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Failure (08/09/2006 16:41)

"Boss...Hey Boss...BOSS!" came the voice, rousing me.

I opened my eyes to find i had fallen asleep on my desk. Drool had glued paper to my cheek. I was aware of this so did not move. I needed to save face after what had happened at the end of last season, and letting Calabras see me like this would damage what little respect he may still hold for me.

"What is it Hierro? Can't you see i'm busy - I've got a lot of paper work to get through for the next season" I couldn't see Calabras from where I was. My field of  vision was filled with something far more enticing, but also far more destructive.

And it was full...

Calabras wheeled himself around my desk. His leg had been in plaster since the end of last season and as a result he was confined to a wheelchair. I still had my head on the desk as i reached out for the Desperados

"It is next season Boss- a new beginning and we're stronger than ever!" Calarbras was far too positive. I don't like that in my players. I reached for the booze...

"I think i'm ready Boss!" I peeled my face off the desk, peeled the paper off my face and took a swig from the bottle.

Turned out it wasn't my favoutie Tequila, but in fact French Teqilua flavoured beer. I grimaced and looked at a slightly wet Calabras. For once, thankfully he was not smiling like an idiot.

" What do you mean it's next season? You broke your leg, We finished fourth with nothing to show for a season of effort and so I went on an end of season bender to blot it out. That was yesterday"

"No Boss, that was last week - You've been locked in here for 5 days"

"Then how did I get this?" I asked, genuinely confused how i could have found Tequila flavoured beer without leaving the office"

"No Comprende Boss. But look on the bright side, at least you have your colour back!"

He was right, I'd got rid of the Sepia

So things we're looking up. I was in colour for the first time in months, Calabras was ready to train again as soon as the cast was off. Thing's were on the up. But i still felt knotted up inside. Once again we had been so close, We had third place in the bag, and then one horror tackle ended my ace striker's season and it all fell to bits. But i still didn't understand it. Still the best team, still the best players and still not the best. What more had i to do?

Calabras coughed.

"What is it Hierro, i'm busy" I asked angrily

"Sorry boss, it's just that you've not said anything for the last five minutes-"

"Get that cast off now Hierro, I want you training faster than you can say 'Immediately'!" Calabras wheeled himself quickly out of my office as fast as his wheels would carry him. He was a good lad when all was said and done. Could go far in this game, with the right attitude. Still too happy though, but give me a few weeks and i'd have him as mean as the rest of that good for nothing bunch.

That said, I'd still sell the sucker for the right price, although apparently i can't force him out anymore if he keeps being so damn happy. We'll see about that anyway, we'll see.

I realised that, after a five day, one-room bender i had no idea what i looked like, so i checked myself in the mirror

It was worse than i thought - Were did i find hair rollers?

"Nice Outfit, Sugar" said a voice dripping with honey. It was her again.

"It's my day off and I'll wear what i damn well choose" i said. I looked down to see if i had trousers on. I could see my knees. That was a rather short skirt. I decided to remain seated. "Anyway, I've had as much as i can take from you and your conspiracy theories. Now get the hell outta here, I'm busy!"

"Alright sugar, but that means you won't get the surprise i got you"

"Oh stop being an enigma - i'm not in the mood. And what surprise?" I realised it might be Tequila. I couldn't face going back to the Desperados.

"Take a look out of the window honey, you'll see what i got ya" She lit a cigarette. I considered this breifly. She might just want to see my legs. I took the risk, stood up and made my way to the window.

"Nice legs, might get a pair of them myself" she said. Even though i couldn't see her, I knew she was smiling. I sighed heavily and peered out over the training pitch.

"So what is it? All i can see is my team."

"Count them."

"Quit playing games"

"Just count them Rik"

"I've told you before, i;m not Rik". I counted. There was one too many. One young, fresh Patalonian face to many, and he was running rings roung Hawksworth...


"You got it sweeite, with my love" She made to leave.

"I still don't know your name"

"Delores - nice to meet you. I'll come back when your dressed less comfortably"

And with that - she was gone...

Teo. One mystery solved. Now could i get to the bottom of Delores. (In every sense.)





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Blogger has no team.
Spinner wrote:
20:20 12/09 2006
pictureHaha, fantastic :)

I wish I had read this earlier!
You do write like a true star....Keen on being upgraded to an Official Blog? 
Wojteker wrote:
21:04 12/09 2006
pictureNot to sound too desperate but would love to be an official blog! Would warm me to the ****les of my heart! :-)
Wojteker wrote:
21:16 12/09 2006

just a point of information - the starred word above is C o c k les - as in the small shellfish found off the costs of England and undoubtedly in other places. to  warm the aforementiond of one's heart, for those not familiar with such phrases means, literally to delight and gladden someone and is not rude. Once again i find myself caught unexpectedly by the censor software!

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