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Wojteker suggests... (15/06/2007 13:53)

In addition to my other blog entry today (yes two for the price of one - if you missed it, its here: I have decided to start a new series of blog entries called "Wojteker Suggests..."

These entries, besides stroking my ego, will be my way of presenting to you ideas i have relating mainly to ML, but if it turns out i don't have enough to sustain it, other stuff too! This is in response to people ignoring my forum posts. HOW DARE YOU! And i don't care if someone already said it, as quite frankly, if you'd believed in it enough, you'd have made a blog about it!

So welcome to entry number 1! THE NATIONAL LEAGUES

I suggest:

1. Each league has a national side with an ELECTED National Manager. They can be voted in by the other players on whatever basis seen fit. Hopefully campaigning will take place, maybe dirty ones. I am happy to arbitrate in areas of conflict. There will be limits to how long they are in charge (and every so often there can be a "sack or keep" vote) and a set period of time after sacking/resignation before they can be National Manager again

2. There should be a Patalonian League for teams i wish to have in it, in it. We will have a Patalonian National Manager and National team, made up of players who once had a patalonian dog or something. I would rule this league with a benevolent Iron Fist, thus fully expressing my dictatorial tendencies.

3. League specific Cup competitions. These will probably be in anyway, but i want everyone to feel like it was my idea!

I expect these ideas, as they are all brilliant, will be implemented forthwith. You know who to thank...

PS. If you want in on the Autocratic Republic of Patalonia, put your name in the comments below. All are welcome to enter, none will be allowed to leave...

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Spinner wrote:
17:05 15/06 2007
pictureHello, honey!

First of all, I must say that "Wojteker knows it's silly, but wants it anyway, if nothing else just to keep Ole Spinner working day and night!" is a better title than
"Wojteker Suggests...". Clearly this is much closer to the truth, and represents your coming blogs much better :)

So, to your "silly suggestions that will keep Spinner working day and night":
1: The idea of National Teams and someone managing them, is something even I want, in the future. There is still work to do on the National Leagues, a lot actually, but I like this. Surprisingly enough ;)

2: Bugger off, you Patalonian!

3: I trust you mean the normal League Cup? Yes, that is already League-specific actually, but with only one league, you don't see it :) So there will be a Norwegian League Cup, and an English one, if that is what you wanted :)

PS: I DO NOT want in on the Autocratic "Republic" of Patalonia, where a madman is the only ruler. We all know what happens to "Republics" with power-hungry leaders, before you know it, Jedies die and clones are fighting!

Have a good one ;)
Wojteker wrote:
17:14 15/06 2007

"2: Bugger off, you Patalonian!" - how dare you! That's well jingoistic (although i do like your slang!)

If i added The word "Benevolent" to the title would you be more interested. I look a little like the emperor...before the scarring, obviously...

Zz00029246 wrote:
17:21 15/06 2007
picturei think a winner of that national league should be the manager of the national team
Wojteker wrote:
17:27 15/06 2007

NO! Cos then i'll never....I mean some people might never get the chance! I think it would be fairer to vote on it within the league!

Zz00029246 wrote:
19:21 15/06 2007
picturebut then it would be a bias vote ;) and then even more people will never get a chance. and my way is more realistic...the better manager
Medicinae Doctor wrote:
10:35 16/06 2007
pictureAgree with cornish
Zz00014484 wrote:
18:20 16/06 2007
pictureyes i do agree with cornish
TheChicken wrote:
01:44 18/06 2007
pictureI think the winner of the national league cup could just as well manage the national team.
But, I tend to agree with Wojteker, let there be a voting.
Wojteker wrote:
14:00 18/06 2007
pictureI agree with TheChicken (and myself - obviously). If it's based on league winner, you just end up with the same group of high level managers involved (who will already be in the Champions league-esque competition). I think it's more fun to open it up to the vote, and more realistic if it's not always the league winner - how many premiership titles have the last 6 England managers won between them?
Zz00009390 wrote:
17:02 01/07 2007
pictureWojteker for President \o/

ermm i mean manager or sumfin
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