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Ingrates... (19/11/2008 18:59)

I can't believe you lot sometimes

I mean, quite honestly it's heartbreaking. I start off on a great new endeavour FOR YOUR BENEFIT AND ENTERTAINMENT. It is both humourous and enlightening. I get nothing out of doing it - if anything it makes my life more difficult than it normally is.

And then, I am generous enough to offer you free credits for this game if you go and listen to it and leave a little comment. I didn't even specify that you had to be nice. I told you directly that you could slag me off as much as you want, so long as it was an honest reaction. And still i would reward you.

And what happens? 4 people bother to do it.

Incredible. 4 measly people out of the hundreds who read the blog. (I have no idea how many bothered to listen to the podcasts - it may be just 4. The site that hosts them for free won't store that info - anyone any ideas that don't involve paying someone?)

You ingrates. Miserable, ungrateful ingrates. I slog my heart and soul out writing words to make your day somewhat less lousy and get NOTHING back for it when i merely ask for honesty. If free credits won't motivate you to do something what will? What do you want from me? Blood?

I spent a sleepless night wondering if it was just that you were all fickle, or lazy, or shy (not Shy^, this doesn't apply to her as she is wonderfully lovely. Nor is this applicable to Antjie, Spoons, Konsen, Cornish or S.Zodiac - they are the exceptions that proove the rule). Then something dawned on me, slowly like...well...dawn i suppose. That's probably the best metaphor...

What had i stumbled on you ask? I am clearly duty bound to say. I ran to the computer as the sun rose slowly to check it out and, lo and behold i was right. You aren't fickle, lazy or shy. Oh no. It's worse than that. It's clearly a personal slight upon my person.

And how do i know this? How do i know this is willful neglect? Well because in spite of my prolifigacy with the written word (oh yes), despite my committment to blogging her EVEN THOUGH i am hugely busy, despite my sharing with you everything i place creatively on the net FIRST before even people I love, people I am related to, despite all this, should a man called Spinner press three keys like this :-) and post that as a blog entry, you'll all fawn all over him and suddenly he'll have something stupid like four thousand comments all saying stuff like "Right on dude lol", "Way to go", "nice work, loving the updates" and some such.

Why do you do this? He doesn;t even give you what you want, what you need. You all need a Patalonian National league, a hairdryer button, the challenging of the male only naming system, the ability to make players transgender, have relationships with each other, become pregnant and have to miss a season. With all your sycophantic comments on his writing, his majesty hasn't provided any of these things!

So what conclusions should I draw from this? You are clearly all brainwashed by the propaganda machine that is churning out all his entries. You think i'm just some fringe dissident loony, who is beneath your contempt inspite of his delightfully crafted blog entries and wonderfully inspired freeform podcasts. Well i have news for you that will blow your mind wide open...


That's right, like the wizzard of Oz, he's not real. He is nothing more than a created figure head, a big brother type who is put there to make you think a certain way and you have gone along with it like the sheep you are, commenting on his greatness all over the place.

Some will say "but Woj, we've seen pics of spoons and kloopy with him, of him with YOU!"

To that i say only this - the Soviets faked photos too - do you believe everything you see in a picture! Take a better look next time. We never landed on the moon.


There is only one way to save yourself from this brainwashing. You MUST use your voice and comment. Here and on itunes, before it's too late for you and you become part of the machine. It is for your sake i do this, for your sake i stand up and place my head above the parapet, my face in the firing line. I am, as ever, working for your benefit!


Podcast to listen to online   or try    WOJTEKER ON ITUNES

Ps - S.Zodiac - I will double the credits i gave you (ie twice as many again) if you go back to itunes and either make it clear you DIDN'T put that you thought it was good for the credits, or slag me off a little for the purposes of balance, and then say you did that for credits too! This only goes for S.Zodiac!
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Shy^ wrote:
00:01 20/11 2008
pictureHahaha, I love you Alex :)
MissSpoons wrote:
11:45 20/11 2008

HAHAHA i love listening to you rant - i too am beginning to think that the Spinner does not exist.

Havent seen him lately - i think it may have been a bit of clever lighting - now i too have opened my eyes!!

But i tell you one thing - the Spoons does exist!!!!! :D

Hope more people check you out - love ya loads XXXX

Sir_Henry wrote:
22:28 20/11 2008
pictureMy apologies Wojteker for not listeningto your Podcast. And thank you for opening my eyes; I believe you, when you say Spinner does not exist...
Abalardo wrote:
23:34 20/11 2008
pictureGreat as always Wojteker.
Love your way of doing things.
Harry Potthead wrote:
23:36 20/11 2008

amen!! thx a lot for open my eyes Woj!! i really can see the truth in your words!! sorry for actual never reading your blog before!! please excuse my absence...

but wait... if your words are really right and spinner isn't real... wait... am i real...?? i spend so much time in front of my computer, playing a game, created by a man that doesn't exist...??!! 

now i don't know, if i should be really thankful for your cognitions... now i have to ask myself what am i doing here??!!

please is it true... SPINNER??!! ...where are you?? ...i can't hear him... Woj you are right!!!

you opened my eyes!! thx - for giving your illuminating mind to the community!! you are right we should be more thankful!! :D

Stambros wrote:
00:04 21/11 2008

i hope more people read this and listens to the podcast

you do know how to draw someones attentions

by the way: "Right on dude, lol"

jijikent wrote:
01:03 21/11 2008
pictureWhat is podcast? What is ituner? Where am I? Where are you taking me?!?
Svampebob wrote:
10:26 22/11 2008
Nigel Wright wrote:
12:19 22/11 2008
picturehaha wojteker has gone bonkers from exposure to too much ML ;)
Zz00009390 wrote:
19:55 27/11 2008
pictureoh my heart is pounding!! You have shown me the way!!!!!!!!
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