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Krakra's guide to stardom (07/07/2006 20:48)

At the moment this game is growing at great speed. We're getting alot of new managers which is fantastic. Many of these managers are wondering "How can I be one of the best?".  I'll try to answer this question as good as I can. Sit back and read and I'll tell you how to make the perfect team

Golden rules

If you want to be the best there's a few golden rules you'll have to follow

  1. Be active on Irc(if you dont have irc you can read Xontas' post in the announcement forum to know how to get it or simply use the chat)
  2. Make good transfer deals
  3. Buy credits, if you cant afford credits you'll have to be even more active to get freebies on irc
  4. Find your best tactics
  5. dont rush!
  6. think about the future
  7. AND DONT CHEAT!!!!!


Getting started - who do I keep and who do I sell?

The team you get  when you start is usally filled with with abd players. Sack/sell 10 players so that you're left with 20.      Sack any players with a Q lower than 60 as no one wants to buy them, all player under 70 in Q you should try to sell for under value, but these are also hard to sell so if you dont manager to find a buyer you should sack them aswell. Player with the Q 70-75 you can try to sell for value or just abit over value while players with the Q75++ usally is worth 120% of value +++

Buying new players:

Now that you're done selling/sacking players you can start buying new ones. A good tip is to aim for good youth(17-20yo) since that's the best way to build a good future. After each training tick(around 09/21.30-45) new youths gets released into the free market. the free marked conatains players who doesn't play on any team. These players can be bought for value and you'll get them straight away. If you're quick you can be able to snatch a real goodie(it's recomended that you stay in IRC. When the Bot say "tick completed..." the players are released. Good youths are: 17yo: Q68++, 18yo: Q74++, 19yo Q77++. Buy around 4-6 players so that you're left with a total of 24-26 players.


Ok, now you have made your team and it's time to start training them. The best way to train them is frendlies. from season 12 only 6 frendlies can be played each round so it's importand that you swap around and make sure that all your players gets atleast 1 frendly each round. if you're players isn't under 95 in fit. you shouldn't rest them, atleast not at the beginners stage(winning and promoting is not yet the most importand thing). all players with a Q less than 75 and improvement under +10 if you have played max frendlies all season should be sacked. Training camp is also a good way to make sure that your players improves in their most importand stats. A smart way to make them more likely to improve is to put them to train the main stat they've improve the least in. and remember: RESTING PLAYERS DURING CAMP IS NOT SMART. THEY WILL NOT GAIN ANY FITNESS FROM RESTING AT CAMP.  Now that this new frendly limit has arrived cups becomes more importand than ever. Try to join atleast one cup each weekend, join the cup with the most people and weakest oponents for more matches, and here as in the frendlies, try to swap players around so that everyone gets some training.

Dont rush

Most of you might think that promoting as fast as possible is the best thing.. well... it's not.  Take your time, stay down there, play cups and train your players until you know your team and your economy is good enough to face the high divs. Here's what I think your team's Q should be for the div(a-team): div 4-3: Q76, div 2: Q80 and div 1: Q83


When it comes to choosing tactics it's no final answer, my tip to you is test out different formations, captains and tactics. Here's a few ground rules though:

  • The captain only makes the part of the field he plays on play better, so it's smart to use a captain who plays on your weakest part of the field
  • A captain plays better with higher age
  • If you have defenders and middies with good passing and attackers with good heading use longball.
  • If you have middies and attackers with good  tackling, speed and perception use cont.
  • If you have both or neither use mixed

I would also recomend that you read Gizmo's blog about pre-match preparation


Here's the steps I would recomend for stadium upgrade

  1. Upgrade capacity to 15k
  2. Max out shop
  3. Max out food
  4. Upgrade capacity up to 35k
  5. Upgrade youth academy up 2 notches
  6. upgrade capacity up to 40k
  7. Max out youth academy
  8. max out capacity

Well that's it! hope it's usefull to you!! If it's anything else you'd like me to add, let me know.. otherwise, give me a comment and Dont cheat!!! ;) Have fun


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Blogger has no team.
Gizmo wrote:
21:26 07/07 2006
pictureGoodie krakra, just read through and comfirm yourself to have a small benkern inside of you :p hehe

Else, good work done and hopefully people can start understand that glory aint coming over the night. It's the most important thing.

Btw, you should have had something about scouts in the "transfer" section ;)
that way it's easier to find the increasing potentil in youths so you aint making stupid buying mistakes.
Spinner wrote:
00:03 08/07 2006
pictureI'm glad to see my Q78 lineup deserves the promotion I will see this season after 3 seasons down in Div 3 :)
2nd div, watch out!
- Spinner
Zz00000050 wrote:
19:21 09/07 2006
picturegood one!
Matt Man wrote:
07:16 11/09 2006
pictureNice post. Very informative and useful.
Zz00029246 wrote:
22:21 08/10 2006
picturethanks krakra :D
raphtheman wrote:
05:02 17/09 2007
pictureG'Day Mate,
Nice post and you make so good points.
The player Q levels was good for me to understand what to buy and sell etc..
Adin93 wrote:
15:14 28/03 2011

bla bla blah!!!

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