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Podcast...election... (04/11/2008 22:06)
Ok, so have finally podcasted (is that the verb? I don't know) again. Mic still rubbish but had something to say.Is out there now - listen at:

and come back here and tell me off for being an nob.

All the best,


Ps - have submitted to itunes directory - apparently anyone can - will keep you posted on that score.
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MissSpoons wrote:
12:27 05/11 2008

HAHA ok i'll tell you off.......  an nob???   AN NOB???

Learn English boy!!! ;)

Love ya really XXX

Zz00009390 wrote:
20:25 05/11 2008
picturecongrats on finishing the novel.... i volenteer to read it :P

lol i still love these kinda blogs
Wojteker wrote:
20:29 05/11 2008
pictureI was using slang we use round these parts! saying an instead of a !

Itunes approved the podcast - so should be downloadable and searchable in the next 2 days!


(although they approve anyone apparently!)
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