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Mythical Myrrh
Military duty (27/01/2008 13:27)
More like military camp actually, I'm going to be offline for at least 5 weeks. Gonna miss you guys!

i also got indonesian blogger of the week, it'd be nice if someone from here congratulate me :p
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Norwegian Candies (29/11/2007 16:05)

Hurray! I just got two packs of norwegian candies the first one is a chocolate caramel candy, which is really good while the other one is salty thing, which is not really great :p

Where do i get this? Who else than Opera :D It's a nice halloween competition prize from My Opera Community, The candy was included in an Opera Goodie bag with some Opera pens, Tattoos! , wriststrap and stressballs. They'll be sending a T-shirt later :happy:

This is why i love Opera :)

i made a blogpost here:

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Synchronised Swimming (02/11/2007 13:50)
Well actually it's Synchronised Bookmark!!!

The new beta versions of Opera Mini 4 and Opera 9.5 introduces support for Opera Link, which means you can bring your bookmarks anywhere...

it's pretty cool i can bookmark one part (or multiple parts) of ML in my Opera 9.5 beta and access it later using Opera Mini 4 beta, so i'm really connected


get your free copies of Opera 9.5 beta at and Opera Mini 4 beta 3 at

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Opera 9.50 Alpha released! (04/09/2007 17:00)

Major performance improvements, better standard compliance, improved site compatibility, bookmark synchronization, and more... Warning: Alpha release. Changelog:

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Opera Mini 4 Beta 2 Released (30/08/2007 17:12)
get your free opera mini 4 beta 2 from it has landscape browsing and ability to add search engines to the search field :)
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A Splash of Fame (04/08/2007 18:31)
A Splash of Fame

So Opera did it to me again :yes: being an Opera user i got the chance to be interviewed by Li Yuan a news reporter from Wall Street Journal :cool:

She asks a lot of question about why do i like opera mini etc etc, now the article is online as Daniel mentions on =Opera Watch

this is my quote :
"My browsing tends to be on my phone," says Ryan Octavianus, a 22-year-old college student in Bandung, Indonesia. He says it takes about three to six seconds to load a photo-laden Web page from social-networking site Friendster on his Nokia cellphone using the Opera Mini -- much faster than the 30 seconds it takes on his PC at home.

and yes i mention about Opera Community too, i mentioned friendster because currently it's very huge in Indonesia and South East Asia, so the users are a market for Opera.

you can read the articlehere

and another great news that my final project is accepted by my professor :yes: finnaly college days will be over.. I mentioned about this article to my professors too and they're quite ecited :yes: It would excite them more if it mentions that i'm currently a student in theFaculty of Information Technology at Maranatha Christian University :p so i'll just mention it here.

and they say if I need a place for Opera Events i can do it there :yes: not many of my colleague students uses Opera though :(

Thanks Opera! Thanks toThomas Ford for offering the chance at the Choose Operagroup and Opera Community :yes: and Thanks Li Yuan from Wall Street Journal

:lol: i'm acting like i won an award or something :p so this is my share of 15 minutes of fame... will i get more? :p

Ryan Octavianus

Opera Indonesia

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Sorry but i recommend Opera (04/08/2007 18:30)
I haven't see any drawbacks in function nor speed using Opera here. and if ML codes follow the web standards it should work well in Opera as Opera is commited in following web standards. 

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Opera Mini 4 beta released; includes desktop-like (22/06/2007 17:50)
Opera today released a beta version of Opera Mini 4, code named ‘Dimension’, which includes a new desktop-like layout mode.
The main focus of Opera Mini 4.0 beta was to make mobile browsing easier and more in-line with traditional browsing on PCs.

New Desktop-like layout mode

Prior to this beta, Opera Mini only had one layout mode, called ‘fit-to-width’, which reformatted the webpages nicely to fit in a single column. The fit-to-width mode works fine on most pages. However fitting pages with intensive structures and complicated designs into a single column is not always the best option. Enter ‘PC View’ layout.
With ‘PC View’ layout (also known as ‘Desktop layout’), a thumbnail of the webpage, similar to what you would see on the PC/desktop browser, is first shown. Using the mouse cursor (also new in this beta) or a stylus you could select a region and instantly zoom in. (See screenshots below)
The immediate recognition of the pages with ‘PC View’ layout adds to the browsing speed on mobile phones. Navigating pages are also easier, since the menus and page content are in the same position as on the PC. The new desktop layout mode should also help in reducing some of the barriers to the adoption of mobile browsing.


