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The Magic of ML (19/04/2013 09:26)

Season 84 was an important milestone for me. I had no money, few credits, and my dream of being able to play 200 friendlies a season without buying credits was far from reality. But that season changed everything.

I got a Q74 youth goalkeeper from the academy (Traian Deaconu), with nice stats and 5 stars. Since I was not doing friendlies at that point, I decided to sell him because it would have been a waste of potential otherwise. Then I met lauvls, manager of Gilortul Carbunesti. His team was fantastic, over 90Q, while I was still in the low 70s. The deal he proposed me brought me 50 millions and 80 credits, a really great bargain for both of us at that time.

I saved credits and money for a couple more seasons, then started to play 200 friendlies every season, which managed to create a stable income for me in terms of money and credits. All this would not have been possible without the transfer; even so, I felt a bit of envy when I saw that he sold the keeper for 150 millions. But I knew that one day I would be getting that kind of money for my players, so I started to design my team in a way that would advantage raising youths.

Today, season 100, our paths cross again (I have to mention lauvls was in Romania's League when he bought my goalkeeper, but now he plays in England, like me). This time we are rivals in the League Cup, and our teams are about level. No matter the result, I am glad the circle is complete, and I would like to thank him for launching me in the competitive game. May the best man win. :D

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