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Endings... (09/10/2008 17:06)

NOOOOOO! Don't throw yourself off the building just yet!

This is not a "Wojteker is leaving ML for good" blog entry. Actually, for some of you, the mere fact of me stating this could be enough to tip you over the edge. Please don't. It won't be so bad.

What the title of this blog actually refers to is nothing like that. It has been some weeks (well, months) since we last connected by me spouting verbage onto the screen, hitting save and then publish, then you looking at it briefly before becoming distracted and thinking of something better to do. This is partially due to holidays, but has more to do with the varying demands of life. I have recently come to the end of a number of things and so, as is the way of life, am now at the start of others. So i will outline for you what has passed. Drum roll please...

Things that have ended, are ending, or have at least been completed, abandoned, finished to the extent that they can be considered "over"

  1. The Ramshackle Rally - We made it to Valencia in more or less one piece. Should you wish to go into this in more depth, check out the blog at: In the process we raised literaly oodles of cash for the North London Hospice, in part thanks to the generosity of you lot. For proof, see the just giving page here:
  2. My short film - It was finished a bit ago, but i finally got around to having 6 hours to upload it. Should you be interested to see it, it is called The Last Page and can be found on youtube by following this link: Come back and comment here to let me know what you think!
  3. The Novel - Yes, after 3 years of prevaricating a solid spring and summer of writing has seen me complete the first draft! Hooray! the working title of this is Shades of Grey and should be hitting a bookshelf near you in the distant, distant future when all the books have been read. I am happy about this anyway
  4. My life not working in schools - for the last 5 weeks i have been pretending to be a teacher whilst learning how to actually be a teacher. This has so far involved cutting all my lustrous locks of hair off, wearing a suit (i look good in a suit) and teaching history to pupils. So far it's going well, but the workload is tough and the drink more expensive at the student union than it was a) in the North of England and b) when I was at University. Wish me well
  5. The 28th year of my life - In 10 days i turn 28. In itself no bad thing, except forever more i will always be remined on the very day i get older officially and potentially move into another car insurance bracket, Miss Spoons will also be celebrating a birthday and that she will always be younger than me. If you ask me that's just plain selfish. Sort it out Spoonsy!

So there you have it - a snapshot of my life as it stands on this, the 9th October 2008. Forever remeber this list of things that have ended, for it may go down in history as a turning point for the universe.

If not, it merely marks the point at which i suddenly find myself with a hell of a lot of new things to do...

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Bozo wrote:
18:45 09/10 2008
pictureNice video, Wojeteker (oh, and nice blog as always). The audio levels aren't the best though with Simon talking too quietly when I am trying to watch it at 3am in the morning :) Good to see that your fundraising was a success.
MissSpoons wrote:
09:53 13/10 2008

CONGRATS on the fundraising - i am so happy for you all - and so very jealous that you got to go to the Tomato Fest!!!

CONGRATS on finishing (ish)  the Novel - i look forward to reading it (if ya need a proof reader, im here to help)

CONGRATS on the new job!! Guess Jesus in a suit was a bit much - you should have taught RE instead haha - hope it all goes well :D

CONGRATS on the short film - i have not got youtube at work but i will check this out at the weekend with Matt - im sure it is marvellous, despite Simon being too quiet ;)

I will not wish you Happy Birthday yet though as it will take away from the actual day when i say it for real hahahahaahha

Glad life is going well for you!!! XXX

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