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August so far... (12/08/2008 13:34)

I would apologise for the infrequency of my blogging recently, but to be honest it is scarcely dissimilar to the frequency i have usually put these out with. This renders any apology worthless as i have no intention of changing. Bah!

The cause of this blog, the first one in AGES not primarily driven by competitions or charity stuff, is that i am hungover and felt it was a good state of mind in which to assess where i am up to in life. Brace yourselves...

Today's hangover is, inevitably, a result of last nights quiz night. If you haven't lept up, i have been running a pub quiz for the last 4 months, and it ended yesterday (my choice - i wasn't fired or anything). It has been excellent fun, but as my life enters a very busy period, i simply don't have the time. However, the regulars and irregulars at the quiz bought me drink upon drink and so, today, i sit nursing an uneasy stomach. But I regret nothing. I never regret what i do, only how people react! It's a life lesson...

Then, as of Tuesday 19th August i will cease to be employed (my choice - i'm not getting fired or anything).

On Thursday 21st August we head to Calais for the Rally (see previous entries if you have had your head in the sand about this), followed by holidays in france at a leisurely pace, reading, writing, day trips and sleep.

And then, upon my return, i will begin training as a teacher. This will see me entering schools across South East London and Kent with the intention of bringing the magic of history to young people. I am aware that some of you in here are young people, and possibly go to school. Therefore, should a bright eyed, bearded student teacher turn up to tell you about the second world war, ask him about Peter the Great. It'll be our secret code, so that you know who i am, and i know you. And then i'll tell you all the juicy history stuff they don;t teach you at school, like how Peter the Great used to pickle dwarves and that...

Teaching will prove to be very busy, so i have been trying to tie up all loose ends before going away. This included ending the pub quiz, leaving work, but also finishing my novel. It is 7/8ths done (that may sound specific, but it is accurate!). I have a week and a bit left to complete the draft. Wish me luck!


Went to the Charity Shield Game on a Gratis ticket on sunday. Was in the Man U end, surrounded by meatheads and borderline psychos. Can someone explain to me what would prompt someone to pay £30 for a ticket and probably twice that in rail fair to travel to Wembley from Manchester to spit bile at other human beings? And singing songs to tell city to F off home? City WERE at home you pillocks! You were playing Pompy! They kept calling Crouch and James scouse b*stards. I know they both played for liverpool, but to be fair, one of them hasn't for what, 10 years? The irony of the fans yelling this having the name Rooney on the back of their shirts was lost on them - Where is Wayne from? United Fans are irritating (and yes, you may be a United Fan, but so what - you've probably got an irritating response to this. Post it and prove me right!)

And for all that, the game was still rubbish and Portsmouth are awful at penalties. But united left holes at the back, and they sorely need a striker. Tevez on his own is not enough...


One more winge before i go. Umberalla owners. Umberellas are the most selfish pieces of equipment. Essentially what they do is redirect water onto the person standing next to you while you poke him in the eye with the spikey bits at the edges. It's just water - get a grip. You get wet, you go inside and dry off, for crying out loud! If you live in Britain you should be used to it by now! And when you stop in a doorway to close your brolly you are in my way! Get out of my way with your stupid rain defence that only keeps you dry if you are standing still and the rain is falling straight down! Idiots...

Finally, The Rally Funds - got over 900 credits in so thank you all. I will be knocking on spinner's door for the cash any moment now! If you want to follow our rally activities, i will be planning to do a daily blog entry for the duration of the rally. It will be availiable here:

Catch you (hopefully) before I depart for the continent!

All the best


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Zz00009390 wrote:
23:16 13/08 2008
picturegood luck, good luck and good luck :D
Shy^ wrote:
00:58 14/08 2008
pictureDont forget to send me a postcard. Although I'll have to give you my adress come sunday :)
MissSpoons wrote:
13:18 14/08 2008

Ooooh goodluck with finishing your novel.

Sorry i never made it to one of your quizzes - but glad you enjoyed it :)

Hope everything goes well during your travels - CONGRATS for raising so many credit - ML people rock!!!

Dont forget the postcard for me and Kloops too ;)

Look forward to seeing ya when you get home XXX

Spinner wrote:
11:19 15/08 2008
pictureHeya Wojteker, nice rant, as always :)

We have now proudly converted the credits your received into 70 Pounds, and wish you all the best for the journey.

And for once, I can sort of sgree with you when it comes to umbrellas and water. I always follow your example, and simply allow myself to get wet, then I go in and dry up, and that's my entire relationship with rain sorted out :)

If your journey should allow for it, we would welcome a postcard to
Fifth Season AS
Oscarsgate 30
0352 Oslo

Have a good one!
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