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Playoffs! (27/11/2006 16:21)


Bollocks, I've started so i may as well carry on properly, as i am so very very bored at work and have exhausted the entertainment value of both the photocopier (what looks like an arse when photocopied but is not an arse!) and the electric stapler (how many sheets can it go through and betting on when it'll staple - that thing is evil!).

But again, i find i must apologise for the lack of blogging activity dripping from my figertips recently, but i have good excuses!

1. I went to Vienna and spent four days pretending to be in the Third Man. Cue visits to the big wheel, but not the sewers. Unfortunately, i lacked the hat, but i'm noir through and through, so it didn't matter. Watched the film in the cinema there on our first night. Still so very, very good!

2. Have finished (finally) a 10,000 short story that i may or may not rework into a short film of some sort. Interested parties can enquire of me directly and i may even be tempted to send on a sample section (ooohhhh)

3. Am putting the finishing touches to the short film i mentioned a few weeks ago. Should be up on the net in a couple of weeks. It's only very short, but for the time we got in class, we're pretty happy. Have finished a leetcode on a longer version, ready for a second go after the course ends in December

4. Got into a correspondence with Nestle over a Rolo. This will take longer to explain.

I bought a pack ("re-sealable grab bag" size) of Rolo's from the local shop. I haven't had rolo's for a while, and wanted something to share, and thought they'd fit the bill. They did not! Upon opening said bag, i discovered the caramel had suspiciously leaked out of the base of not one BUT TWO of the rolos, causing all the others to stick together into one giant lump. This Lump, as i'm sure you can imagine, was impossible to share. 

On closer inspection, the leaky Rolos had holes in their bases, they had not been crushed. Therefore, I got on my consumer high horse (which i have not been on since i sent a crumpet back to tescos with a letter saying WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS?) and sent one of the rolos back to nestle, asking for them to investigate. I suspected that they had been cutting corners and reducing the amount of chocolate on the base of each rolo, thus causing some to burst. Alas i will never know...

They responded, saying it got squashed in transit (a likely story)  and can't investigate.

They did give me £3.00 to cover costs. £3.00 for a rolo. Not bad eh. I'm sending everything back now!


I'm sure you'll aggree that these four reasons are more than an explanation as to why i have been absent from my blog. But in addition to these, My team continued to press for an unlikely top three finish, which i got this morning, finishing a strong third. I wanted to resist jinxing myself by talking about it (and we all know how often THAT misfortune comes around!). But i was roused from y quietude due to a very sporting gesture from my opponent in the playoff first round, BOB, manager of Hearts and all round good sportsman.

You see, He sent me a good luck message before our clash. Lovely gesture. I returned it. It's the first time i've got one of these in the playoffs (i think!) and it's rather good. I returned the thought and started to think I didn't mind losing!

The reuslt? A hard fought 3-3 draw, leading to pens. Which i took 4-3. But as i am quietly confident of a complete slaughter of my team tonight, i can't wait to play Hearts again - especially as this one seems to be able to hold on to its manager!

And a final thought before I close this pictureless monologue...If i lose either this game or the next, i will be content not only to play Hearts, but to finally lock competitive horns with my compadre Harvey, manager of Div 4/50 champs "Suck My Thermos".

Roll on Season 17...

PS. (I'm sure some of you are interested so...) I got £5 for the crumpet, and a report from the bakery...


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Zz00009390 wrote:
18:10 27/11 2006
picturei will only excuse you if i have that short story you wrote in my mailbox shortly. To speed up the prosess i include my e-mail...
Let us know when  your short film are available to view, i defnitly want to see it :)
Nice work wiht the Rolo, companies are scared of bad reviews about their products and will do anything to keep their clients happy... in fact, i think they should have send you a big box full of chocolates that would keep you happy for monthes.... thats what our chocolate companies do :)
MissSpoons wrote:
14:49 28/11 2006

oh my lord - this made me giggle!!

£5 for a crumpet???  done well,

my ben complains about stuff all the time too - just for the fun of it!  we get free meals and money off  stuff all the time! we have free tickets for london dungeons too with no expirey date (score) altho we'll prob never use them!!

best thing we did was when we went to thorpe park to ride that new ride! (cant remember the name). it had been struck by lightening day before and so was not in use til like 6pm. and most of the rides had broken down a few times at some point. we hadnt really queued for anything all day as most people are wimps and dont go on stuff in the rain so we'd had an ok day... thought we'd complain anyway!  we managed to get 4fast passes and 2 fast passes for the new ride (special ones as they shouldnt do them really)  we work on every ride costing £1 and new ride = £2. For our bogof tickets (£27 for both of us)  we managed to get £59 worth of riding!!! 


Zz00013975 wrote:
15:41 28/11 2006
pictureNice Rolo work matey, when i was at uni we wrote to pot noodle to tell them what a staple diet they were for us and got sent some free ones, and also got sent some free stuff from tiger beer for complimenting them on a tasty lager beverage to accompany curries....
Zz00030837 wrote:
10:17 01/12 2006
pictureI don't complain enough - I want the number of the bacon man's customer service division! He's been slacking off lately...
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