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Hugo Carmo
(PLAYER: 76391430)
Country: Brazil
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Role: Goalkeeper
Age: 17
FC Destroyer
Wages 10.596
Current Value 51.904.148
Current Minimum Bid -
Current Auto Accept Value -
Transfer Status Not listed
Attributes Q Kp Tk Pa Sh He Sp St Pe Bc Fit Performance
Values 74 81 41 48 42 38 71 72 79 62 100 0
Diff +1 +2
Current Season
Matches Conceded Clean Assists Fouls MoM Avg
0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Transfer History
Seller Buyer Amount Value Season Time
FC Destroyer $ 36.332.904 $ 51.904.148 175 18/01/2019
This player has yet to win his first award.