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Grumpy, Bored, Hot and in a certain amount of pain (18/07/2006 16:33)

I hate this weather. It's far to hot to do anything, so you don't do anything, so you become bored which in turn makes you grumpy, so you petulantly lash out at things and hurt yourself. Title dealt with.

For some reason i still insist on drinking hot cups of tea at my desk. I am not sure if this is sensible or not but its the only thing keeping me from throwing my mug across the room in a fit of pique, so it's got a certain funtion for me at least. I don't want to get sacked for throwing crockery.

Its on days like these when you realise you really need either a swimming pool, or for London to be a lot closer to the sea. I may move to Brigton (or possibly New Zealand - it's winter there so the climate will be far more pleasant). 

Arrrhhh. Even the game is appearing to move slowly today. I know its not really, and that it is my heat addled brain's perception of the passage of time which is at fault here, not in any way managerleague, but thats how it's feeling. I have little to look forward to until the cup match tonight, when Banditos will turn out against Ibizan Allstars, and which i have already preplanned my evening to check in on because its tuesday and there is NOTHING else to do but sit and wait! God i am bored!

Of course, i could be doing work right now, but lets face it, what's the point? It's not like the world's going to end because i slacked off today (really it won't - i'm not in that sort of job, so if you are of the mindset to worry about armageddon, please don't over this).

I need a retreat now, a place to go and withdraw into, somewhere up in the mountains, will a stiff breeze and possibly a storm brewing...Patalonia, obviously. Southern hemisphere you see, winter again. A nice office above the shanty town, pina coladas, ice cubes and an assisstant bringing me freshly sliced papaya on a silver platter. That's exactly what i need. What i have is a desk and two fans, one either side of my head and both on full blast. It isn't anything like good enough. I would welcome suggestions as to how i could cool down. The most effective method i have ever had involved a lagoon in the south pacific (any lagoon will do), but unfortunately i have not got a lagoon to hand.

So here i sit, hot, bothered, achy and grumpy (only one of which is the name of a dwarf) and taking it out on anyone who comes near me/stubles across this. I have reached a point where i regret having attempted to flush my fantasy world out of my head and instead wish i could reenter it now in order simply to escape the opressive heat. I would risk my own mental health for the sake of feeling (or believing that i feel) cooler. 

At least my Goalkeeper seems to be playing better. He has seemingly shaken off his previous poor form at the start of this season and long may it continue. I must send thankyou match day tickets to Paul/Paola Psychologist. Not sure what to make of my new 17yr old. I may give him a few matches and see what happens. No news on the hairdryer button though, and Teo has not been found. The police came round to interview me but i wasn't saying anything. The ****broke my window remember, not to mention the tequila i spilt on the floor of the office in dashing to throw the ball at him. Both these and the cost of cleaning the carpet are still coming out of his wages, but even so, we'll need that little tyke if we're to get into Division 3...

Bah, Bah i say and Bah again! I will attempt to be more jovial/less grumpy next time i write. But i promise nothing!

Roll on Friday... (god i hate Tuesdays).     

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