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Shameless self promotion... (07/12/2006 17:03)


Only very brief this one - have a story currently up on a website - it's a competition and the person with the best average score gets to sell their short story on for a massive 49 us cents a pop!

Anyway - as the rule of thumb of writing is "what's the point if you are not going to let anyone read it" i have decided to link up to it here.

Follow the link if you are interested, if not that's fine too. Unfortunatley they (the website people) butchered the display of it  - I preferred it in 3 fonts, it's now just the one, and not brilliantly spaced out -  but i am reliably told it still works! Hey ho, such is life i suppose...

To vote you have to sign-up, so if you like it enough (or in fact, hate it enough) to vote, simply sign up and do so. I don't have any link to the website other than this story, so if you don't wanna sign up, don't feel like you have to - i'm not pushing anyone! 

If you read it, please comment, either here or there - like to hear back! It won't be up for long, but if it goes and you wanted to see it, m-mail me or comment here - if enough people are interested, i'll post it as a blog...


Ps. Antjie - it's a different one from the one i sent you, in case that one hasn;t deadened your nerves and you were wondering.

PPs. None of the characters are based on reality, and it was written a long time before i met people with these (one in particular's) names. Therefore, no offence is meant by the names!!! This is directed to one person in particular - don't want you getting the wrong idea!

PPPs. The film may be availiable soon (not of the story - another one i mentioned before in another blog!) - will link when i know when it's up!


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Sir Johnny wrote:
21:51 12/12 2006
pictureGreat one, man! Read it, registered, and commented and rated it. Yup, you are a great writer.
Wojteker wrote:
23:10 13/12 2006

Very kind, Sir Johnny, very kind!

Zz00009390 wrote:
03:19 14/12 2006
pictureOMG! this one is even better than the one ya sent me and i already thought it could not bed topped easy, although... i kinda liked the other one very much... actualy i cant decide.... as they are so different... i keep on changing my mind to which i liked more... so i will jsut say it.. I love both :D
Wojteker wrote:
10:15 14/12 2006
pictureAntjie, you don't have to pick!
Zz00009390 wrote:
16:12 14/12 2006
picturei am now addicted, i need more, give me more!
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