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I am so very, very sorry... (27/09/2007 21:05)
Antje (and others), i can only whole heartedly apologise for getting your hopes up. I promise with all that i am that i will continue the story in the very next entry. My only excuse is that i got distracted doing this: 

Please go to this link, listen to me and report back. And this doesn't count as a full blog because it is so short.


PS - consider the sound at the above link a pilot. I may well continue if the response rate is fair to good...
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Zz00029246 wrote:
21:59 27/09 2007
pictureyo when u said the person that mentioned ml podcast but u stole the idea, that was me (omg)
Wojteker wrote:
22:58 27/09 2007
pictureSorry, but its more preempting than stealing - checking out if it works!

besides, it was discussed here first, as you know...
Spinner wrote:
17:12 28/09 2007
pictureOh you tormented soul!

Get a professional trainer for that cat!
Nice funny little podcast though, although as you said, a lot of ranting :-P
I did enjoy it though, and I would advice you to get a better microphone if you plan to continue doing these, it would make a huge difference if you got a proper one :)
Oh, and lets make a cup for you then, so you can finally win one :)
Wojteker wrote:
17:18 28/09 2007

I know, i adapted a singstar microphone and amplified the soundwave (ahem).

Looking into a proper mic, but have no cash as yet!

MissSpoons wrote:
17:22 28/09 2007

OMG damn the person who blocked myspace at work :(

I will try to look at this link asap sweetie!!! XXX

Zz00014484 wrote:
19:32 28/09 2007
picture Wojteker... has 1 friends.

Wojteker wrote:
22:51 28/09 2007
pictureSorry to burst the bubble bongo (if that is in fact, your real name) but the myspace is just for that one purpose. I have my own private one too...
Zz00014484 wrote:
16:17 29/09 2007
picture Wojteker... has 0 friends.

even better
MissSpoons wrote:
17:19 29/09 2007
pictureTeehee - Mrs Wojteker will not be pleased!!  That was my favorite bit!!

I forgot how much i loved Wojteker!!!

Fabulous blogcast - keep them up :)

Teehee nobhead XXXX
Zz00040598 wrote:
10:31 04/10 2007
pictureNice one knobhead :-) enjoyed your blogkast! Do as miss spoons says "keep them up"! How's the cat? :-))
Zz00009390 wrote:
22:43 09/10 2007
picturelol, i rather enjoyed that tbh. Having had the privilege to do some DJ-ing and admitting to doing some strange things over the radio, this was truely most entertaining. I really think you should do this more often as one gets a better erm "flow" and less rambling as one progresses.

and yes peeps, Woj always pays up when he does a credit kinda question/task thingy
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