UEFA, the Union of European Football Associations, is the governing body of football on the continent of Europe and its core mission is to promote, protect and develop European football at every level of the game. Its mission is also to promote the principles of unity and solidarity and to deal with all questions regarding European Football. UEFA is an association if associations based on representative democracy. There are a number of fantasy football games based on the UEFA championship league which include the UEFA 2008™, UEFA Cup and the predictor game UEFA EURO 2008™. Other fantasy football games available at the UEFA fanzone webpage include Predictor (UCL), Fantasy Football (UCL) and services such as Talk Football, Fans’ Man of the Match, Champions Quiz, Fans’ Football Blog and Team of the Year.


ManagerLeague is an online football manager game that involves multiple players from all over the world. It allows you to manage your own football team, buy and sell players, improve your players in areas of focus by training them and sending them off on training-camps so that you can upgrade your own stadium. It features 2 league matches (and training sessions) per weekday ensuring that a full season is played every month. Friendlies are available to improve your team’s play and you can challenge anyone at anytime. More information on the game can be found in the user manuals as well as at www.managerleague.com. ManagerLeague.com also features online football manager, soccer games, Fifa World Cup and fantasy football such as the UEFA fantasy football games.


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You don’t have to be a professional soccer player to engage in the UEFA or Fifa games and you don’t have to have managerial skills to play ManagerLeague. These games are ideal for learning as you progress to different stages of the game. By being able to pick your own players and learn what their strengths and weaknesses are, the player can use this information in real-life skills to help them improve in their own game. You can join now at www.managerleague.com and be on your way to playing these games within minutes. Whether you choose to be a manager and run a team on ManagerLeague or you choose to train players in a UEFA fantasy football game, you are guaranteed to be entertained. There is no better way to learn new soccer skills than to have fun while doing so with fantasy football and online football manager games at www.managerleague.com!