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A year to the day... (06/07/2007 11:49)

I wasn't going to blog today. I had planned to leave it a little while longer, what with working and facebook distracting me enough (it's quite addictive).

And Besides, the next blog i was to write was to be my 40th, and so i though it needed to be something rather special to celebrate. I wracked my brains...

Then ego, that greatest of obstacles got the better of me, and so i checked my blog listings and i realised that i simply must blog today.


I'm not sure you want to know that badly do you? At the back? Oh, alright then...

Today (6th July) is a year to the very day that i first put finger to key and (unwisely) threw my thoughts at the ML wall. Some stuck. So this entry is not only my 40th entry, but is my first blogging anniversary.

Well, that means it's Happy 40th and 1st Birthday to Me! You can see why i simply had to post today!

But about what? It doesn't always come out that easily... Hence the sometimes long gaps. Luckily, i have right now had a flash of inspiration. This blog will have a twofold core theme, which may or may not be followed up by further minor comments should i have the strength. That is because part one of this blog will involve a significant amount of research, as it is entitled rather dryly...

The Stats of Wojteker's Blog

Ok here goes nothing...

To date i have produced 39 blogs (i am not counting this one in my stats!) an average rate of 0.75 blogs a week (or 1 blog every 9.359 days)

My blogs have, in total been made up of 35,036 words, consisting of 152,557 characters (not including spaces). If laid end to end my blog entries would take up 74 pages in Word.

I have received a total of 8966 views of my blogs, an average of 229.8 per entry. A total of 169 comments have been made. I know what you're thinking "Woj, What has this done to the graph?"...well, i don't have a graph for this and only put this in for Kloopy. I am not Dave Gorman... but I have met Matt Chapman...and also someone called Daniel Chapman, but that was at primary school and really isn't relevant here...

I have blogged on each day of the week, and have blogged from two countries (a credit to the first person to correctly enter them in the comments below)

This is quite startling for me actually. My Blog represents my longest continuous (of a sort) piece of work. It is also that which has been read by the most number of people. For that, i thank you!

We have discussed many things on these pages, genetics, hair growth, what happens when hot ravioli hits the colander. I have shared my frustrations, hallucinations and the occasional story, and have received kind comments back. Again, for this i thank you!

We have learnt that my suggestions are not always acceptable to everyone. Early on we discovered that the spoon exists (she does cos i met her! four xxxx's to her too). I have gone only so far with a continuing story, lost one version of it, but do still have plans to go on. And yes, i have read Terry Prattchet and Isaac Asimov.

In short, i have (in terms of length) written half a book within this blog (not this particular one, obviously). I wonder how many of you have read them all! It's quite humbling to think just one person may have!


Anyway - enough factoids for now. I promised you a part two, well here it is.... 

Life Lessons I have learned over the last year

  1. Ranting is easier than any other form of blog. It is essentially spitting electronically. I like it.
  2. The part of my fingers that hair grows on are called flanges, and it hurts to pull the hairs out.
  3. People you meet on the internet are not always deadly. They can still be hazardous to your health.
  4. Spinner does not appreciate it when you waste his time. This should not prevent you from doing so.
  5. If you have the belief in you that you can do something, it does not always mean you should try. This is most applicable to situations in which you are drunk/tired.

5 is probably enough for now. I am happy to answer any questions you may have that come out of them.

As this is blog 40, i'd just like to point out that i am not 40 yet. Contrary to what Miss Spoons said previously, i am not an old man yet! Anyway, I have dealt with the two core themes of this blog and have come out the other side feeling a little more should be said, as it's my anniversary. I'd get drunk with you if i weren't at work...

Maybe then, it might be wise to share some news...

There is a Division 3/13 memorial cup taking place on saturday. This is in honour of the end of the department of the bloggers. If you have previously had affiliation (direct!!!) with division 3/13, ML me for the password. You have a day to do this in!

Having met (tis true, we are real people not just constructs of the mind of a computer- or are we? NO! i shall not get into that again! BAH!) 4 managers at once in the flesh a few weeks ago, i felt sad that it hasn't happened more often. It is far from my place to blog about that meeting, but i was wondering if we couldn't somehow arrange a big gathering, maybe in a room over a pub somewhere, and have a party. Thoughts?

And i have conceded 8 goals or more on no less than 5(!) occasions this season, including in the cup to a division 4 team managed by someone who calls herself Shy^, who then went on to mention it in the forums! 

I'd hate her if a) i didn't have chance to avenge myself in the aforementioned cup on saturday, and

b) if she wasn't so lovely.

Well, that's about it. I suppose this marks the end of some era's and the beginning of some new ones. No more division of the bloggers, no more Banditios as the whipping boys of Division 3/13. Then there is new hope in the English (possibly about to be renamed Patalonian??? - try it out Spinner) league, Banditos may succeed , we may fail. But rest assured my friends, one day, i will continue that cliffhanger. Wojteker is staying around for sometime yet. If there is anything i can do to ease your transition let me know...

PS. Got this is horribly self-involved. I do apologise. Please feel free to criticise me for it to your hearts content!

 PPS. The word count on this is currently 1161, eh 1163, no now its 1167 - oh sod it i no longer give a shit...

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Blogger has no team.
Zz00029246 wrote:
17:45 06/07 2007
picturelike ur stats :D

and when can we see ur movie hehe?
Wojteker wrote:
17:49 06/07 2007
pictureOne more day of editing and the 7 minute opus should be ready!
Zz00029246 wrote:
22:30 06/07 2007
pictureso, i cant remember if u actually said or not, but what is the clip about?
Shy^ wrote:
23:34 06/07 2007
picturePoland and Brittain ofcourse :)
Shy^ wrote:
23:39 06/07 2007
pictureAnd my humble thank you for calling me lovely... I haven't read all your blogs, I tried to, but it's to difficult to read them all at once... And i will join this gathering of masses of ML ppl, some day..
Shy^ wrote:
23:39 06/07 2007
pictureOh yeah, and i Love the Matt Chapman Dave Gorman thing aswell :)
Wojteker wrote:
17:02 07/07 2007
pictureShy^ gets the rather easy credit! congrats! and Cornish - i ain't telling, you'll have to wait and see!
Zz00009390 wrote:
14:48 08/07 2007
pictureI should get one for reading each and everyone of ya blogs \o/

I just cant help myself, even when i did not have access to the internet, i hardly could  wait to check back what i missed and before i even check out my team, i would read all ya blogs

So all in all, ya got 1 loyal groupie here... me, me and me
MissSpoons wrote:
16:24 09/07 2007

HAHA easy peasy young man..... England and Poland :)

i loooooooooove the funny blog again Wojteker my dear.

Sooo... hahahahahahaha..... what has it done to the graph???   HILERIOUS (made me giggle out loud at work u naughty boy)

I am so glad your still blogging - unfornately not read all of your blogs ( i dont think) but i will read everyone from now on :)

Also me and Kloops will try to sort out another ML meet soon - with more people - more fabulous people.

I have so far managed to meet / already know - 21 ML managers - altho 3 were mates, 4 were family, 2 i introduced, 1 ex bf, so officially i have met 11 randoms off the internet.

Happy Anniversary sweetie XXXX

Spinner wrote:
00:14 12/07 2007
pictureI am happy to have contributed to your learnings this year :)
Happy anniversary :)

- A busy Spinner
Zz00030837 wrote:
15:29 13/07 2007
pictureGood stuff Woj - not only is this an excellent read, but your bloggings have galvanised me into writing again for the first time in a while! I have a long way to go before I can possibly catch you up though...
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