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Two in a week? He gone mad... (07/11/2008 19:24)
I certainly have

The need to plan lots of history lessons to teach kids about all the really interesting stuff that happened to mankind has led to HUGE opportunities to distract myself from actually doing it.

So for the first time in AGES i have plonked myself here before you to share with you once more, mere hours after i last did it.

That said, i have little to actually say, this is more sharing stuff with you linked to previous blogs, which hopefully you know how to find.

Now, my absences from here grow more and more frequent due to my workload changing from imagined to actual. Nevertheless, i still hold special feelings for this space in which i let my thoughts express themselves. I thank you muchly for your continued persistence in clicking on these.

Your reward?

Well - let me say this. If you go and download my podcast from itunes and listen to it and then leave a comment on it on itunes, i'll fling you a credit or few for ML. To clarify - if you listen and rate it (rate it however you like, just rate it) i'll give you a credit. Need proof though! To do it, go to the itunes store and search for Wojteker. You'll find it. If you can't, click here

Wojteker on Itunes

If two people do it, i'll podcast again. If no one does it, i'll podcast three times and force you all to listen!

Additionally , video proof of the Ramshackle Rally is on youtube and can be found at the following links. Is one film in 6 parts. Again, comments and ratings, however critical, are welcome and can generate credits. Please be honest though - i am not looking to buy good ratings, just realistic ones!

Ramshackle Video 1

Ramshackle Video 2

Ramshackle Video 3

Ramshackle Video 4

Ramshackle Video 5

Ramshackle Video 6

Right, that should do for the moment. Have many a lesson to plan now, and far less time to do it in, so i'm off


PS - How are you? How rude of me not to ask...
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Zz00136894 wrote:
16:11 09/11 2008
picturei checked it out :)
Shy^ wrote:
21:28 09/11 2008
pictureBut I dont have itunes and i dont want to download it...
Zz00009390 wrote:
21:01 10/11 2008
picturedont have itunes either :(
Zz00009390 wrote:
21:58 10/11 2008
picturedont have itunes either :(
Zz00009390 wrote:
05:22 11/11 2008
picturethe ramshackle rally looked like fun lol

wish in done that \o/
Wojteker wrote:
22:46 11/11 2008
pictureIf you don't have itunes you can listen here:

A new one is now up there and should be on itunes too later tomorrow!
Zz00009390 wrote:
17:02 12/11 2008
pictureone can defnitly say more padcasting than in writing, been wondering if one would write down both potcast how many pages it would be...
hmmm how do i proof i listened...
* a list could begood, but i dont think you would follow it lol
* chocolate orange dont sound good although its not supose to be able to go bad
* 15 and not 13 :P

Now for those who thought of cheating... find ya own stuff to say :P
Zz00009390 wrote:
17:03 12/11 2008
picture/me writes out POTCASTING 100 times
Zz00009390 wrote:
20:14 12/11 2008
pictureYes you did go mad btw :P
thank you :)
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