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The News on Saturday morning... (03/03/2007 10:02)


I am currently sat in my front room nursing quite a hangover. I have, to my right, Withnail & I on the TV (a film i only recently have begun to appreciate). Before me is a large glass of water and on my lap sits a lap top. To complete the mental picture, i am wearing clothes. The time is 8.45am and it is a Saturday. I am waiting for a man who will bring a new windscreen for our car.

Yesterday  was my last day at work. My old work that is, as a University Administrator in London. My hangover is a direct result of my (now former) work colleagues helping shot after shot of tequila into my admitedly willing palm. That was followed by a trip to gig where we saw two quality bands, one called After the Fox (the keyboardist plays this game!) and the other called The Miners - they both have myspace pages...

On Monday i begin my new job as a Writer in a university communications department. This is clearly a period of change in my life, exciting change.

There are drawbacks though. I leave behind me a group of work colleagues whoi have for a long time now considered friends. I leave behind an office atmosphere where we could get away with pretty much anything. I also therefore, most likely, leave behind the lax internet policy that has allowed me to be on managerleague from 9am to 5pm each and every weekday.

Drawbacks indeed. So for the next few weeks at least, and possibly for good (at least until i work out exactly how to be paid to sit at home and be on the internet all day - any suggestions?) i will be logging in only in the evenings and weekends, limiting my team management skills as well as my blog capacity. That said, i will do my very best to blog with something like the consistency i have previously and to keep Banditos up in the good ol' division of the bloggers, div 3/13. 

So my friends, i will leave you for now - until we next meet,


PS - in case you are worried, i am in no way leaving this game - it's far too good for that!!!



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Zz00009390 wrote:
14:53 04/03 2007
pictureawwwwwww hun, i am gonna miss seeing you more often, but good luck with your new job, i wish you all the best.
Spinner wrote:
11:28 05/03 2007
pictureHey! Best of luck in your new job!
I'm sure you will ace it if it is one tenth as interesting as ManagerLeague is :)

Try not to let your blog suffer too much, you know we wub it!
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