Zooming is done instantly, adding a pleasant effect to the experience. The zooming technology (called ‘Intelligent Zoom’) used in ‘PC View’ was first introduced by Opera for the Nintendo Wii browser.
When you’re zoomed-in, the text content is neatly reformatted to the size of your phone’s screen, thus eliminating the need to scroll horizontally.

Context menu

The new Opera Mini beta also adds a context menu, which is accessible by pressing the number ‘1’ key. From the context menu, you could quickly change between modes, reload the page, and view the page URL.

Mouse cursor

Also new with this beta is the addition of a virtual mouse cursor to make it easy to scroll in any direction. Navigating over a link, changes the cursor to the familiar hand pointer. Opera Mini now also highlights links in a visually appealing manner.

Power scrolling

The numbers ‘2’ and ‘8’ on the keypad act as ‘page up’ and ‘page down’, respectively. While the ‘4’ and ‘6’ buttons moves the cursor between columns to the left and right.

Rewrite of code

Opera Mini developers rewrote the entire code for the new beta and added lots of improvements to the rendering layouts. However, since it’s all being rewritten, not all features of Opera Mini 3 have been added yet, for example the RSS feed reader, content folding, etc.


Content that is shared between pages are now cached, adding to the browsing speed. For example, if you first load page A on a site, and then page B, and they share data/text/images, only the difference will be sent in page B.

New standards support

Support for HTML tables, CSS handheld stylesheets, and more advanced support for CSS have been added to Opera Mini. The smiley face on the Acid2 test is clearly recognizable; however it doesn’t pass the test just yet. We’re working on it.

Bi-directional support

With this new release we’ve also added support for bi-directional text, adding support for languages such as Hebrew.

Mobile browser choice

All of the new features and functionalities of Opera Mini further proves its claim to being the best browser option for mobile phones.

Current stable version is : Opera Mini 3.12 get it at
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How to Browse ML fully (almost) with Opera Mini ^^ (20/03/2007 12:42)
Hello! I'm back, and for once my blog post will maybe useful for ML users ^^

so are you mobile and happens to use Opera Mini (in your cellphone) to surf ML and manage your team in the mobile interface
do you sometimes feel that you want more, like controlling the events, overbid someone if your existing bid is overbid, etc?

here is some walkthrough for me, i hope this would work for you too as it works for me ^^

First you have to do things with your regular web browser on your pc/mac, access your notes, made some notes similar like this :

and more urls if you want to, like custom cups or transferlist

You must bookmark in Opera Mini the ML notes page : just bookmark it manually, don't visit it (yet)
and then try to login to ML using Opera Mini through the old login page : provide the correct username and password
you will be redirected to the news page, login to your team by clicking My Team picture there, after this access your bookmark in Opera Mini, visit the notes bookmark, there you will see the note you made earlier with direct urls to your selected pages, access them and use it, there are some limitations if the page is using AJAX like the team selection page, but you can still substitute players with those combobox in the bottom of the page. 

PS : the first step can be avoided by bookmarking the pages(events, transfer etc), so after you logged in to the general page using Opera Mini, you can go to events page by accessing the bookmarks which will help to cut one step whic is more cost efficient :) Using Opera Mini itself is cost efficient because it uses Opera's proxy to optimized the pages you visit to fit in your cellphone ^^

I will post this to my main blog too :) i hope this would be useful for some of you :)

get the newest Opera Mini ->


Phil Ryan
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Member of the Week (12/03/2007 13:01)
Well last weekend was just great, i visit my gf and had a fab time (wohooooooo) and myopera commmunity ( decided to give me Member of The Week honour, \o/

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Life So Far (06/03/2007 03:20)
well, i'm blogging again, don't know what to write though :D

I'm doing some things now :

