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2 Weeks Later, too... (16/03/2007 16:00)
Here is story 2, only because it was the second one i wrote. story one can be found here...:
The Baron Aepoch, self styled sociopath, megalomaniac, evil genius and honourable graduate of the Enrst Stavro Blofeld Academy for the Practical
Application of Criminal Insanity in the field of World Domination and/or Destruction looked out over the inner courtyard of his secret lair and sighed heavily. He was depressed, and distressingly he knew why.
So far, life for the Baron Aepoch had been something of a breeze. A blissful childhood surrounded by the trappings of his parents business-evil lives had led him effortlessly into the Academy after he simply paid the invigilator to do the test for him. After that it was full marks all the way, destroying the grading curve. An unparalleled period of professional success, marred only by that short stay in the high security mental hospital, had made him stupidly rich and powerful, commanding an army of henchmen numbering into the tens thousands. He had the world for the taking, in the palm of his hand, and yet he had recently begun to feel unexpectedly melancholy.
His second in command, Syrus, seeing in his boss an all too dangerous malaise, had suggested dispatching some henchmen in unexpectedly painful
ways to get back to his roots. This hadn't worked, so The Baron Aepoch had liquidated Syrus (literally) in a fit of pique and now had no one to talk to. Tapping a pen on the table, he reflected that it truly was lonely at the top.
He watched his henchmen training rigorously in the yard below, then started pressing the trapdoor release buttons to keep them on their toes, but he soon found he had no drive to do this anymore. It was,simply, no longer fun for him.
Sometimes The Baron Aepoch would daydream of the lives he never led. He would fantasise about toiling away quietly in an office sourcing stationary for a large multinational, other times it would be crafting furniture out of wicker. Then at night, his favourite would involve tilling soil as the good maid Gracie, his love, watched on from the homestead.
His reverie was broken by reality as the crackle of small arms fire drifted up to his high arched window. Exasperated, the Baron Aepoch pressed two buttons on his desk simultaneously, casting six more of his troops into the bear-pits below. They'd learn their lessons in there. Then he looked at his to do list. It was reassuringly short.      
 To do:
 Dominate World
Maybe he could find someone interested in a job swap – a dissatisfied administrator or similar. That could break the monotony of indiscriminate murder and ransom. He added to his to do list a note to place an advert in Loot.   Feeling somewhat more upbeat towards the future, staring intently at the suddenly more tangible fantasy life on the horizon.
In celebration, The Baron Aepoch started to write another threatening letter to the Prime Minister. While doing so he pictured the maid Gracie waiting for him after a hard day at the office and smiled happily to himself.
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