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The Orwellian Pubcast... (28/07/2009 16:48)

Right, this is the promised new project. I am shamelessly advertising this because I want people to listen to it, even if you think it's crappy.

Me and my mate Dave have created a podcast called THE ORWELLIAN PUBCAST.

What we have done is taken George Orwell's essay, Moon Under the Water, about his ideal pub, updated his criteria to take into account the changes in society (well, pubs) over the 60 odd years between now and when he wrote it, then made use of our new, 10 point scoring system to rate and rank pubs.

We have focused on pubs with interesting, unusual or weird histories so far.

I promise this makes sense, although it may not feel like it now. It is properly explained on the first episode, where we worked it all out in the Anchor over a few drinks.

Anyway, we are up and running on itunes and will have a new episode each week for the foreseeable future.

I would like to encourage you to:

a) Listen

b) Subscribe

c) Send the link to anyone you know. They may like it.

The itunes link is: The Orwellian Pubcast on Itunes

If you don't have itunes, you can listen online at either our blog: The Orwellian Pubcast Blog

Or at the podcast hosting website gcast: The Orwellian Pubcast at Gcast

If you do, please excuse the few technical difficulties at the beginning (the slight occasional sound loss). It stops after a few minutes, so don't worry. If you cant get it for whatever reason let me know and I'll help you get it!

Ok, that's basically it... UNLESS...

You have a pub you think we should go to. If so email me by replying, or the pubcast email at

OR you want to come on as a special guest and help us review. Email me about that too. We have already done this once and it worked really well.

Additionally, any thoughts, comments, suggestions criticisms etc are welcomed.

Thanks for you time and all,

Woj (& Dave)

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flippa wrote:
13:14 19/08 2009

try the last post in southend on sea, lee evans used to drink in there, and its been there for quite some time, be careful and dont go in on a fri or saturday night lol

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