1. i'm on an online singing competition at [URL=][/URL] (contestant #6) (which i'm gonna lose anyway) :p
2. i'm playing [URL=]ManagerLeague[/URL] and making indonesian translation for it (team mythical, manager philry4n)
3. i'm maintaining [URL=]Opera Indonesia[/URL] blog
4. i'm still working on my final project, changed the database system to db4o, i have to do it soon >.< starting something is always the hardest part >.<
5. babysitting my sister's kids
6. going to jakarta hopefully this weekend
7. Opera thinks i'm cool ->
8. Just got a letter from Opera Mini Team ^^ with wrist strap for my crappy phone, hmm this wrist strap needs a nicer phone, maybe i can scoop some money somewhere

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Waiting for X-Mas Cup (22/12/2006 21:39)

Waiting for X-Mas Cup

Where were you this friday? Did you join this amazing big cup? I was doing the cup report with adib
and mord dips in with his betting odds, scroogedoing his commentary :), while many of other manager helped too on reporting the cup.
credits to you guys :)

Pre Draw Report :

This must be the biggest cup ever held with most participant on managerleague history.
joint force Sir Johnny (Vartdal), Ca2 (Unreal Betis) and SirLance (Blackpool)
and held this huge cup this holiday season with some help from the ML HQ.
The extra Prize money complements the big cup with mind whooping (is this word exist at all?)
50 mils for the winner and 20 mils for the runners up. And the best thing there are additional prizes
for teams that do well by advancing to later rounds in the cup, based on their division,
they each deserved 10 mils each (10 credits bonus for 3rd and lower division teams).

What if there's two or more team achieve the same rounds? no problemo, they will still each had 10 mils
and no sharing needed.

the detailed additional prize money + credits distribution would be like these (quoted from Ca2):

WINNER: 50 millions
RUNNER UP: 20 millions

BEST PLACED DIV. 1 TEAM: @10 mill (added to the 50 or 20 mill if he's also the winner or runner up)
BEST PLACED DIV. 2 TEAM: @10 mill (added to the 50 or 20 mill if he's also the winner or runner up)
BEST PLACED DIV. 3 TEAM: @10 mill (added to the 50 or 20 mill if he's also the winner or runner up) + 10 creds
BEST PLACED DIV. 4 TEAM: @10 mill (added to the 50 or 20 mill if he's also the winner or runner up) + 10 creds
BEST PLACED DIV. 5 TEAM: @10 mill (added to the 50 or 20 mill if he's also the winner or runner up) + 10 creds
BEST PLACED DIV. 6 TEAM: @10 mill (added to the 50 or 20 mill if he's also the winner or runner up) + 10 creds

Teams flooded in and the cup is already full hours before the draw starts.


Division 1 : all division 1 teams are represented (16 teams)
Division 2 : 50 teams
Division 3 : 125 teams
Division 4 : 249 teams
Division 5 : 338 teams
Division 6 : 246 teams

ML HQ express their delight of this amazing cup, shown at this official statement released just before the draw is made:

"First of all, I have to thank the people organising and sponsoring this very special cup. I hope that the best team win. I can guarantee that it won't be Spinner nor myself. My bet is Spinner leaving the cup in 3rd round and myself the round after. It is obvious that I am a better player in ML than Spinner, even though I have sold 9 of my best players this season.

The team who will win today needs to have a fit team with good tactics and performance. I think we will be surprised when we see who is standing on the podium this afternoon.

I wil also use the oppurtunity to thank all of you for playing Managerleague and for helping us bringing our wonderful game out to the world. There are still around 6 billions people not knowing about Managerleague, so we still have a bit of a marketing job to do. The help I am getting from you here is the finest Christmas present I can possibly get. I hope that you all get what you want for Christmas, and we from the ML HQ wish you a happy Christmas and New Year.

I wish everybody good luck and play the cup in true ML spirit. Everybody should remember that the most important is to participate, not to win. So to start this fine Waiting for X-Mas-cup, I would like to quote Mr Juan Antonio Samaranch: LET THE GAME BEGIN"

A very nice statement including some inside information/prediction on the cup from the HQ.

Here's some manager's statement before the draw, some pesimistic, some optimistic, and some threatening :p

NiickBrocklehurst (Arctic Penguins) wrote:
"I'll get stuck with a D1 team straight away knowing my luck!"

