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SirCrodos (Member of *BeZ)
SexMaleClick to enlarge
Attracted toFemales
Searching forSome fun
Month of birthMar
Year of birth1994
SmokingI am SO not smoking!
DrinkingMe? Nevahh!
DrugsI am NOT touching that shit!
PoliticsAll I want is peace
SirCrodoss team
Athletic CredoSirCrodos571
What rocks and what sucks
This rocksThis sucks
The good stuff
Favorite game type 1 Sport Games
Favorite game type 2 First Person Shooters
Favorite game type 3 Strategy Games
Favorite game Manager League
Favorite artist Flipsyde, Coldplay
Favorite movie Monthy Python
Favorite actor Jackie Chan, Matt Damond
Favorite actress Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston
Favorite author Don
Favorite book
This is me!