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ManagerLeague History : After ML 2.0 & fun facts (05/04/2013 15:42)

After the launch of ML 2.0 ManagerLeague has developed slowly, step by step, with a couple of improved things mostly every season. As the project has grown in size, making upgrades and improvements come with greater and greater risks, and are more and more demanding. We do keep paddeling on though, in the river that is ManagerLeague-development.

And so, after ML 2.0, the next area to get a big overhaul in ManagerLeague was the simulator. With more and more players, the simulator needed to be better and produce more "correct" simulations and provide sufficient variation. So, in the second half of 2010, we spent 4-5 months working on nothing but the simulator. Today, we are running the 14th version of our simulator, and when compared to any of the first 10, it's simply outstanding! And with a better simulator, it was naturally to expand both Events and Tactics accordingly, without straying too far from the simple-but-useful core of the game.

Here is a fact for you about the simulator:

  • Version 5 of the simulator consisted of 4.900 lines of code. Version 14(the current one)  has more than 14.000.

And since we're in on fun facts....:

  • In case you wondered, ManagerLeague is made up of more than 300.000 lines of code, divided between a whooping 518 pages / leetcodes / programs, that keep it all together. Holy schmoley, 518 individual programs....That's a lot......
  • The entire ManagerLeague-folder on our project-server is 14.143.493.823 bytes in size, not including backups, data or logs, and holds a staggering 16.235 individual files.
  • Our web-server has served more then 6,2 billion page-requests, not including images, stylesheets or leetcodes.
  • The greatest number of goals scored in a match in ManagerLeague is 20!
  • Our forums have received 4,1 million posts, spread out in roughly 160.000 threads!
  • There have been sent 108 million messages in our message-system, but truth be told, most of them are sent by the "system"
  • 231.500 players have been bought and sold between managed teams
  • 399.000 teamless players have been bought!
  • 737.607 players have been sacked!
  • 13 managers have managed to win Champions League twice!
  • Noone has ever managed a 3rd CL-title, yet!
  • The team with the highest number of League Championships is CzarneKoszule, who has 38!
  • And one has to be impressed by the team Blest who has won 484 player-cups! Thats...unbelivable! But true!
  • The same team has the greatest number of trophies in his cabinet as well, with a total of 575 trophies!
  • Of the current 45.202 players we have, 12% have purchased credits at least once during their stay here. Which, sadly enough, means that 88% have never done so!


In 2011, and again in 2012,  much time was spent on improving the mobile interface. We see that more and more players use it on a regular basis, and so it became more and more important to us. It's probably a good guess that this will be an ongoing process also in the future.

So far in 2013, we launched the new transfer-system, and apart from that, most of the time has gone towards this 100th season. One of the areas I wanted to improve was "communication".

As you now know, we finally have a 100% web-based chat-system running, and the weird but hopefully popular "Wall", which are 2 features designed to improve interactivity and communication between our players. History will tell us whether we did something right.

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This blogger owns the team The Spinners. Team details
Aragorn II wrote:
16:29 03/05 2013

Here is to at least 100 more seasons Spinner!

Rational wrote:
17:33 03/05 2013

 I hate to admit it, but every now and then you guys impress me ;)

Zwedinho wrote:
17:47 03/05 2013

Players cups are not real title (whatever) 


King-Eric wrote:
22:20 03/05 2013

 13 managers have managed to win Champions League twice!

I don't think this is correct 

yetoo wrote:
06:41 04/05 2013


yungho wrote:
18:27 04/05 2013

 Not bad at all :)

Adrian Mutu wrote:
22:36 04/05 2013

With the number of sacked players being nearly double to the number of free agents hired, should we not be doing something to secure the future of those less fortunate?

Flirtybee wrote:
02:01 05/05 2013

 @Adrian Mutu ... a Q graft? Or the Glenn Hoddle school of improvement? :)

cucharero wrote:
09:38 05/05 2013


Teixeira wrote:
21:31 06/05 2013

 Only missing an app for Android :-)

darkight wrote:
23:24 07/05 2013

 so fantastic game 

- andrei - wrote:
09:47 13/07 2013


  • The greatest number of goals scored in a match in ManagerLeague is 20! 

This is not right! In the season 101 it was a 26-0 match...

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