Torstein Krokstad(Det Sugne Laget) wrote:
"Ow... Im going to be one of the best 5. division team then"

Spinner (The Spinners) wrote:
"If I meet you this time, Johnny, I won't back down, so be warned!"

Ca2 (Unreal Betis) wrote:
"that goes for you as well spinner, this is not your cup, it's MINE!!! i'm gonna beat anyone that tries to com in my way this time"

well being friendly are we? lol

and mord provides us with betting odds :

Joint favourites at 1-2
FK Krakra

3rd favourite
Unreal Betis at evens

4th favourite
Lightning at 5-1

5th favourite
StovnerMassive at 9-1

1st div team to win trophy 3/9
2nd div team to win trophy 2/1
3rd div team to win trophy 6/1
4th div team to win trophy 200/1
5th div team to win trophy 500/1
6th div team to win trophy 100/1
now let's go to round 1!

Round 1, not much surprises here, i can barely found upsets from teams with 2 div difference (apologies to spinner cos i wrongly report him kicked out from the cup)

CF Realcipri 3 / 15 Jake the Peg 5 / 22 0 - 2
zimmes team 4 / 20 PumaKings 6 / 695 0 - 1

Big Scoring Games (provided by Adib):
Elka FK 0-8 Indianerne
Gabby Shark 0-9 Benkern Valerenga
Pompel og Pits 8-0 Gauchos de Porto Alegre
The boosh 0-8 Cm United
OmenMordociousKickers 9-0 King Magic
A-tack 8-0 los gavilanos
Reca Masters 8-0 Vaughansville
Gamers Club 10-0 Pikara
nicks hotspurs 9-0 RMadridCF
The Evil Empire 10-2 hostle
Tacolneston FC 2-12 Spartacus

Now we advance to the 2nd round, more surprises in store

Orc Warriors is out from the cup having an unfortunate fixture
Malmö FF 1 / 1 Orc Warriors 2 / 3 3 - 2


seventgv 5 / 136 Bedford Massif 3 / 7 3 - 2
Alta_Hechiceria 5 / 245 Far East Movement 3 / 6 1 - 0
lardyuk fc 2 / 1 Heracles Almelo 1 / 1 3 - 2
PGIR - Bretonnia 5 / 141 Søndre Land 3 / 3 2 - 1
The-Thypies 6 / 119 Liverpudlians 3 / 7 1 - 0
Pompel og Pilts 3 / 11 Nordic Vikings 5 / 187 1 - 2
KJAPPFOTGUTTA 2 / 4 Schorpes Bandits 4 / 17 1 - 2
Puerto Banus 3 / 5 Media Blitz SK 1 / 1 2 - 1

Media Blitz is the first 1st div to be eliminated, Puero Banus played superbly

2nd Round High Scoring Games:

Loucas Team 0-10 Sleivdal il
Hleblostar 11-0 Troclors
Everton 9-0 Bykle FC
Superducks 10-0 Jostventus

9 div 6 teams left on the third round, how will they do? here's the report on round 3:

there are some big match fixture on this round
Malmö FF 1 / 1 the superducks 2 / 1 2 - 4
OmenMordaciousKickers 1 / 1 DLBS1STS 2 / 1 2 - 4
The Penguin Conspiracy 1 / 1 The Spinners 3 / 3 7 - 0
Skjoldar 1 / 1 Lavras City 2 / 1 3 - 0
fk krakra 1 / 1 Malmheim 2 / 2 3 - 1
team reelar 2 / 2 ddude 1 / 1 1 - 4
Jailhouse_gangs 1 / 1 SnowstormJr 3 / 10 3 - 1
New Zealand Knights FC 4 / 29 Fifth Season 2 / 3 2 - 0
Red Star FC 5 / 20 Vartdal FK 1 / 1 0 - 6
Sparta Rotterdam 2 / 4 Blackpool 2 / 4 1 - 2
Fabulous Baker Boys 3 / 4 Unreal Betis 2 / 1 1 - 6

3rd round sees chairman, spinner, mord, adib and me going out from the cup. it's goodbye for the HQ and the reporters team :(
while 3 div 6 teams do very well in their games

here's the upsets :

SuitedAces 2 / 4 40 Hf Utd 4 / 25 2 - 3

Ringnesklanen 6 / 784 The Sheds 3 / 8 2 - 1
absolutely impressive!

