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loknissen (Member)
SexMaleClick to enlarge
Attracted toFemales
Searching forAnything!
City Skien
Country Norge
Month of birthMar
Year of birth0
SmokingI am SO not smoking!
Drinking1 coke, please!
DrugsI am NOT touching that shit!
PoliticsAll I want is peace
What rocks and what sucks
This rocksThis sucks
- Poker Heart
- My friends Heart
- Liverpool FC Heart
- ManagerLeague Heart
- Some supporters, won't mention who, that cannot see other ways than their team
- People kidding in the forums..
The good stuff
Favorite game type 1 Sport Games
Favorite game type 2 Adventure Games
Favorite game type 3 Role-Playing Games
Favorite game Zelda . Ocarina of Time
Favorite artist
Favorite movie
Favorite actor Matt Damon
Favorite actress Jessica Alba
Favorite author
Favorite book De Fire Og Han Som Gjør Galt Verre
This is me!
190cm high, and blond.
People mentions this all the time, and I'm tired of it.

I love all sports, and can't get enough of it!
Training Volleyball, Football and Bandy!

School comes before the most, but can't live without my best friends.
We are playing poker a lot, and watching some movies at the evenings.

That's my life.