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Great Giving but more wanted....! (18/07/2008 12:13)


1. Am sorry about the clinical nature of this blog entry. In short, i am short of time. this is for many reasons besides the usual excuses that pepper previous blog entries, the reasons are thus:

  • Have been writing a novel - I know, I know, this sounds stupidly pretentious, but i have, and an average rate of 1000 words a day plus thinking time leaves little space for any other lyrical craftwork. Hence the blogging absence. Anyway, have reached 51,000 words out of my target 78,000 so now in the home stretch after nearly 3 years. Bet it'll be sh*t at the end anyway, but at least i can say "i've written a novel" and can call myself a failed novellist.
  • Have been running my pub quiz - this takes longer and longer each week as i slowly use up my reserves of until now pointless trivia. I have 4 more weeks to go before i give it up and start off for Valencia and the Ramshackle Rally (more on this lower down).
  • Have been preparing to become a teacher - start my course in September and there is obviously much planning going into this. That said, I know that a lot of people on this game are still at school. If in September, a pretty cool student History teacher is taking your class, give him a break or he may not do you any favours in the transfer market...
  • Suddenly and uncharacteristic busyness (not business) at work.
  • Preparing for the Rally.

2. I must apologise for the tardy work of my alter ego, Competitions Manager. He has limited time due to all the above as well and has no face or character to call his own. He has finally today got breathing room to update the Odd Shirt contest results (and is secretly galled that so many people thought Spinner came up with the idea. He didn't! Competitions Manager did!).

I have just realised that instead of creating a superhero alter ego i have instead created effectively an administrator alter ego. This is a hugely depressing realisation and means that i am too depressed to write anything in point 3.



4. The meat of the blog entry...

In my last blog i opened up the opportunity for you to help me raise money for North London Hospice (see here:

With the support of the managerleage organisation, you could donate credits to me and each one would generate 7p for the charity. This has been brilliant, with donations ranging from as little as 1 credit to as many as 200 from one team.

A huge thanks to each and every one of you who has donated. So far I have got over 900 credits (which works out at about £63 in total for the charity). This is great.

But i am greedy...

I want more for the charity. There is a month to go in this and i reckon we can double it. Are you with me? I know that there are now limits on donations, but if you don't plan to donate to anyone else, you may as well give it to charity. So lets at least try to double that total before 18th August!

Details of what this is all about and how to donate credits can be found on the previous blog entry. here is the link again, in case you forgot it from just a few lines earlier!

Are you with me?


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Zz00136894 wrote:
18:24 18/07 2008

hey mate, i cant donate creds, but i have thought of a great idea.

maybe me and one of my mate that also plays ML can do a kind of sponsored cycle kind of thing, and for every 10 creds u get sent saying thats its to go towards the cycling sponsorship of cornishdragons and (im not going to name the other guy, yet), we will cycle a mile and then take photos and blog on it etc? i reckon it may help u get a few extra creds anyway =]

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