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A Confession... (01/11/2007 23:07)
Ok, so maybe that title is a little dramatic, but then "A small nugget of my experience that i feel i should share in order to explain myself, again" felt a little bit long.

Since my last but one blog (two whole months ago) i have been attempting to move forward a story i have been telling in pieces over the last year or so. I began the next chunk a few weeks ago and have been thinking about it quite a bit but, i am afraid to say, everytime i sit down to move it on, i stare at the blank page and nothing happens. I think i know why...

The Muse has left me.

This is an annoying thing in one respect, in others quite useful. You see, unlike many people, my Muse is a fickle creature and is never gone for long. What my Muse likes to do  is give me the inspiration to begin something, and then wander off to the pub for a few weeks, leaving me to flounder around in the middle of a story and not know where to go with it.

But, the Muse  when drunk is an interesting creature, and i think i have got him trapped.

You see, whilst my Muse has given me no inspiration to continue explaining my noirish life, I, by spending far longer thinking about the next installment than i ever normally would do for  blog, have confused the Muse into inspiring my writing in other areas. As a result, in the last month i have completed not one, not two but THREE short stories. Two of them are even connected, with a third part crystallizing in my mind every day. This is, for me, an unheard of output.

In short, I have tricked the Muse into plowing my writers' block into one aspect of my writing, freeing me up to complete other work. And it is going very nicely for the moment. However, it does mean i will be reneging on my often promised next installment. For that, I can only apologise. I am afraid i cannot guarantee a continuation. Maybe the Muse will one day realise how she has been tricked and thrust writers' block back into my story writing (or worse still, the writing i do at work!). If that happens, i promise to throw myself in to the world i have created and populated with my own delusions wholeheartedly, unthinkingly and with as much inspiration as i can muster.

For now, i am afraid Delores, Calabras and the rest have been sacrificed to a greater good. I feel for them, but they are in suspended animation, rather than dead, and so can always return. (Actually, death isn't much of a barrier to this either, if you think about Halloween and the like...) Anyway, its making me happy. There ends the Confession (this one, for today, not all of them - that would take a very long time!

Given that i am happy today, and that my wife has been referring to me as a grumpy git this week, i am not going to moan about anything today. Whilst i really do enjoy a good moan about stupid advertising, redundant answerphone messages and my own right groin muscle, i would rather concentrate on other things today!

So what to talk about...

What indeed...


Well, i suppose we would get into Managerleague, that would make a change i suppose.

Since last we met, Banditos have inexplicably gained promotion from div 3/11 through the playoffs after a second place finish with 81 points! And then, the very next season, we go and gain 81 points again, but this time it's enough to win the division outright!

Banditos have, against all the odds, reached division 1!

I know, i'm as surprised as you are.  I can only say we were spurred on by that unnammed individual who said in the forums, when drawn against me, that i had been around since season 1 but "not achieved anything like the success i should have". Thats one in the eye for you pal!

Yes, in 29 short seasons we have risen, like cream, to take our rightful place in the top flight (English).

Pity it won't last - straight back down to the warmth of div 2 for season 30!

With an ageing squad, it can't last. I need a new young brilliant defender, midfielder and goalkeeper. Well, like Derby, we'll enjoy our time in the sun!

A week ago, i began a forum thread with the declaration that i had in fact found THE MEANING OF LIFE. I offered it to anyone who wanted it for the measly sum of 1 credit a go. Surely it was worth a credit to find out?

Many people were skeptical for some reason. I thought i had a reputation for honesty in this game, or at least saying what i thought! But no, there was a large amount of nae saying, a lot of people saying 42 (look, i read the  Guide long before most of you could read, and i've probably read it more times than most of you put together. Give me some credit for original thinking), and one man getting confused by maths.

A total of three people took up my offer, and i know they all were enlightened by what they heard. So i now extend the offer to the rest of you, my faithful travelers along life's highway. Will you join me on the enlightened path (for only one credit?)?

And on that note, i think i'll take my leave.

Hope you're well!


PS - Spinner, don't think i have forgotten...
PPS - if there is enough demand (and really, i don't need much encouragement, given my safe anonymity here) i may post up a story for you to read. Let me know...
PPPS - to all those who wished me a happy birthday (an NEARLY everything i wanted), i thank you. x

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Shy^ wrote:
22:10 04/11 2007
pictureI miss you!!
MissSpoons wrote:
18:35 05/11 2007
pictureHaha  Wojteker...

I felt totally enlightened and I have you to thank for that!

No mention of birthday weekend I see?  Guess it wasnt worth mentioning :(

Stay most marvellous - Goodluck in Div 1 XXXX
Spinner wrote:
16:25 12/11 2007
pictureHehe, as always I was happy to find a new blog by you as I returned from "sickbay".
I am curious about this Muse of yours though. Does she have a name? Is she pretty? Does she have big....ideas?
And have you considered whether your wife's perception of you the past week can have anything to do with you spending more time with your Muse with big...ideas?
Grumpy git indeed  :-P

Tell your wife she is welcome to visit us nice people in Norway anytime you start acting up again, and that I can get her the phone-number of this Muse-woman you refer to, as long as the price is right of course.

Have a good one :)
Zz00037103 wrote:
22:20 12/11 2007

Well done Wojteker. Would be nice to have a couple of new faces in div 1. but hey ho, it'll change eventually. Look forward to reading a short story of yours.

Lol Spinner, never knew you were so dirty :p

Zz00009390 wrote:
21:25 14/11 2007
picturei miss "listening" to your blog which was in my opinion a great success. Don't let your Muse get away from you again, i miss hearing from you. :)
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