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Diambars Update (16/05/2013 15:35)

Today I met with Jimmy Adjovi Bocco, one of the founders and the General Manager for Diambars International. It is with great pleasure I see that Diambars has achieved great results with students and football players in both Senegal and South Afrtica over the last 10 years. They are now looking to expand their involvment to more African countries. Jimmy will be meeting the presidencies for these countries in the coming months.

Their model for educating youth based on their passion for football is showing financial sustainability, as the football clubs hiring their players needs to pay educational fees. In addition the Diambars Institute hires all their employees (except some teachers) locally in and around Saly. This leads to the continued financial growth and  increased  employment in the community.

I also met a 23 year old Diambars student called Aly. He grew up as an orphan in poverty - but had a dream of becoming a proffesional fotballer. He saw a video from Diambars in a shop windows some years ago, and decided that he should try to get a place in the school and was accepted.

He managed this - despite his average football skills. Now he is studying IT in Paris and is no longer dreaming of being a proffesional footballer, but rather to help other kids in the situation he grew up, through completing his education and contributing with his skills, effort and knowledge in Senegal. This is a perfect example on what the goals of Diambars are 

The institute in Senegal is now also hosting and educating girls. They are looking for a more permanent solution than todays internships, but this needs more planning and time - to make this part of the school sustainable as well.  The Girls Project is the part of Diambars to which ManagerLeague has and will contribute. We agreed the next transferral of funds will be taking place when they have decided and planned a permanent solution for the Diambars Girls School. I hope that many of you will contribute with credit donations to the Diambars (Team:31641). All donated credits will be converted to cash by Fifth Season.

But, Diambars International also needs some more help. As many of you have noted, their English web site has not been updated for ages. The web site is administered by students in France and updated frequently - however, they do not speak English - and Diambars International does not have the money to hire translators as all their earnings are dedicated to the educational projects. I hope that we in our community can find one volunteer that is fluent in English and French is able to help them. Payment will be done in ManagerLeague credits from me! Anyone who has the required skills and wants to contribute can PM me.

Thanks to all of you who has supported the project so far!











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Sir__Hannibalos wrote:
15:52 16/05 2013

Thank you Chairman for the update. Unfortunately I don't have the required skills (perfect knowledge of English and French) therefore with great sorrow I must state that I can't help. :(

I am pretty sure though the right person will be found as I have trust in the ML community. Someone from a country that speaks both languages can help for sure



ensatusafia wrote:
19:28 17/05 2013

 still no other response... french canadians hurry up and get home from work, its a friday, cut out early

Source 07 wrote:
23:42 17/05 2013

 in my country both languages are compulsory till the age of 16 :p

i can help a bit, provided i'm not the only one because it surely is a big responsibility.

in other words, i volounteer to give my assistance to the one going to give a hand.

Master MZ.

mikiec wrote:
00:25 18/05 2013

My partner is French and she's agreed to do translation for a good cause.   My French isn't good enough to do it myself but I can proof read her translations to make sure they're (reasonably) grammatically correct.  

Look forward to hearing from you, Mr Chairman :)

Sir__Hannibalos wrote:
13:11 18/05 2013

Very kind of you mikiec!! Well done.

But most of all the fact that an Englishman and a French woman are together needs to be congratulated.

The two nations are not the best friends around but love can beat everything

Everest Leo wrote:
23:48 18/05 2013

great update...however, they do not have any student or teacher in Senegal that speaks English? or similarly, in South Africa, someone that learnt French? what subjects do they teach in Diambars Schools...if English or French is not among the classes?!

Please make sure at least 1 foreign language will be included in the plan for the Diambars Girls School!;)

Chairman wrote:
01:14 19/05 2013

The web site is updated from students in France - and just studying th English lanugage does not give you the required skills for translation.

Aly that I met, only spoke Wolof when he entered the school. Now he speaks French too, and is learning Spanish and English



TheBarcaShow wrote:
03:41 22/05 2013

This is a great project. I am just a casual player but I would love to donate credits to the cause. I'm just not sure how to do so. Can someone let me know how?

Chairman wrote:
07:40 22/05 2013

 You can simply donate credits to the Diambats Team, and these credits will be converted to cash by the company running ManagerLeague. You can find the Diambats Team here:

Mooses wrote:
01:02 05/06 2013


KoksJakIchMalo wrote:
09:24 06/06 2013

; )


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