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Bragging...? Surely not... (24/06/2007 10:42)
Ah, the life of a global traveller...

I find myself currently the only occupant of the Business Lounge at Krakow airport. If you are lost already, it's by gate 1, turn left after passport control. Oh, and in Poland.

At this point, i'll just point out that i am a) not working in the lounge, but a customer, because b) i am not Polish, despite the root derivation of my login name. Sorry to disappoint my polish friends, but i am Angelsk.

Anyway, so i'm waiting for my flight home after a weekend "stag do", i have bought all my gifts for friends, colleagues and loved ones, and i have to my left a nice little Bucks Fizz (traditional British breakfast ****tail of Sparkling wine and orange juice - check the time stamp!) lifted delicately from the fridge by my own fair, disbelieving that this was only 30 quid more than the ryanair flight, hand and found myself with about two hours to spare.

What to do, i thought to myself, with two hours and nothing but drink and a computer, hooked up to the net, to amuse myself with. Then i had the answer, paste my thoughts at this point in my life into some kind of 21st century newsletter and punt it out there for the world to see. Well here it is!

Lets add a little colour.
The Stag Weekend i have just been on did not live up to my expectations at all. This is because i expected to end up sat (or in fact standing) playing pool with strangers whilst the bulk of the group (people i've know since school but see vary rarely) went off to do some male bonding in a number of strip clubs. Strip clubs are something i have no interest in ever setting foot in, and i am happy enough with myself to not bow to peer presser to do things. (on that topic, whilst on this weekend away, i was voted the "Least bothered about what people think of them" of the whole group - A title i am very proud to have won!)

Well, the stag weekend was actually pretty good fun and involved little nudity beyond one of the groups towels not really being large enough to cover their whole behind. I proved i am a match for anyone at the old drinking games and was pushing the boundaries of sleep deprivation by being last asleep and first up on both days. I even got the whole lot of them to step away from the MacDonalds(TM) and got to a Polish Cafe and have Hunter's Stew. Which was great. In addition, the drink of the weekend resulted in a tip from me to try the local ****tail Tatanka (apple juice and Bison Grass flavoured vodka). The seven of us drank so many of them in one place (where we were the only customers) that the bar ran out of the ingredients and had to go out and get more. That has never happened to me before.

So there you have it, a weekend of boozing captured in a paragraph. I am aware that this has turned into a bit of a bragging session rather than the traditional Wojteker Blog Rank (or WBR) but if that annoys you, i did put it in the title of the blog, so it's your own damn fault!

So that just leave the little question of why i happen to be in the business lounge alone. Well, the rest of the group flew from Liverpool, i from London. For the price of a train ticket up to join them on the Ryanair flight (If you've not travelled with them - no leg room, no entertainment, no food or drinks unless you pay!) i could top up my BA flight to Business Class (if you've not flown this way - champagne breakfast including full english and fresh baked bread, free endless drinks, peope calling you Mr Wojteker without you having to tell them who you are, bags of leg room and access to the lounges at both departure points with their free newspapers, food, drink and internet access) so i did. Whoo Hoo for me, i am raising a glass of bubbly to you as i speak/type!

Thats the bragging done and dusted. Now for some other news...

The last blog i did got quite a reaction on the old national managers. I may have to revisit "Wojteker Suggests..." (i'm not putting the full spinner related title in their, he'll only get a big head about it) at a later date. Keep on commenting and i'll take it all into account for my sagelike rethink.

Tomorrow, at about 6pm in a pub at an undisclosed location in Englands Capital City, 5 managerleague mainstays, four of whom were in at the very beginning, that first season 2 years ago, will converge to enter the Summer Photo Competition. We will win and then try to work out how to split the prize. If we don't win, it'll be because the fix was in - MLHQ won't have expected so many managers to team up to win it and not thought how to split the prize. Guaranteed. This does all rely on me and Miss spoons successfully operating mobile phones, otherwise it'll just be four managers together and me wandering the streets alone in the rain...

Finally, i would just like to say that i absolutely hate this whole game. How can i be second bottom! I mean honestly! Someone has fiddles the game engines and put in special codes that ensure i have a crap performance despite quality players. And i think i know who it is...and it's not David Hasselhoff, despite what he says about me in the press!

And so shall end the 39th blog i've done here, and the first non-cup based sunday blog. What will the big 4 0 bring us...

Right, i'm off to the toilet, got some pipes to clean...

(that last bit was a metaphor - i really don't work in the first class lounge in Krakow. Honestly.)

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Blogger has no team.
Shy^ wrote:
20:26 26/06 2007
picturehey you! Im looking forward to the big 4 0, and hoping it kind of includes me in it! *trying to look cute*
Zz00030837 wrote:
23:56 26/06 2007
pictureWell, I'm here to inform Wojteker's blog readers that the five-manager meet went very successfully! Beer was drunk and many words were exchanged... Wojteker himself is a lovely chap and I look forward to meeting him again as soon as is possible, preferably for a bit longer and possibly for some food and London merriment as well.
Wojteker wrote:
10:01 27/06 2007
pictureand hopefully the food will be found a bit quicker...
MissSpoons wrote:
10:20 27/06 2007

Hey sweetie

Loving your blog!!  Glad you got to feel posh for a bit ;)

Yeah our meet was fab!!  We shall have to enter a few pics - will sort them out for you soon!!

Will be great to meet up again soon!! You rock :D

Big love  XXXX

Zz00009390 wrote:
16:58 01/07 2007
picture/me demands pics immediatly
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