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The Reprive (but not as long as Satre's) (11/07/2006 14:45)

"so the spoon is there, but the future survival of the human race doesn't rely on it's outcome.

Are you really sure of this?
So you're saying that if you pulled the plug (sack) on
Eric Hawksworth he wouldn't die?
Your whole team lays in your hands. Every single player can vanish if you aint gettin your economy in shape?
- 2.500.00 is the magic line in the end of the season. Can you really say the stakes aint the same?
Going bankrupt would been to pull the plug on all your players at the very same time :o

You are cold Wojteker!
*sSs*" -
Gizmo - in response to by entry of yesterday entitled An impending sense of doom...

This opened my mind up to a few thoughts this morning, after the reprive that it (my mind) recieved when Banditos slumped out of the playoffs with a woefully poor 4-1 defeat. As i said yesterday, i hoped for my current sanity levels that we lost, and lose we did. I managed to return to normailty, restore my equilibrium and look forward to the next week of calmness and distance from Patalonia and my broken office window.

Then i read the above and i heard a little pop towards the back of my head. Dragged back in, if only to clarify things...

Ignoring the spoon aspect of the above (lets not get into that again), the future survival of the human race does not rely on the outcome of my playoff games. It cannot do as I lost and we're all still here (unless of course, the entire universe disappeared and then was instantly replaced by an identical version of itself - but that is a whole other metaphysical discussion). That said, i take the point that if i was to be lax with my accounting, maybe cream the odd few $$s into an account in the Cayman Islands, then yes, my entire team would vanish at the end of the season.

Or would they? As far as i can judge, a sackled player becomes a free agent - is this not correct? When a team is wiped off for debts (or for other reasons) do they not just become a bot team and continue on managerless? Besides - football in Patalonia is the only way out of the dust farms and lost sock replacement sock production lines, so if Banditos ceased to exist my players would all head back to their families and go back to wage-slaving like the rest of us. This is of course, assuming that this isn't just a game. It most clearly is not!

And as for Eric Hawksworth, considering the amount of money he's paid, and his now blossoming relationship with Paul/Paolo, i'm sure ending his career early to spend his time lounging on the Patalonian Riviera with his guy/girl would not be adverse to him. He certainly hasn't seemed interested in playing at the Satdio recently.

In short, there are many options for ex managerleague football players. I truly hope Gizmo is not suggesting here that all players on teams that are discontinued are subject to summary execution simply because of the actions of their manager? That's hardly fair is it? I find myself now much happier with my little Patalonian heroes, doing there best for Teo and the other shanty towners, who slave all day long just to buy over priced replica kits and the occasional ticket for a game. With a spring in my step i re-enter the training room and hit the (hopefully not for much longer) imaginary button "Gee-up" and give them a speech like they have never heard.  

I immediately played two friendlies to test myself and my team, and i became over the moon with happiness as i recorded my best ever win in a friendly (7-0), and then a tight 2-1 victory over a friend of mine. Not too shabby.

Yet, wasn't i trying to get out of this? To lose in the playoffs was my aim (although i could not allow myself to lose deliberately) to save myself from myself for at least one more week or something approaching sanity. But now, thanks to Gizmo's suggestion that all my players will die if i stop playing, i have to stay in now! I have to wait around for that week 35 training camp to inspire my team. I have to wait to find out if Teo is the wunderkind we all hope he is and find out if he'll be promoted from the Youth team, or if we'll have to wait another season. I may even have to wait past monday for the next game, depending on the MLFA (the managerleague football association? - take on this name guys!) move.

I was so nearly out then they pulled me back in. I will not be responsible for the deaths of my players...unless they deserve it! Now, where's that damn worm and his Strawberry Daquiri? I need a drink... 

Ps. And no, i am not cold! I am mean and spiteful - that is a very different kettle of fish (which, if you were wondering after yesterday's post, does exist!) 

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Gizmo wrote:
18:43 11/07 2006
pictureThat's more like it Wojteker.

I'll be nice with my comments until you once again some time in the future trying to slack down a bit the comments will flow back and hunt you down.

You can't escape The Matrix!
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