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Dutch ML Anniversary Cup: Sun. 21/04/ (14/04/2013 16:42)

It has been a little more than 7 years since our beloved football game saw daylight and since then it has entertained many of us each and every day. This month, as you probably are already aware of , we celebrate a very remarkable milestone in the history of this magnificient game. For the 100th time, teams will be readying themselves again to have a shot at winning their league, looking for that one bargain they can sign or once again complain about their academy player.  To celebrate this happening, a player cup will be organised on the 21st of April, at 12:00 (CEST) for which 128 teams are expected to partake in.

The costs of this Anniversary Cup will be fully covered by (Team:58281) , therefore, no credit-fee will be required to sign up!


 Some information regarding signing-up and data: 

* The Cup will be held on Sunday, the 21st of April at 12:00 (CEST) 

* The maximum amount of participants will be 128

*  All managers playing in the Netherlands will be allowed to participate, regardless of their Q

*  For teams playing outside the Netherlands, a Q-limit of 86.00 will be in place

* An exception to the above rule may be made for teams invited personally by the creator of the Cup.

* The password to this Cup is NL123. Teams who join illegitimately will be excluded from participation.


Some information regarding the rules and prizes:

* In this Cup,  you will be able to win various prizes for accomplishing remarkable feats (listed below) 

* Playing with Soft tackles is absolutely mandatory. Should the breaking of this rule be suspected, exclusion from future events may be a consequence

* Please give us up to 1 week to process everything and send everyone his or her prize(s)


Sponsors for the special prizes:

Sponsors ensure that it will be possible to offer a wide variety of prizes. Therefore, I want to specifically credit the below-mentioned sponsors for their donations. Thanks a lot guys!  If you have not donated yet but feel like doing so, please contact (Team:58281).


- CM Allstars (Team:68687) :                10 credits 

- Hot Chicks Academy (Team:171804): 10 credits

- Team Bwo (Team:58354):  10 credits


TOTAL (14 / 04 / 2013)              30 credits



Special Prizes


Cup Winner:                                              40 credits

Opponent of Winner in Round 1:                5 credits

Opponent of Winner in Round 2:                5 credits

Opponent of Winner in Round 3:                5 credits 


Topscorer:                                                     10 credits

Top Assister:                                                 10 credits

Top Performer (minimum of 3 matches)             10 credits

Most unfortunate:                                            5 credits


Scoring the most goals during one match (excl. penalty-shootout):        10 credits

Goal scored from furthest distance (send match report):                      10 credits

First Goalkeeper to score a goal (send match report):                             10 credits

Longest Penalty-shootout (send match report):                                       2 x 5 credits

Beating the organizing team (Baronie):                                                       15 credits

Beating the maker of the game (The Spinners):                                         30 credits

Beating a team which is atleast 5Q higher than you:                                 5 credits

Losing to a team which is atleast 5Q lower than you:                                5 credits 









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