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One a day and still not better... (12/07/2006 20:29)

I so very very nearly didn't blog today.

Obviously I checked into the game on the off chance something interesting had happened at Stadio el Banditos. Nothing had. Teo disappeared all together and i have my scout searching the shanty town for him as we speak, but without success. To be fair, when the drunken manager of the football club that not only employs you but to which you are totally devoted hurls both footballs and obscenities at you at the same time, you get away swiftly. Plus he broke my window (which i'll be taking out of his wages, obviously) so that it is no surprise he's lying low. But we'll find him...

Sorry, gone off topic. So i checked the game, found little to nothing had happened. Traning camp completed without incident
(has anyone had one that was completed with incident? Or even not completed at all? Sometimes i click on that message and briefly wonder if my Robin King has been sent home early in discrace for throwing his bed through the window in a drunken rage because the hotel would not provide him with a cheese and pickle sarnie at 1am, but alas it has not happened once. not once i tell you...). Goalkeeper getting (apparently) even better, although doubt that it'll affect his performances next season. Nothing much to look at or mention.

So i looked at the messages of the day, informing me of the downtime over the weekend (which if you have read my blog before, you'd understand me having mixed feelings about...). But then, lower down, i spied a line saying "handpicked blogs" and then the details of my Monday morning entry next to shy^'s rant on men (don't lose faith in us - honestly we're not all crap - i admit i have met many who are, but they are not all, i assure you!). Well, i have to say i was made up! I mean, i was pleased enough with getting recommended, and noting how many views my blogs had had, but to be handpicked! I would very muh like to thank the ML gods for that (and doubing the number of views and comments i got - you gotta love the comments!).

Obviously, i immediately returned to earth with a bump, finding out only 7 people read the one i wrote yesterday. But i am not disheartened (plus i doubt many people ogged in today- that or the blog was rubbish!). if anything, i have decided to continue bogging until my fingers are worn down to malformed nubs. I will try to keep to one a day, but with a wedding in two weeks, then a honeymoon, there may not be as high an output as i have sustained so far. But i promise to do my best. Besides, as i'll be leaving my team in the capable hands of my coaching staff for the back end of next season, i can leave the blog alone too.

Peice firmly said on that. To another topic - Miss Spoons. Is she the Queen of manager league (or is there no monarchical system in ML. Comment on this if you wish, i'll happily debate this endlessly)? Occasionally i check the other players section to see who are the most visited profiles and Miss Spoons get's HUGE numbers of hits on a daily basis (15 so far today, 29 yesterday!). Popular of what! I have had an email exchange with her and i can honestly say she is a pleaseure to contact. Added to that, i recieved no abuse when Banditos ungentlemanly destroyed her team Spoons FC 7-0 in a recent friendly, so she must be a gracious loser also.

So my final point here now becomes, whilst we previously established that there may or may not be a spoon, kitchen, coffee machine and owls (apparently?) there most definately must be a miss spoons, and she is currently ruling the roost in here
(that is ML). Done.

Back to reality, if that is what it's suposed to be...

PS. Please do comment to your heart's content. And to Gizmo, i was only playing my friend...


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Gizmo wrote:
23:43 12/07 2006
pictureofc i know you only where playing Wojteker ... but it's still fun :)
Wojteker wrote:
11:16 13/07 2006
pictureit most certainly is...
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