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Remember me...? (01/05/2007 16:16)

I am well miffed. Truly and utterly. I wonder how many of you are crying out "Why, Why, why on earth, why are you miffed?"

Well, i'm going to tell you.

I have been busy for about a month no non-stop, for reasons i will won't go into now... actually, on second thought...

1. I am still in my new job. It is fairly demanding, requires me to think and write relatively creatively and, more to the point, my boss can see my computer screen. This cuts down my blogging potential somewhat.

2. My wife and I have aquired a kitten. Called Moriarty. He is a little evil, but in a cute way. He wakes me up at 5.30 am, and so i am tired. This limits my bloggin potential somewhat

3. I recently shot a 10-12 minute short film in a saturday. (once we've edited it, cut it down and played with it, it'll go on the net and i'll tell you about it - stay tuned) This took an inordinate amount of time to organise and meant my evenings have been spent thinking about shot composition and dialogue, leaving me with little relaxation time. This severely damages my blogging potential.

So all in all, my bpw (blogs-per-week) statistics have gone through the floor. But this week (namely, yesterday, also known in some odd circles of sun worshipping strangers as "Monday") i found myself miraculously with 2hrs of nothtingness stretching out before me. I had an empty room, a cup of tea, a radio, a laptop and a wireless internet connection. And the first though to hit my alert mind was....write a blog entry!

So thats what i did, i sat down and wrote. I wrote for 2 hours. It was witty, dialogue heavy. I introduced new characters, reintroduced old ones, thickened the plot. It was all good. In short, i was continuing the story i started way back when, when blogging was young on ML and there were a mere five thousand of us in here (and many of them were offline). It was NOIR! The bug was back, and it had me, tooth and nail it had me. (if you are confused by this, follow this link, work backwards and then back forwards and you may understand. It's

So there i was, finishing touches put in, details clarified, plot holes removed or more often simply pointed out (as is my way). Then i hit save....

I waited...

I waited a little bit longer...

Then the window refreshed and i was confronted with the most sole destroying words any blogger could face...

"Cannot Find Server"

I cried...

You see my friends (and Antjie, i feel your pain on this) i had taken my story forward for the first time in literaly months, devoted a spare evening to crafting it just right so that 30odd people could read it before it sank without trace, but had lost it all becasue my stupid server chose thaty moment to be unavailiable. ARRGGHH!

Ah well, mores the pity. It was good, not my best work, but up there certainly. Maybe i'll try to reconstruct it. maybe i won't. I suppose it depends on the public outcry. So, if you want my noiresque adventure to continue on these pages, please leave a note at the bottom of the page and i'll judge my next entry (which will be soon, i promise) on the responses i get.

Your forlorn friend,



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Zz00029246 wrote:
16:20 01/05 2007
Spinner wrote:
11:34 02/05 2007
pictureSorry to hear that you lost it!
I would certainly like to read more of it though, so I have hope for the future!
Welcome back to your blog btw :)
Sir Johnny wrote:
12:40 02/05 2007
pictureRecontruct ASAP - and as that come from the League 1 title holder, that really should be enough - get to work mate :)
Adib wrote:
14:00 02/05 2007
Wojteker, long time since I talked to you.....
the new dept forum is in no way as active... and I might be back in a couple of seasons!
Zz00009390 wrote:
22:00 02/05 2007
pictureomg!!!!! and i have waited for so long, been so patient :(
I am sorry hun, and for not commenting on your previous blogs here, it may still come. I was without internet for 5 or 6 weeks so nuffin was read.

Please take time again one day when you have nothing to do, having a cup of nice warm tea wiht a lappy... but here comes the advise... SAFE OFTEN *cough*MSWord*cough* don't go direct :P
Sir_Henry wrote:
12:01 03/05 2007
pictureput in the effort another time Wojteker, your blogs are nice!
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