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Wojteker (Golden Manager)
SexMaleClick to enlarge
Attracted toFemales
Searching forNot sure
Month of birthOct
Year of birth1980
SmokingI am SO not smoking!
DrugsI am NOT touching that shit!
What rocks and what sucks
This rocksThis sucks
Favourite spelt with a u.
Movies, going out, staying in, books, music, and of course
My girlfriend (aww)
Small text boxes for favourite things.
Favourite spelt without the u
Weird people on buses, especially ones who fall asleep on me
The good stuff
Favorite game type 1 Sport Games
Favorite game type 2 Strategy Games
Favorite game type 3 Racing Games
Favorite game What else but this?
Favorite artist Hopper
Favorite movie Ferris Buellers Day Off
Favorite actor Ewan McGregor
Favorite actress Scarlett, obviously
Favorite author Douglas Adams or Vladimir Voinovich
Favorite book Hitchhikers Guide 2 the Galaxy/Ivankiad
This is me!
Easy there, im not giving it all away...