote:
01:09 19/07 2006
pictureGizzy... THIS BLOG SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :D

But I love you anyway!
Gizmo wrote:
01:48 19/07 2006
picturehehe Aragorn, Love you too man :D
Lardonio wrote:
09:31 19/07 2006

How about 3-6-1 ?



Zz00012416 wrote:
17:19 19/07 2006
picturewow... changing formation every game?!?!!?
Reading reports, calculating the best fomation and choosing it, setting the right lineup, delete all events and setting them up again... two or three times a day... I started yesterday and I'm already getting mad :-S
Am I getting back to the old pa times... rulling my live after the game?!?!?!!!?
HELP! is there an assistant? a manager progy to help manager ppl?
Zz00003327 wrote:
05:26 20/07 2006
picturehehe, you dont have to put so much work into it as Gizmo does:P just relax
Zz00026469 wrote:
19:54 20/07 2006
picturei want one midfielder.
Gizmo wrote:
10:04 22/07 2006
pictureLardonio, good point, seem as i forgot about that one. I'll fix that as soon as i got time later today :D
Zz00024466 wrote:
12:48 28/07 2006
picturei didnt like that dividing thing. The more defenders you have against 2 attackers gives better score
ex: a possible 10-0-0 tactic would give:
10/2 -> 20/4
overall 20/4 which is not realistic ^^
Gizmo wrote:
13:44 28/07 2006

i know it favours the more deffensive formations. That's also why i said you can skip that part if you don't like it or don't understand it.
Also remember, i said this is a computer game. It's not reality. You can almost ask any manager in div 1 if deffensive formations pay off and you'll get a posetive answear that the deffensive formation very often pays off against offensive formation for some reason. Yet again, it's a computer game. All technology is based on mathematics. That's the only reason i use it, although i don't use it every single time.

But again, if you don't like. Just skip it. I have never said this is a manual for winning your every single match either. It's just my tips on how to prepare for a match and sharing some knowlegde not many managers know about formations such as what part on the pitch plaer number 5 will play in different formations.
Zz00003327 wrote:
14:44 29/07 2006

shouldn't 3-6-1 be best against 4-4-2 then?

Gizmo wrote:
15:31 29/07 2006
pictureBoten Anna aka Krakra

that was not an example in finding wich formation that was best against 4-4-2. It was an example in finding out which one of 4-3-3 or 5-3-2 that was most suitable against 4-4-2. It seems you all missunderstand those small things.

Maybe many then missunderstand that i actually find my playstyle to use before finding the formation to use as well. But what do i know.
Zz00013860 wrote:
17:09 31/07 2006

I hope this will help me start winning again. I've fallen from second to seventh in my division ;(

Maybe formations like 3-4-1-2, 4-1-2-1-2 and 4-4-1-1 added to the game would open for more different strategies? I think that would be cool..

Gizmo wrote:
17:41 31/07 2006

I miss something like that as well, but we wouldn't need more added formations.
We only need to be able giving the player a working role thingy. Like;

1: Deffensive
2: Normal
3: Attacking

That way we could decide or players to be a bit more attacking then other in the midfield. At least i know i would love that.
But Spinner probably have plans for the future, so I'll just wait and see where he takes us :)
Zz00013860 wrote:
19:07 31/07 2006

Do you mean that they will moved up in a more attacking/defending position?

If that what you ment I think its a good idea. But then I think we also need a chart showing the formation too, like the ones you have put in your blog, so you can see the way you're playing in front of you, giving you a better image.

Zz00025803 wrote:
21:12 31/07 2006

I'm impressed. A really nice blogg, hope not many have read this one, i woud make harder competition for all other teams now after  reading this blog.. nice :)

Gizmo wrote:
01:04 02/08 2006
That's exactly what i ment :) It would kinda make a midfielder either defensive midfielder or attacking midfielder. But that's just wish of mine and it kinda ruins Spinners idea of a game that aint suppose to be all to hard about tactics and stuff like that. Far as i know he don't want the game to be as complex as Footballmanager and old Championship manager games and that's totally cool. It's what makes the game so addictive in the first place :)

thnx for your good words. i can tell you at this exact point this blog have been read 1799 times. Some have probably read it several times. so maybe around 1000  of 11000-12000 managers have read it f I'm lucky.
Mike_Koevoet wrote:
00:32 23/08 2006
pictureMaybe something about events would be an nice follow up ?
Matt Man wrote:
07:19 11/09 2006
picturenice blog. thanks for the info.
Zz00009745 wrote:
09:23 08/11 2006
picturethis is amazing!
E.T.? wrote:
23:39 13/12 2006
pictureThank you for that. Put this in user manual.
Zz00042570 wrote:
20:14 19/01 2007

nice :D

Gizmo wrote:
04:37 20/01 2007
pictureE.T. this is not a manual thingy for winning every single game.
It's just my own observation of the game and i wanted to share it.
Everything is probably not 100% correct either, but it should get you pretty far.

