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Fonder Hearts...? (13/01/2009 15:04)

Bok! (Hello in Croat - learnt that yesterday, student of life that I am!)

Welcome to the first Wojteker blog of 2009, a year that promises much, but may well dash both my hopes and yours upon the rocks of horrific anticlimax.

Now, many of you who are travellers with my on this odd little road we call "Reading Wojteker's Blog's" may well know, but for those of you who do not, I have been known to review my year around this time (early January) and lay out my plans for the forthcoming 12 months.

This i have done once more, but as part of my new found hybrid text-talk existence, I have done so in podcast form.

Please feel free to have a listen by following this link to itunes :

or this link to a site where you can just listen to it online:
Podcast to listen to online

In either case, 13th Jan is the latest one - titled Resolutions.

If you do this PLEASE email me at to let me know EXACTLY what you think. I require feedback, and despite my best attempts at bribery, only 2 of you have bothered. Please see earlier blog entires for details (most notably "Ingrates".).

Comments on itunes will be rewarded with credits if they are a) honest, not fawning and b) don't mention credits in them!!!

Right, now that's out of the way, let me explain a few things:

1. This will not be a review of the year/resolutions type blog. I've podcasted it and there is no point doing it twice. The second version will either be a plae and lifeless version of the first, or it will be much better, leaving me glum about the first. Therefore, to avoid glumness or faliure, no double-dipping. The podcast will be THE ONLY place for the review.

2. That said, there is some news to share in future that may well lead to cross-over. For that, I apologise now!

I would get to the meat of this if there were any, but as we've just been through Christmas (where i did very well) I'm sure those of us who eat meat have had more than enough. Think of this as more of a vegetable stew. Nice and hearty but full of minor tit-bits that lack any substance. Like this...

Right - an offer...

I was given a web address as a gift for Christmas. It is either or .com, not sure at the mo, but it is mine for at least 2 years. But what to do with it?

What in deed....

So i thought i may well cast about in here for some assistance. I plan to make use of this website in order to draw together a few of the disparate creative threads of my life into one amalgamated body. To do this, i need to build a website that will do what I want it to. This may be where you come in.

It is plainly obvious that i have no real idea how to do that. I could try to work it all out for myself by trial and error, but that would take AGES. So, being the type to short cut all that sort of stuff, here is what i propose.

Anyone with a suggestion for a practical solution to my problem can either voice it here, or send me a more detailed email at the address above, or both! What i want from my website is this:

- more than 1 page, up to 10?
- the ability to have a picture gallery
- the ability to have a comments bit
- the ability to blog AND to have the blog tell me how many views each entry has had (like the one in ML - I hate being in the dark!).
- the ability to contain my podcasts if possible
- ideally, the ability to have downloadable files (stories!) in pdf as well as space to have comments left etc.

These things i want. Who is going to help me with advice or suggestions about how to do it? Credits may well be awarded, and even friendship extended.



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blabla22 wrote:
16:07 13/01 2009
pictureI tried to listen it... but could not quiet understand all good and gave up, maybe I'll give it another try later on with my headset on :)
Sherlock Holmes wrote:
22:31 14/01 2009

Wow I totally agree with BlaBla22: I didn't get a single word:P

Anyway great, why not make a ML radio?

Zz00009390 wrote:
16:20 18/01 2009
pictureturn up your sound then.... but ti is better wiht a headset on.

Been waiting for this blog this whole year hun, was wondering when ya gonna stop having vacation and entertain us again :)

About the website, roughly 7 pages are enough and you can always add to it as you need more stuff...
*main wiht index, counter and login... if you want peeps to login to your stuff
*picture gallery
*Podcast or links to podcasts wiht dates etc
*Short videos
*comments area

will mail ya in the rest
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