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1...2...3...MySpace! (02/01/2007 12:25)


I come to you fresh from a holiday in Brittany for Xmas followed by a Singstar party new year fuelled by Breton cider and spanish aniseed liquor. I use fresh in a non-scent related sense, and sense in a non-human faculty sense.

Glad that's cleared up.

I imagine the lot of you have made resolutions for 2007, the most part of which you will already have failed to keep. Well i my friends, intend to share my resolutions with you now, in the time honoured fashion of my previous life lesson entries, so that they can be recorded for the ages and not merely let slip by. In doing so i will be calling on all of you to harrass me in such a way that i fulfill all the resolutions i have made. Be nice and help me out...

Wojteker's 2007 Resolutions

1. Write more. (this does not mean simply writing the word "more", but related to my works of fiction, screenplays and, oh yes, blog works, that i do not spend nearly enough time on. I promise to write something each and every day on one of these strands of my work.

2. Complete more things i have written (follows on logically from the above!)

3. Let people read what i have written once i have written it (the blog does help with this -so i will link to things when they are availiable, or if like Antjie, someone asks to see something, damn well let them!)

4. Make more films (I directed a short for a nightschool class. It wasn't perfect, but it worked. We have a longer version of this to film hopefully before the month is out, and then i have another leetcode in the pipelines, and another short to convert into a leetcode, and then two feature film ideas to do treatments for and then leetcode and then get money and film.... I am out of breath, in a typing type of way. Anyway, to aid in this process i have set up a myspace. I think you can find it by following this...

5. Gain weight (i need more, more i say!!!)

6. Experiment with facial hair (I am currently sporting a nice pair of thick sideburns, not mutton chops as they dont come forward. Expect more in the future...)

7. Make better use of my personal MySpace (i have 11 friends. I have not blogged on it once. I must begin!!! it can be found here if you are interested...

So there you have it - i have resolved to do these things and i hope you will all pester me incessantly to ensure i do these things. I am relying on you my friends, every single one of you. In exchange i promise to maintain this blog even if fate and chance conspire to grant me fabulous riches so that i become drunk on the power that they bring, invest huge amounts in my own vanity projects (such as that deep-fat-fryer-slash-printer i have always though my office needed) get tied up in lawsuits, and in the midst of an ego trip with my yes men friends spurring me on, choose to defend myself and lose it all, ending up a penniless booze-ravaged hasbeen who knows that the pain is ever greater to have had it all and lost it than to have never had it to begin with. Yes, I shall still blog here, first and foremost my friends, first and foremost.

Now to things manager related. Due to my sabatical i missed out on the xmas cup, so i know i won 3 games but have no idea the scores or whom i played as the season had rolled on by the time i got back! I slumped to 10th in the league, but that's ok. But with an aging squad in need of some high class young blood (ha!) i fear for my division 3 survival. This season could prove difficult... Anyone want to sell me a really good striker who is about 19 at a discounted rate? Anyone? ah well....

Until next i return, which i hope to do before the week is out (see numbers 1 and 3 above), ta ta!




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MissSpoons wrote:
15:04 02/01 2007

loving ur blog as always!!

dont be sad - yet again its fab enough for me to recommend haha :D


Zz00009390 wrote:
17:55 03/01 2007
pictureI will defnitly keep ya on ya toes wiht ya writing \o/
i always watch our for the next episode so dont keep me waiting
Spinner wrote:
20:18 04/01 2007
pictureI am more keen on hearing how you did at the Singstar-Party!


Happy New Year, mate!   
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