I also have more stuff i haven't written as i don't wanna spoil everything. Some stuff needs to be delt with on your own.
This is just to let you guys know a bit more how it actually works.
stefann22 wrote:
17:01 09/02 2007
pictureit seems logic and obvious and i wonder why i did not think of this till now

i have one comment and i would like you to correct me if i am wrong. you calculate the score for 5-3-2 and 4-3-3 against a 4-4-2 team and the results are 15/4 and 14/4 (that is 3.75 and 3.16)
if we calculate from the opponent point of view (a 4-4-2 against 5-3-2 and 4-3-3) we get 3.73 and 3.16.

sooo... i hope i made myself understood so far... if i play 5-3-2 i have 3.75 and my opponent 3.73; if i play 4-3-3 i have 3.5 and my opponent 3.16 . i think it would be wiser to choose 4-3-3 because the difference is bigger

what do you think?
Zz00055116 wrote:
22:43 24/03 2007
pictureI dont think this is gonna work in the game it a good engine as ..ex managerzone???
Banin wrote:
00:08 01/04 2007
picturethx Gizmo
Zz00048425 wrote:
16:56 16/04 2007

I have a question about the shooting tactics. When do u know what's best? If u'r ofensive players is very skilled at shooting wich would fit best? Or if ur opponent has a bad goalkeeper, should u pick shoot at will? Do u got anything about that? =)

Sherlock Holmes wrote:
16:15 21/04 2007
picturegood gizmo
Gizmo wrote:
14:18 25/04 2007
pictureGio_style: yes, i got my opinions on the shooting part as well, but i didn't write about it on purpose because i wanted to let people think a bit for themself. It's kinda boring when everything gets revealed if you know what i mean.

I mostly use events to change my shooting during a match concidering much stuff.
1) How good is the opponent goalie?
2) Is my own strikers/middies any good at shooting?
3) What playstyle am i using for the match? (I could reveal a bit more about this one, but i'll keep it for myself atm)
4) How good is the starting fitness on my team?
5) Players lose fit during a match, when do you think it's easiest to hit a 25-40 yard shot? (use events)

Think about it ;)

BTW: Different strikers tend to perform in different kinda tactics ;)
Zz00048425 wrote:
12:21 30/04 2007
pictureYea, it seems like i was on the right track ;)
Zz00045924 wrote:
17:23 09/05 2007
picturenice blog gizmo
TanTheMan wrote:
13:29 15/05 2007
pictureI managed to score two goals in 12 min when I played continental the first 15 minutes, and I was playing 4-3-3, then I changed to Long Balls, and after that, I scored only one goal and got 3 goals against me. Isn't this very strange? By the way, my opponent played 4-4-2, Long Balls and Normal pressure. Do you think he also changed tactics, or was I just unfortunate?
TanTheMan wrote:
13:33 15/05 2007
pictureJust got to add this: In my first match I won 2-1 against a team who plays three divisions over me:D (Just had to say it:P)
Zz00003498 wrote:
20:24 29/05 2007

i`ved played 13 league games in my div and yet to connced a goal and i play 3 4 3 and contanental always play this way and never change it lol

1 sasha utd Nestle82     WWDWW 12 1 0 28 0 13 37

i aint got the best team in world only got 3 players over 80 in q rest are mid 70`s

way i play is

:: formation 3.4.3 :: playing style continetal :: takling normal :: pessure attacking :: offside trap no ::


Zz00061780 wrote:
12:28 23/06 2007
pictureu helped me out alot.. thnxs... i now know  wat 2 do wen doing tactics and my squads...
Zz00066648 wrote:
17:24 09/07 2007
pictureNice one i shall try it in my next game
petryk99 wrote:
12:29 30/07 2007
picturehmm...3-5-2 i see more like a 3-2-2-1-2...and 3-6-1 i see like 3-4-2-1...that`s why should be good to insert in game pictures like this ones from see what we are playing :D
Zz00086578 wrote:
16:41 26/10 2007
pictureI wuld play 10-0-0... my favorite  tactic
Ana Ivanovic wrote:
20:04 20/02 2008
picturewell...i gues your wrong about the pressure ....why attack at home games? ....I usualy have 6 pressure events every if u are behind or ahead...or if it`s a draw after 45 / 60 mins .....i dont think it`s good to play the same pressure all the match
Gizmo wrote:
09:46 27/02 2008
pictureI've never written that you should play attacking no matter what in home games.
If you think so you better read up once more.

I have only written some guidelines so you guys should be able to think a bit for yourself.
I wrote that Attacking should MOSTLY be used at home games. If you read that as always and only at home that's your problem :)
Zz00080548 wrote:
13:03 01/03 2008
picturewhat formation i shuold use against 4-4-2 or  4-3-3 or 5- 4 -1 etc ?
Josef Guardiola wrote:
19:13 17/07 2009

I play AWAYS  3-4-3 longball and attacking style and just kick the hell out of all teams from when i use his i just lost 2 times in 1 season and a half!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my attack is great my mid is simply increidble my defeb=nders all have 89+ in Q and my keeper is the best he is a youth and has 88 keeping!!


so who has like my players (good every were ... specially in mid should win)

Mr Anonymous wrote:
10:00 21/02 2010

thanks man ....

PW Manager wrote:
02:46 26/05 2010

Thank you.

praashant raul wrote:
14:06 17/11 2010

what a helpful blog this is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Omar Little wrote:
22:16 02/02 2012

  3-6-1: This a kinda odd formation in my head when thinking about real life. How would it actually be to play in a midfield as crowded as this one? Luckily this aint real life (remember that Woijteker).



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