Arctic Penguins 6 / 95 Spanish Lords 4 / 17 2 - 1

21S2005 6 / 17 FcLynOslo 4 / 30 1 - 0
great result

Big Scoring games :

Dethknights 10-0 arsenal1886
Stovner Massive 9-1 Atletic de Madric

4th roundcomes and what do we get?

well 6th div teams finally leave the cup, but not empty handed. Each team has 10 mils + 10 creds.
The lucky teams are :
21S2005, Arctic Penguins, Ringnesklanen

big matches:
lardyuk fc 2 / 1 Buster FC 2 / 3 4 - 0
TIBURON 2 / 2 Blackpool 2 / 4 3 - 2
Snowstorm 2 / 2 Unreal Betis 2 / 1 0 - 5
Barca FC 2 / 4 DLBS1STS 2 / 1 0 - 4
FC Den Bonk 2 / 1 Sleivdal il 2 / 2 0 - 3

One of our cup sponsor finally lose, thanks SirLance (blackpool)

Big scoring game :
Only one win bigger than 7-0!

Saints 0-8 TBG Bylag
Heblostar 7-0 TRISK
Eggs Army 6-0 40Hf Utd
the Superducks 6-0 Juve FC

and one massive upset : ddude 1 / 1 Gentelman Bastards 5 / 211 0 - 2
Gentelman Bastards knocks 1st division ddude, very impressive indeed.

now 5th round, halfway through the cup

Black Sheep United 5 / 21 Elysium 3 / 8 1 - 0
Black Sheep United surprised everybody by advancing to the 6th round automaticly claiming 10 mils + 10 creds, congrats! :)

Gentelman Bastards 5 / 211 Galatasaray FC 3 / 5 1 - 10
Gentelman bastards got hit quite hard by Galatasaray FC
BISON FC 2 / 3 Stranna FC 5 / 97 4 - 1
Stranna ends their campaign, losing 4-1

TBG Bylag,Sugarboys and The Evil Empire will try to advance to the next round, or maybe all will stop at this round and that will make all three of them have 10 mils + 10 creds each!

Big Scoring Games:
fk krakra 6-0 Spirit FC
Gentelmen Bastards 1-10 Galatasaray FC
FC HAZLEMERE 0-6 the super ducks
The vegetables 6-0 DEI98

Most of the big teams are still on though
Div 1 : 8
Div 2 : 13
Div 3 : 7
Div 4 : 3
Div 5 : 1

6th round:)

Galatasaray FC will claim the 10 mils + 10 creds
while TBG Bylag and The Evil Empire have a strong chance to claim the prize as well after beating their opponents 4-0 each.

black sheep united finally lost to A-tack, unreal betis advanced after beating skjoldar, Vartdal FK is still on the cup, The Penguin Conspiracy will face another div 2 team lardyuk fc. Stoyner Massive came out winning against Team Villa Service. Lightning wins over CS Cizme Rupte in a very very close match (5-4) in match time. fk krakra advanced after a 2-1 win

Big Wins :
Unreal Betis 2 / 1 wycombe fc 2 / 1 5 - 0
Nabolaget 2 / 4 A-tack 2 / 4 5 - 1
7 Stovner Massive 1 / 1 the superducks 2 / 1 5 - 0

2 teams from 4th division left, while surprisingly only 1 of the 3rd div teams survive

div 1 : 5
div 2 : 8
div 3 : 1
div 4 : 2

the cup is nearing the end :)

7th round contains quite a surprise

TBG Bylag will claim their 10 mils prize by advancing to the next round beating fc krakra 4-3 on a very exciting and intense match ad TBG made a glorious comeback from 1-3 to 4-3, with only ten man on the field on the 36th minute!!!
the loss cause more controversy as krakra sacked his goalkeeper right after the match. It's also means that SirJohnny will claim 50 credits from krakra as they made personal bet a day earlier.

