Sponsoring ManagerLeague

Now you can become sponsor in ManagerLeague.

Being a sponsor in ManagerLeague will provide your company with branding and a link in a unique setting, as a natural part of the game. The branding effect is unique in that the user will see your brand on every single page he visits in ManagerLeague.

Contact chairman@managerleague.com with any questions you might have in regards to becoming a sponsor.

Sponsorships are only available in season-wide slots, with 1 season equalling 4 weeks.

The price of a sponsor-slot is 250 Euro per season / 4 weeks.

The longer the contract, the greater the discount, and we give a 10% discount per extra month limited at 50% (6 month contract)

We will not consider sponsors with ties to pornography, online gambling, alcohol, tobacco or products similar to ManagerLeague.

Previous partners include:
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