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Winners of the What Is It Season 100 competition (16/05/2013 12:56)

 We've gotten a lot of entries to our competition. We've gotten a lot of good guesses, a lot of very creative suggestions. Below the winners list is a new set of images, showing full item in each image. It was not surprising that the first image was the hardest, and it was clearly the one that separated the winners from the runners-up.

Since it is a season 100 competition, it is only fitting that the winners get 100 credits.  The ones that got everything right (with little or no abiguity in the answers) are:
- Northcountry Timberwolves managed by Flirtybee
- League of Nations managed by Mindmanager
- FC Riddersoord managed by Suburban
Congratulations on your powers of observation!
We've also selected 10 runners-up at random among the players who had 5 correct answers. Each random runner up is awarded 20 credits. Congratulations to you as well.
The runners-up are:
- Zareci FC managed by Gladerunner1998
- Kronstadt FC managed by Adrian Mutu
- Hapoel Ramat-Gan managed by nir
- GilVicente managed by csvirtual
- Vetchfield Wanderers managed by Vetchfield
- BigPimpin managed by michaelm3003
- Flaming Carrot managed by Carrotcruncher
- Raus finest managed by Fyfisken
- FC Blue Phoenix managed by Alexandré91
- saray managed by sasakapello
And finally, here are the correct answers:
Zoomed in Correct answer Full picture
Sleeve holder
Coffee Bean
SIM-card (smart-card and similar answers were counted as correct) 
Hair pin 
Carabine hook (various explanations and versions of this were accepted as correct) 
Credits will be issued ASAP!
Thank you to all participants, and we hope you enjoyed the challenge!
Until next time!
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This blogger owns the team The Spinners. Team details
TruthSeeker wrote:
14:00 16/05 2013

cheers Spinner it was fun.. still no idea what a carabine hook is lol..

Duncildo wrote:
14:24 16/05 2013

 What is a sleev holder??  #headsgone

Moshu wrote:
14:38 16/05 2013

carabines are used to hook ropes in alpinism (cliff hanging, you know).

Sleeve holder is a bracelet or braket to hold cables together or so.


suburban wrote:
15:32 16/05 2013

 w00t nice! thanks spinner !

favora wrote:
16:22 16/05 2013

 mishu ... thanks for enlightening :)

GladeRunner1998 wrote:
16:50 16/05 2013

Thanks. Needed that. :)

Javi wrote:
17:31 16/05 2013

First time in my life I see a sleeve holder lol

Sir-AK wrote:
19:57 16/05 2013

 lol Sleeve holder (wut)

- Cosmin - wrote:
21:15 16/05 2013

 I  send  all the answers corectly  my     what  happend???????  I resend it again after that issue  so  what happend????????  or you read random  emails  ??!  Is not fair !  

Roggbif wrote:
12:57 17/05 2013

 Is it your hair pin, Spinner? :p

Adrian Mutu wrote:
16:41 17/05 2013

 The hair pin was the easiest one, well for those who have seen at least a girl in their lives. It wasn' a close up, just 10% cut off. :P

Don Wiggle wrote:
17:28 17/05 2013

 Sleeve holder help hold your sleeve up....da......

gambit wrote:
22:03 23/05 2013

got the hair pin & sim card.

Not the rest

A Break wrote:
18:43 26/05 2013

 moshu wrote 

Sleeve holder is a bracelet or braket to hold cables together or so.  

lol it holds your sleeves up to the required length you want 


Sulaiman Hassan wrote:
06:03 02/06 2013

i manage to guess 2 out of  5 huhuhu.. but i didnt submit the answer.. ;)

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