Unreal Betis win against wycombe fc 5-0
Vartdal won 5-2 against the only div 3 team galatasaray fc

Nabolaget 2 / 4 A-tack 2 / 4 5 - 1
Nabolaget won convincingly
Stovner Massive 1 / 1 the superducks 2 / 1 5 - 0
Stoyner had a very good game
Team El Greco 2 / 3 Lightning 1 / 1 1 - 2
Lightning show their power by winning this fixture
The Evil Empire 4 / 28 DLBS1STS 2 / 1 2 - 3
The Evil EMpire almost claim the 10 mils + credits if DLBS1STS didn't stop them
lardyuk fc 2 / 1 The Penguin Conspiracy 1 / 1 1 - 4
Favorites The Penguin Conspiracy is looking very very strong

8th round / quarterfinal!!!

this was my review before the QF :
next round fixtures

Unreal Betis 2 / 1 The Penguin Conspiracy 1 / 1
This is gonna be a tricky fixtures, both teams has played so well. I'm betting on Penguin Conspiracy though.
TBG Bylag 4 / 6 Stovner Massive 1 / 1
I hope TBG will make another shock and dump Stovner out of the cup
Vartdal FK 1 / 1 Nabolaget 2 / 4
Nabolaget has been playing well, but can they stop Vartdal FK?
DLBS1STS 2 / 1 Lightning 1 / 1
DLBS1STS could get Lightning in some trouble

the div 1 teams have the chance to make it all div 1 semifinals, or maybe the opposite no div 1 semifinals. Let's wait to see what comes up

and the results :

Big scores we have tonight on quarterfinals!

Unreal Betis played all-out and win 4 - 1 against favorites The Penguin Conspiracy
TBG Bylag knocked out by Stoyner 0-4
Nabolaget failed to stop Vartdal from advancing to the semis losing 1-4, after the game nabolaget's manager singing vartdal praise:
"Vartdal is your name,
congrats with a fairly good game
I leave the cup but not in shame,
all are happy, there's no blame"
DLBS1STS surely gives Lightning trouble, they won by a massive score 4-1

i have 50 % right -implicitly- :p

9th Round/Semis

so the semis left us with div 1 vs div 2 fixtures, it's all div 1 final or all div 2 final or maybe the battle against two top division

looking at the possibilities :

if unreal betis won and vartdal won, it would be the battle of cup sponsors.
Can Stovner or DLBS1STS stop them?
Stovner top scorer is still 99 percent fit, one middie and one deffy 100%, while Unreal Betis first team seemed to be not too fit.
Vartdal has his best middie fit and ready, DLBS1STS has his keeper and one middie are fully fit. will fitness be a deciding factor?

and the result!
Stovner Massive 1 / 1 Unreal Betis 2 / 1 4 - 1
it was a one sided game, fitness really counts as i said earlier that Stovner has a more fit team, Torfinn Monge scored the hattrick for Stovner Massive and gets MOM aswell.

Vartdal FK 1 / 1 DLBS1STS 2 / 1 0 - 2
it was an even game although DLBS1STS shows more edge than Vartdal FK. a change of tactics on the 60th minute proved to be lethal, DLBS1STS score their two goals and win the match


The game we all waiting for, Stovner Massive from 1st division meet the black horse DLBS1STS from 2nd division.
Well everyone's kinda predicted that Stovner will win, and they did. The scores is a bit surprising as Stovner wins by a massive (like their team name) margin 5-0.
Lethal finishing is the key for Stovner, Tevez their star player scored an amazing hattrick, Torfinn Monge who scored a hattrick at the semis adds 2 goal for his team. And don't forget Stovner amazing goalkeeper 5500000 made 6 amazing saves.
DLBS1STS made enough chances but the keeper seemed to be a strong brick wall.

So Congrats To Stovner Massive for the win, enjoy the prizes :)

Cup Summaries :

Winner : Stovner Massive (Stovner will get an additional 60 mils (50+10))
Runner Up : DLBS1STS (DLBS1STS will get an additional 30 Mils (20+10))

Best Placed 1st Div : Stovner Massive (prizes is included above)
Best Placed 2nd Div : DLBS1STS (prizes is included above)
Best Placed 3rd Div : Galatasaray FC (10 Mils + 10 creds)
Best Placed 4th Div : TBG Bylag (10 Mils + 10 creds)
Best Placed 5th Div : Black Sheep United (10 Mils + 10 creds)
Best Placed 6th Div : 21S2005, Arctic Penguins, Ringnesklanen (@ 10 Mils + 10 Credits)

