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Blog entry number 20 (31/10/2006 16:47)

Well, 20 entries and still kicking! Who'd have thought!

And in order to celebrate this milestone my beautiful Banditos put in their best months work yet and came away not just with the 4/49 title, but also a cup over the weekend - and in some style i might add. How's 115 goals catch you? 81 points (a 21 point gap on the team in second)? Only a single, solitary loss to blight otherwise unstoppable progress! Calabras netting 43 all on his own! Oh, wondrous days.

I know full well i direct return to division 4 awaits me next month, but for now, 3/13 beckons with the bright lights of the upper half of managerleague! Never did i dream it could be true!


I googled Spinner in google images and found he had told us a massive porkie pie (cockney rhyming slang for those not in the know. It means lie). The picture of him in his eye patch was edited for our eyes. The unedited pic is here...

I hope he didn't kill the parrot...

On other fronts, my life here moves slowly. I need a new job as i am bored with this one. I need a job that stimulates my creativity in some small way! Obviously, if there was one that would stimulate it in a big way, all the better. So if anyone has a job offer for me, put it in a comment and i'll happily give it thought. Doesn't matter what - i'm open to suggestions! I may even dish out a credit or two...

Other than that, stuck for ideas today. I'm just sat staring into space, wishing i wasn't here (at work, obviously being in managerleague is the light in an otherwise dull day!). Things crop up occasionally. I am a bit worried by the censor software that has its grubby little paws in my blog entries. It seems to think the word "S U C K" is worthy of replacement by asterisks regardless of the context! To be honest, replacing it with asterisks makes an otherwise innocuous sentence look rude than it was. I'll give you an exaple as i can tell you are baying for one...

if you see the phrase in, oh i don't know, a line of dialogue "s u c k on the straw" it is innocent (assuming the context is too, lets say it's involves a strawberry milkshake being drunk in a barn - this is besides the point! sorry!). The same line, censored by the software would look like this "**** on the straw" which, if you replace with either of the two main four letter swear words "sh*t" or "f**k" takes on an entirely different meaning, especially given the barn setting. Suddenly you're two characters are not interested in the milkshake and are either defecating on the harvest or using it as a love nest (i'm proud of that! love nest - straw!). It makes an inoffensive statement more offensive.

You see what i'm getting at? It make more sense just to let the words alone and then we have no misunderstandings! Bollocks to the censor! (especially if bollocks doesn't count in it's swear box!). I also noticed that if you translate s u c k into Norwegian (suger if you are interested  ) it is not censored - why is this? can the norwegian users get away with swearing where we can't? if so that is søppel (that's the best my translater could do - i'd like to know the norwegian for bollocks for future reference - please let me know). 


Everything is an effort today, and i am breaking up my day by drinking more tea than is good for you - i know they say four cups a day, but i'm currently on my ninth. If you put that together with the biscuits i've eaten with it that's not a healthy day's food. How am i not fat?

Oh well, just when i needed it, we've got the bloody off season to deal with now - nothing much to do till monday afternoon! (bloody also not censored - i think this software came from the US! - i'll test it - THE CENSOR IS A TOSSER! - proven i think) I don't even have a decent way to wast my day anymore! THIS IS UNFAIR - some of us use this game as a crutch to prop themselves up during the otherwise munday existence they eek out at work. Could we not run cups in the off season, just to keep up the interest? PLEASE I BEG OF YOU.

Well there is little more for me to add. Obviously no one will read this as i imagine the drop off in log ins hits pretty hard during the off season so i imagine i'll get next to no hits and even fewer comments (i dare you to prove me wrong!).

Until next time (when i may have worked out who was on the answering machine...any suggestions? Credit for that too - and i'm serious about the job thing - really serious...)

back to work then...


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Blogger has no team.
Zz00029246 wrote:
17:25 31/10 2006
picturelol, i got bored just after two blogs lol :D well done :P
Zz00009390 wrote:
17:18 01/11 2006
pictureHmmmm i feel for you :)
Now dear sir, where is the rest of our story?
I am now employing you as my personal story writer and your sallery will be a freebie now and then or a set or two if you deserve it :P
Keep up the good things
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