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Pride (18/09/2006 21:01)

Oh my yes! Elbow room... can you feel it? the elbow room that comes with the first "official" blog from yours truly. It is a beautiful thing indeed.

When last we met i was complaining in an almost total fashion about nearly everything. I have very little to complain about now, an here is whyfor...

1. Calabras, fresh out of the cast and wheel chair did this...


(bear in mind this would be 6 in two for him)

2. Blog made official! (to this later)

3. Calabras then did this...

Oh yes. Back on fire my friends. A happy mood descended upon the Stadio el Banditos. Cloud nine found its to Patalonia. The mountain dwellers from the shanty town sacrificed a few pigs and all was well in the world. All is good and rosy when you win 8-1 away.

(I would like to now apologise to the manager of Xencocide for this rather public humiliation. I hope they - assuming they read this - do not take it the wrong way, The intention is truly not to rub their nose in it, more to boast a little - and its finaly possible for a little boasting!)

We have our pride back. We have it back in Division 4's top rated striker (currently). I have not had to resort to the booze once.

(That last bit is a lie. I actually drowned my happines in substantial amounts of Belgian Beer consumed with endless bowlfuls of moules mariniere in Brussels on saturday, followed swiftly on sunday by more imported belgian beer (thanks to the Eurostar) and topped of with absithe. But i digress, my drinking is not at issue here. Yet. I would heartily reccommend Brussels to one and all for food and drink. Take the one you love - or wish to love - and relax in the squares and cafes and think of nothing much. Wonderful...)

It is far more difficult to write this happy than when irritated or angry/frustrated. I find myself drowned in bliss for large numbers of reasons. Tranmere are even doing their utmost to appear to be a football team, which is encouraging in itself. (Tranmere, for those of you not in the know - is my team. Look about 45 places below Portsmouth and you'll find them!).

But that niggling feeling is there again - It keeps saying "It's too good to last Wojteker, something'll pop and destroy it all". Well, all i can say is - you ride your luck until it bucks you back into the dusty prarie and gallops off over the horizon with your water, money, food and potentially woman/man (that is woman or man, depending on preference, not woman/man (unless that is, of course, your preference - each to their own of course - we judge not - Arrghh brackets in brackets again! Get out Get out!) - I'm too quick to reference the transgender community, that's about the fith time - i wonder what it means..).

In short (or long in this case) carpe diem.

Well, for today at least...8 bloody 1! away! hurrah!






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Blogger has no team.
Zz00029246 wrote:
22:07 18/09 2006

lol nice blog :)

good to hear things are finally going your way :)


Spinner wrote:
23:44 18/09 2006
pictureHehe,, things are picking up for your team, glad to see it :)
All the best for the season.

- Spinner
Zz00009390 wrote:
09:44 19/09 2006
picturelol you are funny
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