In total the cup additional prize : 150 mils + 60 creds

Fave Teams : TBG Bylag for doing so well on the cup, Black Sheep United, three 6th div for their impressive performance (ps: arctic penguin, it seems that your luck has changed :p)

Thanks for Ca2, SirJohnny, and SirLance for this amazing cup. Thanks for the ML HQ for making this cup available for 1024 teams. Thanks to Adib, Mord, scrooge and everybody else that participate in the cup and the thread as well.
Once Again many thanks to all of you, hope you all got a blast on this cup

philry4n signing off, Happy Holidays :) Merry X-Mas. See you next time

PS : sorry if it's a little bit messy, 3:36 AM here

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Third consecutive loss :( (05/12/2006 16:43)
Grim mood surrounds mythical players, fans and manager as they -once again- suffer another defeat. Was their promotion too early? is relegation unavoidable? Answering that question the manager say, "The players worked hard, we have to manage our defense a little bit better and stop getting red cards for unnecessary tackle. We had an easy department last season so this division is a real shock for us, but we will try to stay in this division."

fc brussels bury mythical with a 2-0 win at home, with Guilherme Barros and Gilberto Gregório on target. Mythical's Bernie Cobb received a red card after having a second yellow card in the 70th minute.

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Mythical : Still Looking For a Win (05/12/2006 04:57)
A defeat at home continues Mythical's poor run on division 5. An early goal on the 4th minute shocks Mythical, it was Myron Timotheos who score so early in the game. Mythical was able to hold on and create some chance on the first half but no more goals in first half .Second half saw Mythical face their worst nightmare so far this season. Jiri Milos' header at the 52nd minute made it 0-2 for the away team. Mythical tries to bring fresh legs on the 60th minute by introducing Kenji Wu to replace Jasper Attiburgh and Raymond Cardiff to replace Owen Bostock.
Michae Robertson sending off at 62nd minute make things worse for Mythical and two other goals by  Myron Timotheos and  Icarus Leontius saw Mythical lost 0-4 to Loucas Team

Mythical's manager philry4n response about the game, "The lads hasn't been adapting to the 5th division very well. We're going to try hard to get some points in this department. Next round we will face the current leader of the department, so the chance is small but maybe we could steal a point out of them"

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Pashadillos vs Mythical (bitter first match) (04/12/2006 15:10)
Match Report :

It's a bitter round for Mythical as they started their division 5 campaign with a lost. a 0-2 away lost made them sit on 14th place on the table, meaning relegation zone. Spoking after the game Mythical's manager philry4n say, "So this is how division 5 felt like, it's gonna be a rough season for us. Maybe i would try changing my composition next round and see how the team play. It's not a good day for our debut players, so i might rotate my team a bit. It's a well deserved win for Pashadillos, we couldn't complain.". The misery started with an early shock as Francisco Camilo glorius shot from quite a distant beat  Francois St. Bernard, Michael Robertson failed to convert a goalscoring opportunity when his header ends right at the hands of the opposition keeper. Hugo Dias vanquish all of Mythical's hope on the 55th minute scoring with a nicely placed shot making his team take a 2-0 lead. 

Team News :

1. This is the first division 5 league match for Mythical
2. There are 3 new players on the squad, will one of them shine?

Surprising News :

After a discovered mixed up on his birth certificate confirmed with DNA testing, Harvey Rowley decided to change his name to Kenji Wu. He insist that the public should refer him as Kenji Wu and there would be no more statement about this issue.
When asked if he would write an autobiography about this issue, Kenji replied, "it's a possibility in the future, but now what i really wanted is to help Mythical stay in this division, train hard and score some goals"

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ManagerLeague.WriteLine("Hello World!"); (30/11/2006 16:59)
Hello :)
I'm kinda new, joined halfway through the season, named my team mythical. I actually have a blog @ , i usually post there, even my ML update. My impression of the game has been very good, two games per day made me busy and my team is doing very well winning the department league resulting promotion to division 5, also winning the department league which is very very encouraging.

I think that's all, i'm gonna try post more blog post here, making friends, and enjoying the game. Play Ball!!!

ps: i also made a post here : it's about my 1st season glory :)
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