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A slight return... (09/07/2009 18:38)
I'm back, your favourite whingebag of a blogger, using bluetones song titles to head up his work...

I Before I start, may I just say this. Spinner has a very nasty eye complaint, people, and, whilst I am sure you all wish him very well, I would just like to state for the record that, inspite of previous conflict on this blog and his previous attempts to have me killed by preventing me from getting off escalators and the like, I categorically am NOT RESPONSIBLE for it. He may have pushed me to my limits, but It wasn't me ok?

Hope he's back here soon, fighting fit...

Right, where was I?

Well, I have actually taken the longest and most enforced break from ML in my 50 season career. It was forced upon me by conditions beyond my control (not spinner - I know what you're thinking) of which more in a moment. It was, however, six months long...

I shall repeat, SIX MONTHS LONG...

Think about that for a moment. Think what you could do with six months where you were forced not to play this game, six months in which people made you go to a place everyday where ML was blocked from the computers. Six months where any time spent at home was spent working your arse off for people who couldn't give a rats testicle about it. Six months where you were deprived the opportunity to blog regularly (or at all) when you had been used to at least some opportunity, even when life was at its most depressing. Six whole months without contact with the ML community.

It was painful friends, painful.

Now, I realise that after six months out I cannot expect a few things. These are as follows:

1) that anyone remembers who I am whatsoever
2) that my team is feared in every corner of the globe for the rigid formation that has seen me ascend to greatness in the past and defeat notable big leaguers.
3) that my team has even managed to sustain its league position
4) that my opinions and thoughts still have cache around here.

Well, it's only right that I address each of these in turn.
1) I can't expect to be remembered, at least not by most. There will be people reading this who have never seen the glorious white and green of Banditos emblazoned in my name at the top of a blog, never disagreed with me so vehemently that they sent me an abusive email, never missed the sarcasm and made a fool of themselves in a comment on an entry.
To these people I say, ask around.
To the people they ask, I say, please just pretend, it would make me feel much better about myself.
Problem 1 can be solved through rebuilding my profile through consistent blogging. This I shall do, at least over the summer until my new job starts and ruins it for us all...

2) Well, It never was. The highlight of my ML career was a single season in div 1 that even I had forgotten about. At least I didn't finish bottom.
Record loss is still that 9-0 to shy in a friendly, I think. That hurts on so many levels.

3) Not a chance - I logged in two weeks ago to see myself lumbering around the relegation spots in Div 4! Good lord! This is where months of doing nothing with your team get you. A Newcastle. I didn't go full newcastle though, the two weeks I took control back for saw Banditos run in the end of the season UNBEATEN! IN YOUR FACE WORLD! 7 or 8 new players brought in, all young, fit and healthy, ready to be the backbone of Banditos return.
And what makes this easier? OVER 200 MILLION CASH and OVER 300 FREAKING CREDITS!!! I've never had so much of either before. It went a little to my head and I started blowing it all. Barely any cash left now. But invested wisely at least. So, watch out world, we're on our way back!

4) This, friends, is key. There is no point in coming back if I'm not going to tap away at this here keyboard on a brand new computer. Clearly what I say means something or you wouldn't have read this far. I very much expect this return to be viewed in the same way as if Stephen Fry, the Oracle at Delphi and Wikipedia all disappeared for six months and then suddenly turned up and wrote a blog. Kneel, friends, and hear the truth.

Anyway, unusual of me to blog on ML actually about ML, but there you go.
In other news...Woj is now (somehow) a qualified Teacher of History and Government & Politics, has a new job starting in September, but is currently...
wait for it...

Wonderful. I can just spend my days watching tv, writing the second novel and not wearing socks (until my wife returns and points out how lazy I've become). Bliss. I am a gentleman of leisure and no mistake. So the 9 months of hard work and 6 months of minimal ML have paid off. Expect to be able to yell at me in text speak for the next 9 weeks.

So, friends, old and new, going forward, what to expect...

a) A more prominent, vocal Wojteker.
b) Regular blogs
c) Blogs with much more structure, craft, point and development than this one (give me a break peeps, just wrote 4,000 words before I sat down to do this
d) An all conquering Banditos - Any friendlies, bring em on. Need one but no creds? message me and I'll pay.
e) A new podcast project - this will be hugely better than my last attempts, and will be mentioned some time soon.

Friends, I thank you for coming with me thus far. I hope it was suitably disappointing and worthwhile in equal measure...

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Blogger has no team.
Sir_Henry wrote:
00:37 10/07 2009
pictureWelcome back Wojteker! it's been a long time indeed!
TimIsARed wrote:
15:54 11/07 2009
pictureWelcome back to the game, all the best in the coming season
Shy^ wrote:
08:46 12/07 2009
pictureWelcome back hon. Had forgot about that loss *rubs hands* but I like it.

Zz00264415 wrote:
00:22 13/07 2009
pictureI am wat u consider as a noob, bt u ar a god to me ...welcome bck
B0B wrote:
09:31 13/07 2009
picturenice to see you again woj~ btw, i just notice this blog entry. wahaha.
flippa wrote:
14:55 03/08 2009
picturei remember you but i doubt it if you even remember me!,
i in a weird way looked up to you when i first started the game lol
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